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Community Prayer Wall

Prayer request

Please pray for me as I struggle with temptation and the sin of lust

December 30, 2022


pray to heal Magdalena Lovejoy eyesight, emotional trauma, grief, lonliness, loss and center of consciousness and nasal cavity to have a good nights sleep and pray upon her millions of angels, a star of David healing and a flower of life healing and have a healing cup from Jesus and i lift up David Bird and Pauline Lowe to health and Neil Young to have true love with Magdalena Lovejoy.

December 29, 2022

Healing prayer

Hi. Please pray for my healing. Thank you, Darko

December 28, 2022


Please pray for my general health especially chest complaints. May God touch me with his healing. Amen. Thanks

December 28, 2022


I need a place to stay so I want be homeless again and a car , need urgent prayer. My own place and increase in my finances urgent and protection powerfully. Exceedingly abundantly above all can ask or think. Need urgent prayer for god to move now. Long life on earth to preach the gospel to millions around the world. Also from plots of the enemy and people to use to try and harm me Repentance

December 13, 2022

God bless Michael Kevin

God bless Michael in this hour of torment. Oh lord, only you know the truth and intention of this family. Our father in heaven please brings peace and understanding unto the hearts that see only greed. Help this family, Jesus, your word show truth, and your judgment are just. Holy redeemer gives Michael a path of your righteousness to let him experience the power of your kingdom. Truth and wisdom are the true power of our being. Lord, relight the fire in Michael’s heart to… Continue Reading… “God bless Michael Kevin”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
December 13, 2022

Forgiveness: Anon

God bless Anon and give him peace of mind. Oh lord hear the prayer of these hearts who have had a conflict with one another. Jesus, please give ear to these souls diligently seeking your help. Humble lord sometimes our lives bring so much burden, lord gives us the understanding between right and wrong. Thank you Jesus for bringing Anon to your throne of healing and courage. Thank you Jesus for your word of wisdom. Our father in heaven gives Anon peace of mind and… Continue Reading… “Forgiveness: Anon”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
December 13, 2022


Please pray God would heal me of abdominal complaint..amen. thanks

December 13, 2022


Prayer Request: To have a divine encounter with Jesus where I visit Paradise like Paul, To have divine encounters with Heavenly angels through God opening my eyes to see angels so I can know God is for me, and that I trust God very much so I will not be afraid but made perfect in love

December 11, 2022

God Jake’s Cousin

God hears your urgent prayers Oh lord, Jake’s cousin is helpless without your divine healing hands upon his medical condition and life. Thank you, Lord, for touching this family with peace and contentment. Jesus, thank you for holding Jake’s cousin during this time of helplessness and emotional stress. Jesus, thank you for your humbleness in this family life, continue to carry this family in your bosom. Oh lord, only your word can bring healing right now, Jesus hear the agony of Jake’s cousin. Jeremiah 17:14… Continue Reading… “God Jake’s Cousin”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
December 10, 2022

PRAYER REQUEST : financial

PRAYER REQUEST Protection prosperity miracles wisdom , freedom, bigs gains, winner’s life of bigs gains, favor of God, grâce of God, favor of God, blessings, business’s prosperity, finance, chance success healthy healing for pastor Thieringo, all this things must be covered by the blood of Jesus, in Jésus name

Pastor Thieringo Aguigo
December 10, 2022

Urgent Prays

Asking for prayers for my cousin they did a CT Scan and found a cyst on his brain they may have to do surgery to fix it. we could use all the prayers we can get.

December 9, 2022

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