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Community Prayer Wall

God bless Anon

God bless Anon this hour oh lord hear Anon’s prayer for restoration of his soul. Please forgive him for not coming unto your throne of forgiveness and truth. God help him see women for what they are. Jesus, help him see strong women who are CEO’s of businesses, women in political roles Governors and Mayors in the United States. Women who have contributed to society. Anon, fellowship with Christians, and witness your redemption for your addiction to porn, Jesus see all and know all before… Continue Reading… “God bless Anon”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
May 25, 2020

Bible Study Ezekiel Chapter 5

God is talking to us right now!!!!! God bless you for learning about the lord’s word! God is healing, God is almighty and God is grace. No matter where you are in life, tempted by the devil of wrong doing, sickness is all around us, the virus have taken many of God’s people to glory; however, obedience is what God want from each of us. In this Chapter of Ezekiel talks about “us” people who are not confessing their sin, people who are giving thanks… Continue Reading… “Bible Study Ezekiel Chapter 5”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
May 25, 2020

Prayer against temptation

Today, I was on Twitter when suddenly, a search auto-populated for some adult content. What I saw was not safe for work. I quit all adult content about 9 months ago and I want to continue living a pure lifestyle. Please pray that these images are erased from my mind, along with the emotions and temptation attached to them – so that I can continue to purify my life in search of the Divine. If you wish, you can also pray the following prayer along… Continue Reading… “Prayer against temptation”

May 25, 2020

Holy Spirit to Educate

Hello: Please pray for my study: “Doctor of Biblical Egyptology” course and that the Holy Spirit & Instructors at Universal Life Church Seminary will provide Spiritual Intervention / Prayer for me, as I come back to the ULC-Online program. They are a friendly & caring group. Blessings 2 all, Rev. K

Rev. K
May 22, 2020

Please Heal Keith

Hello: Please pray for Keith’s minor infection, that antibiotics are of good quality & that God and the Mighty protective angels will intervene & defeat this condition. God Bless You & Universal Life Church Ministry. Rev. K

Rev. K
May 22, 2020


please pray for me to get rid of negative thoughts of killing myself.. i am feeling very very weak these days. .. i don’t have anyone now.. i am feeling ambitionless and powerless.. I need positivity.

May 21, 2020


Please pray for God to heal my body. Amen. Thanks

May 18, 2020

Hope and healing

May God bless all who sincerely turn to this prayer page for aid, comfort, or guidance. May God bless my dear friend, Shawna. Grant her renewed health, happiness, strength, hope, and vitality. Amen.

May 15, 2020

Bible Study Book of Ezekiel Chapter 4

God bless you for committing yourself to thrown of knowledge. God is ready for your heart, soul and mind to learn of his power and mercy upon his people. it doesn’t matter where you are in life God loves you. No matter what sin you committed God still will give you a chance to repent. In the Book of Ezekiel God uses Ezekiel as a vessel for his word and his power. Chapter 4
Ezekiel was instructed to go to the house of Israel… Continue Reading… “Bible Study Book of Ezekiel Chapter 4”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
May 14, 2020


Please pray for Gods healing of
my chest and arm conditions. Amen. Thanks

May 14, 2020


Dear Lord, I would like to pray for help on getting a job since my employer is laying us off permanently at the end of the month of May. I don’t know how can I pay for my financial responsibilities and health insurance. I need your assistance since I cannot do it on my own.Please help me to get job interviews and a good job with health insurance benefits, pay and good manager. I pray that as seek out effective employment, that I will speak… Continue Reading… “Employment”

May 12, 2020

Bible Study Book of Ezekiel

Chapter 1
Let’s start who is Ezekiel? Ezekiel was a priest that was chosen by God. God gave Ezekiel visions specifically of the children of Israel. When we speak about any country of origin we have to understand that God chose certain people to lead his people. The scrolls were written according to what God wanted it to say to us. So, don’t get hung up on “Bad People” remember all that is in the flesh is of Sin, that’s why it’s important to… Continue Reading… “Bible Study Book of Ezekiel”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
May 12, 2020

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