Heavenly Father

I bless you and all people with peace and I pray for help and blessings I pray for forgiveness for me and my family and pray for the love of God to cover us. I plead innocence in Messiah Yeshua because I believe with my whole heart He is real and rose from the dead. I pray for all people to be grace peace and love. I pray all people will have peace and be peace.

I pray for angels to protect us and surround us and I thank You for another Mary’s protection and I pray all will be in her love and protection grace and mercies as well.
I pray for healing and sound minds for all people. I lift any word curses or curse words off of anyone like if is spike cancer I lift it if I spoke death or hell I lift it and I pray God will have mercy and lift it as well. I pray for a family with my spouse Justin but my Father on earth has said no to a union signed by the government but is ok with us being married through prayer and partnership.
Thank You God for my partner. He is my heart in God and I pray you will bless our partnership or my concumbineship otherwise though he calls me his wife and love. Daddy God please bless our partnership and sanctify our marriage bed. And I pray it will be protected in the name of The Father Son and Holy Spirit Amen we have agreed to honor and protect each other under God for as long as we live or exist in God. We did vow but don’t know if vowing is wise bc we cannot turn a single hair white or black by God’s hand.
But thank You for our ‘concubineship’ or partnership until released to have a full wedding Amen


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