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Community Prayer Wall


Dear Lord: Please heal everyone who has been infected with the coronavirus. Give them all a swift and easy recovery. Please also protect everyone who hasn’t been infected with it yet.… Continue Reading… “Coronavirus”

December 25, 2020

The right path

I pray that Iĺl know the difference between right and wrong and that my moral compass will stay… Continue Reading… “The right path”

December 22, 2020


Hi, Please keep me in your prayers I’ve been going through a 5 year gut issue that caused link of painful problems like gastritis, tmj, muscle and bone pain, dry eyes, and unfortunately more and I been going through a personal addiction issues I don’t want… Continue Reading… “Healing”

December 21, 2020

I need to be healed of pneumonia

I am asking prayer that God will give me favor and heal my lungs of pneumonia. For he said where 2 or more agree in prayer. I am thankful for all that I do… Continue Reading… “I need to be healed of pneumonia”

December 21, 2020


let me depress people.please… Continue Reading… “revenge”

December 20, 2020

God release Joseph H, from the chains of sin

Thank you lord, thank you lord, help Joseph, help Joseph right now. Lord, break the bondage of sin from Joseph. Jesus your word and promise say that YOU will not leave us or forsake us. Right now the devil got a hold of Joseph, release him Satan in the blood of Jesus. oh lord, what a wonderful God you are to keep Joseph safe, I know so much could have happened, but your love for his parents; you gave Joseph another chance to give his… Continue Reading… “God release Joseph H, from the chains of sin”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
December 19, 2020

God bless E

God bless you, E right now with healing and restoration Sometimes it’s hard to learn the word of God, mostly because we don’t understand it. Jesus, is speaking to you E to get to know the word of our lord. He loves you and will give you visions about goodness and happiness. In our society to we are faced with uncertainty with jobs, the virus, paying rent, just so much on our plate. Even with all this going on around us, keep our minds on… Continue Reading… “God bless E”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
December 19, 2020

Parable of the Seed growing Secretly

God bless YOU!!! right now…The lord is talking to you at this very moment. Jesus loves you and so do I. Lord, bless this person with forgiveness and peace. Sometimes we have so many feeling growing inside of us, until we get angry or we turn our backs. Jesus help us not to lose sight of our lord and savior. Thank you Jesus for bringing this soul to your throne of wisdom and salvation. Today, lets talk about Parables. Jesus spoke to us in parables… Continue Reading… “Parable of the Seed growing Secretly”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
December 19, 2020


URGENT AND IMPORTANT PRAYER REQUEST Please pray immediately right now for God to touch Joseph Haokip because his parents are unable to control him due to addiction of alcohol and other things .He is not listening to anyone but trying to run away and behave like a wild Beast and created much problems in the family. His behavior is strange and it is very dangerous for all people, there is no option for his parent but to approach the Prayer Warriors .It hurts his parents’… Continue Reading… “TRANSFORMATION AND IMMEDIATE HEALING FROM ADDICTIONS”

Dr.Ngamkholal Haokip
December 17, 2020

Eyes open

I would like prayer that my spiritual eyes would be open and that faith would… Continue Reading… “Eyes open”

December 17, 2020

Feeling stuck

Hi I would like prayer because I feel like I am stuck and I don’t know who I am anymore. I know I used to know and love God but I can’t remember that love very… Continue Reading… “Feeling stuck”

December 17, 2020

Help with temptation

I pray for help that I may resist temptation in my life and that I may do what I know needs to be done no matter how bad I don’t want… Continue Reading… “Help with temptation”

December 14, 2020

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