Get Legally Ordained as a Minister

Become an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church

Your ordination is for life, without cost, and without question of faith.
Your privacy is carefully guarded. There is no charge or obligation associated with your ordination.

Read carefully before submitting your application:

The Universal Life Church does not offer “instant online ordination.” A computer cannot ordain you and you are not issued a credential by a computer.
All requests to become ordained with our church are reviewed for completeness before an ordination can be done legally.

  • If you were previously ordained do not use this form to become re-ordained. Your ordination is for life. If you need your ordination date use this form.
  • Please do not use the form below to report address or name changes. To submit changes to your information, click here.
  • We can only accept your true legal name. Spiritual names and initials are not acceptable for ordination records.
  • Do not include a title (Mr., Mrs., Dr. etc.) or any postnominals (PhD., M.D., Esq., etc.) on your application.
  • Upon submission of your application, you will receive information about your ordination status via the email address you provide to us. Please be sure our emails do not go to your spam box.

Ordination Application Form
Ordination Application Form
Enter the true legal name that appears on state issued documents.
Middle name or initial – this helps us to file your record accurately.
Add any suffix such as Jr or Sr if applicable.
Address Line 1
Enter a valid and working email address. A primary email address is preferred.
I understand using the name of a fictitious person or submitting a person’s name without their permission is fraud.

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