Universal Life Church Online Seminary Distance Learning Course Programs

The Universal Life Church is a unique organization. The ULC allows people to become ordained first, and each person can choose later if they want to pursue specialized ministerial training or religious education.

ULC Seminary is the only recognized educational branch of the Universal Life Church. It offers expansive coursework and presents our community a variety of opportunities to explore different paths as ministers of the ULC. With a growing list of over 28 secular and inter-denominational online training courses, we believe the coursework is helpful toward extending services to our communities personally and professionally.

The Universal Life Church Seminary distance learning educational programs we offer will lead to honorary Master of Ministry and Doctor of Ministry degrees.

For more information, you can visit our online distance learning education website at ulcseminary.org

About Enrollment and Course Program Requirements

All of the courses in our Seminary Program are offered by ULC Seminary. You do not need to be ordained or enroll in our Seminary Program to take any of the classes.

Upon successful completion of ULC Seminary courses you will receive a minimum of 4 Seminary credits. Some courses earn 5 credits. At this time, we are granting 2 Seminary credits for successful completion of each certificate course offered by Modesto Headquarters, only if the course is ordered through this website.

Seminary credits are earned and applied to your student account after successfully completing our courses. Credits are not applied to Honorary degrees and diplomas as there is no course to take or essay to review for pass/fail to earn the certificate.

((((Chaplaincy Program Only)))

As of Spring 2020, the requirements for completing the ULC Seminary CHAPLAINCY Program are listed below:

1. Acquire a current ULC Seminary Membership Certificate here.
You do not need to wait for your certificate to arrive to start any course. The certificate can be acquired at any time. However, you must hold a current standing of Student Membership in the year you submit to have completion of the Chaplaincy Program recorded. We like to recommend for you to always keep your membership status current.

2. Complete 8 ULC Seminary courses.
Six of the classes (listed below) are required. Two others can be of your own choosing.
When the six required courses and two elective courses have been completed, you will be asked to write a min. 1000 word essay about what it means to be a Chaplain.

3. A time-requirement of 45 hours of doing volunteer and ministry work that Chaplains would fulfill must also be completed. The volunteer work must be approved by the administrators as acceptable for the program before proceeding. Once the essays are received and accepted, and the volunteer time-sheet is signed and verified, you will be sent a certificate of graduation from the Chaplaincy Program which will allow you to use the title ‘Chaplain’.

The Six Required Courses for the Chaplaincy Program are:
Master of Chaplaincy Studies
Master of Comparative Religion
Master of Metaphysics – Spirit Quest
Master of Spiritual Philosophy (aka Master of Spirituality)
Master of Religious Philosophy
Doctor of Spiritual Development

Choose Two Electives:
Select any two available ULC Seminary Courses

(A total of eight courses, a 1000 word Chaplain essay, and 45 volunteer hours.)
The courses may be taken in any order of preference. You work at your own pace.

A Master of Ministry certificate is earned at 40 Seminary Credits.
A Doctor of Ministry certificate is earned at 60 Seminary Credits.

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