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Community Prayer Wall


Please pray for Sing that she has a quick recovery from her illness. Amen. Thanks

January 30, 2022

Special Prayers

Please pray for me my friends and family that we get closer to God and do his will

January 29, 2022


Please pray God will heal me of foot problems. Amen. thanks

January 29, 2022

for my son business

Please pray for my son Dan business to flourish and be financially independent, it’s been a struggle for us for the past 12 years, please help.
Please pray for Dan and his fiancé get married and have a wonderful marriage and happiness
Please help us sell our condo very quickly, it’s difficult financially to keep. Please
I have so many issues in my life, it’s taking a toll on me, mentally, physically, emotionally, I cannot handle the stress at age of 71.… Continue Reading… “for my son business”

January 27, 2022


Please pray for Richy who is unwell. Please pray for a quick recovery. Amen. thanks

January 27, 2022


God bless you for reaching this prayer page. I want to bless you and God has put you under his Grace. Thank you, Jesus, thank you for bringing this soul to your throne of forgiveness, restoration, and strength. Jesus has mercy upon the hearts who have weak flesh, weak mind, and their soul is yearning to be free from sin. Thank you, Jesus, thank you for giving the grieving soul hope and trust in your promise. Thank you Jesus for your promise that our soul… Continue Reading… “ONE DAY AT A TIME SWEET JESUS”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
January 26, 2022

God Bless Jeremy and Kimberly

God is in the midst of Jeremy and Kimberly right now. oh lord, hear the words of Jeremy who pray day and night healing for Kimberely. Lord, please place your healing anointing on Kimberly. She is very weak and worn. This sickness has taken over her life. Lord, thank you for being our Lord and savior. Lord, you promised if we call the name of our God, help, and blessing are already moving in our troubled life. Thank you, Lord, let me raise our voices… Continue Reading… “God Bless Jeremy and Kimberly”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
January 25, 2022

My girlfriend Kimberly no longer sick

Please pray for me that my girlfriend Kimberly is no longer sick she has a very bad illness she’s had it for a long time still in the hospital and that she responds to my Hotmail and Gmail message I sent her comes onto messaging.

January 23, 2022


Protection prosperity miracles wisdom freedom, bigs gains,
, winner’s life of bigs gains, chance success healthy healing for pastor Thieringo in Jesus name

Pastor Thieringo Aguigo
January 23, 2022

We are in God’s loving arms

God bless you right now oh lord forgive us for all we do each day in sin. Lord give us strength to fight this covid that keeps us immobile. Jesus thank you for holding our hands as we try to keep ourselves safe. Bless us lord, bless all the hearts who are on this prayer page. Let your love abound on each heart who call the name of the lord. Lord bless doctors and nurses and all those who care for others. Lord, our work… Continue Reading… “We are in God’s loving arms”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
January 22, 2022


Please pray God would heal me of medical complaints. Amen. Thanks

January 21, 2022


For the pastor Thieringo : 2022 and after :
Have best jobs with best wages incomes, best hours in Swiss country.
Protection prosperity wisdom chance success miracles,divine breakthroughs, financial breakthroughs, must be in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name.
When I(pastor Thieringo) cry, answer me, God of my justice! When I am in distress, save me! Have pity on me, listen to my prayer!
Sons of men, how long will my glory be outraged? How long will… Continue Reading… “FINANCES”

pastor thieringo aguigo
January 19, 2022

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