For New ULC Ministers

The Universal Life Church is an advocate of religious freedom and offers legal ordination to become a minister free of charge.

As a newly ordained minister of the Universal Life Church...

What comes next?

You filled out your application or received your ordination confirmation...

We find that newly ordained ULC ministers often request more information about minister duties, responsibilities, guidelines etc., after they receive confirmation about their new minister status.

  • What duties can I perform?
  • Which official titles can I use?
  • What do I need for officiating a wedding in my state?

There are interesting and even creative ways to use your ordination status to be of service within your community, at your workspace, or with friends and family for different needs and occasions. What are some paths to take? Many ULC ministers offer services such as:

  • Officiating weddings, funerals and other rites of passage.
  • Providing companionship to hospital and hospice patients.
  • Offering counsel and guidance to the bereaved.
  • Starting a church congregation or an outreach program.
  • Leading workshops, meditation groups and prayer circles.

The Top 5 Things We Recommend

For any initial questions you may have about what comes next:

  1. Read our Quick Reference Guide to familiarize yourself with the very basics of our church network.
  2. Check out the  Frequently Asked Questions Portal which will answer questions that many new ministers like yourself will have. 
  3. Introduce yourself in any of our social networking communities
  4. Stay connected by receiving our well-loved, thoughtful and informative ULC Newsletter.
  5. Pick up your important legal credential documentation and your clergy badge to identify you as a member of the clergy.

Even the Clergy Package containing your credential and badge will have an Introduction to ULC booklet in it for you. It is filled with details about ULC history and the landmark legal battles fought with the US Supreme Court for all of us to have the right to our ordination.

Most all of your questions can be answered through the avenues above. Simply invest a few short moments of your time to explore them!

Broaden Your Knowledge, Skills, Experience...

ULC Seminary is the training and development hub of the Universal Life Church and offers online distance learning course programs.

Through ULC Seminary, any student can pursue a path to broaden their knowledge and experience about different spiritual paths and philosophies, and even work toward earning Master of Ministry and Doctor of Ministry diplomas. ULC Seminary also offers a Chaplaincy Studies Program and other valuable, rewarding training that will last a lifetime.

Courses are available while main site is under reconstruction for just a bit longer and you can read more about ULC Seminary in the Education section of this site as well as at our Ministry Supply Store.

Get Your Information from the Correct Source

Our church is a high profile one, for obvious reasons. Founder, Kirby Hensley and his family brought groundbreaking and landmark cases to the US Supreme Court to fight for our rights to become ordained and hold privileges as any other clergy would, to perform duties without discrimination.

Our church headquarters is aware there are entities out there using the name ULC without permission or authorization. These operations look very convincing, hoping to sell you goods and supplies claiming to be ULC, but they are not affiliated with Universal Life Church.

We want you to have information about your ordination, and news that genuinely comes from the official source.

  • Official Universal Life Church news arrives to you from the ULC.NET Newsletter.  (make sure the site is dot-net)
  • The content we write is relevant for new ministers and even long-time members of our church.
  • We send uplifting memos with useful info. We hope you want to will receive them.
  • We send Newsletters when we believe there is genuinely something worthwhile to say to our ministry population.
Our newsletter content is encouraging, thoughtful and helpful. Definitely read the page about our ULC Newsletter and stay connected.

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