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Community Prayer Wall

Let’s Pray Nightly

oh God our father we intercede before you through the sacred heart of Jesus I pray for all those in need this night need your mercy, love and protection For all those who work at night, let your presence be with them lord Jesus For the sick and suffering and all those who are enduring any agony of the mind, body and soul comfort them Jesus For the sleepless and lonely please comfort them lord Jesus For those with anxiety, mental stress, and nervousness please… Continue Reading… “Let’s Pray Nightly”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
February 17, 2021

God bless Crystal this hour

God bless Crystal this hour with purpose and healing. oh lord welcome Crystal back into your arms of love and serenity. Thank you Jesus, thank you father God for watching over us when we are not paying attention. Lord, hear Crystal’s prayer, hear her cry for help during nights of insomnia. Jesus, how your name may ring in glory and your mercy is upon Crystal’s head. Lord, step into Crystal’s life right now, let her feel your presence and warmth. Jesus, show Crystal that sleep… Continue Reading… “God bless Crystal this hour”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
February 17, 2021

God bless Paul

God be the glory upon Paul’s body. Jesus is near and his warmth covers your physical body and soul. Paul, thank you for your devotion and thankfulness to seek the lord for healing and protection. Jesus, thank you lord, thank you for stepping into Paul’s life this hour so he can find relief. Jesus you are our humble savior, our bright star and our lord of healing. Help Paul right now, he is in so much pain. Lord, thank you for give breath to our… Continue Reading… “God bless Paul”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
February 17, 2021

God bless Eddie

God bless Gorgina for praying on behalf of Eddie God her the agony and the pain from Eddie who needs you right now. Jesus please put your healing hands on Eddie not to feel the physical and mental pain. Thank you Jesus, your praises shall be on my tongue. Heal and restore this family lord, right now so much is happening to families in need. Jesus, I call upon you to lay your hands and anoint this family, let the family feel relieved that YOU… Continue Reading… “God bless Eddie”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
February 17, 2021

God bless Kat and Family

God hold Kat tight in your bosom. oh lord please console Kat and family for the loss. Jesus I know that this person was not alone when his soul went home in heaven. Jesus sometimes death is scary and hurts when a love one earns their wings. Jesus please hold this family, whisper peace in their minds and grace them with your love. Surround this family, put hope and faith in the forefront of this family. Lord, sorrow is a hard thing for us to… Continue Reading… “God bless Kat and Family”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
February 17, 2021

Bible Study Every Tuesday and Sunday

God bless you!!! God have mercy on your soul this hour!!! Thank you for making to bible study, we are going to start in Psalms 119:1:33 What a wonderful verse full of direction, discipline, decision, and most of responsibility for your life, your family lives, this might be a lot to take in, but by the blood of Jesus YOU are saved. But, we have to work at being saved. Hallelujah, Hallelujah to his name, praise and mercy to our God in heaven. Help us… Continue Reading… “Bible Study Every Tuesday and Sunday”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
February 17, 2021

Health conditions

I would like to request a prayer for a dear friend Veronica and her Brother Eddie who is not doing well with a unknown health condition. He is in the hospital and she is worried for his safety and well being. Thank you .

February 16, 2021


Please pray God would heal my body, amen. Thanks

February 16, 2021


Please pray I will be delivered from insomnia everynight

February 14, 2021

Piotr Switala

Leaving his body right before his 40th birthday and those he left behind 🙏🖤

Kat Janicka
February 13, 2021


please pray for 30 cats who stayed at shutdown plant, for cats in the market, campus, on pedestrian street, by the station to geta food, water regularly, be safe and protected and geta home. Thanks

February 12, 2021


Please pray God would heal my chest complaint, thanks

February 8, 2021

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