Dear LORD God in the Mighty Name of Jesus I come to you to say thank you and I appreciate you so much you are my rock you are my shield you cover me guide.e a d lead me thank you and thank you for the anointing over me and my family that k you for the prosperity and Abundance Asè and Amen hallelujah Jesus yessssssss I pray that I receive a home I have been obedient I have been Beloved to u God you show me that you can see me and hear me God its my winning season and I am ready and .y family are ready to some they can’t come but the rest the wreap int he benefits there connection to me is strong as well success all around LORD God i am praying foe my sista circle and my church my business for renting out houses and buying me a hon and a farm LORD God and rhe manifesting LORD I pray that all my energy comes back to me clean and renewed yes thank youband tha k uou forr praying with me ase and amen


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