The ULC Online Quick Reference Guide

Our quick reference guide below highlights the most basic, helpful info about the Universal Life Church. Please explore the ULC Online website and FAQ for more in-depth information and history, and for other questions you might have about ULC.

Quick Reference Guide

The Doctrine

The only doctrine of Universal Life Church is: “Do that which is right.” We believe in the absolute freedom of religion as it pertains to peaceful, non-fraudulent activity that does not infringe on the rights of others.

Our Founder

The Universal Life Church was founded by the late Kirby J. Hensley, and incorporated in the United States in Modesto, California, in May of 1962. After his passing in 1999, his wife of 46 years, Lida Hensley, succeeded as the church president until she passed away in 2007.

Ordination is 100% Legal

Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, your Universal Life Church ordination recorded at Modesto Headquarters is recognized as legal in all 50 States.

Current ULC President

The current presiding head of the church at Headquarters is Reverend Andre Hensley.

Ordination Does Not Expire

Ordinations are valid for life. Your information is private and is kept on record at ULCHQ.

Our Headquarters

Universal Life Church International Headquarters (ULCHQ) is located in Stanislaus County, in the city of Modesto in California. There is only one Universal Life Church Headquarters location.

Open Participation

There is not a requirement for you to be ordained through any of our sites (or at all) to participate on the forum, shop at our store, or belong to any of our online communities.

The ULC Network

If you were not ordained through any one of the three ULC Network websites named below, we will not have your ordination records to issue a credential because you were ordained by another entity.

The ULC Network

There are no other site names or associations recognized as official by our Headquarters other than the three sites named below.

The original founding church establishment located in Modesto, California.

The church hub authorized to handle official church-related business.

The official educational branch of ULC offering training via distance learning programs.


The Official Universal Life Church Websites 

ULC.NET is the longest established Universal Life Church website authorized to handle official church-related business.

For over 20 years we have been an official church hub where anyone can become ordained, acquire legal documents and ministry supplies, and congregate with ULC ministers from around the world at our hosted discussion forum and through social media outlets.

If you were not ordained through any one of the three sites mentioned here, it is not an associate of the Universal Life Church. It is another entity.

To Read More Visit Our FAQ

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