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Read our Community Prayer Wall below.

Community Prayer Wall


I pray for my loved one Austin and his healing in addiction. He has just started the recovery process. I pray Jesus takes him into life long recovery so he can begin to live his life. I pray god will fill him with the strength needed for this journey.
I also pray for addiction recovery all around the world. For it has affected so many family’s.

March 19, 2021

Please pray for me

My name is Mark. Please pray that I be rid of all demons and demonic energies. Please pray that I be filled with love and empathy for myself and others. Please pray I be rid of inner guilt and shame.

March 19, 2021

the presidential prayer team

1 timothy 2:1&2..Dear Lord in Heaven, thank You for the gift of ingenuity. Thank You for the ability to use our natural resources to generate power and energy to help us in our daily lives. Thank You also for the ability to use those resources to aid in our protection. You have given the scientists and physicists at the nation’s Nuclear Security Administration the immense responsibility of safeguarding national security through our military’s application of nuclear science. They also maintain and enhance the safety, security,… Continue Reading… “the presidential prayer team”

Rev Dr James
March 16, 2021

Urgent prayer for myself

Dear Father,
I have been in the past involved in alot of immoral relationships which are keeping me from settling down with marriage and the stress associated with the guilt is affecting my health. I wish to refrain from these temptations.
My health has been affected since the past few years with anxiety and depression as well as my liver is having complications of which none of these conditions are curing. Please pray thoroughly for me as I really want to live a… Continue Reading… “Urgent prayer for myself”

March 16, 2021

Peace, quiet, privacy

For someone who has needed and wanted unfortunately elusive peace, quiet, and privacy for a long time. May she have it in abundance from today forward.

March 14, 2021


Please pray God would keep me in good health, amen. thanks

March 14, 2021

nieces husband

Please pray for Johnathan(my niece’s husband and father of 9 month old son) was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. Only 28 years old. Please keep them in your prayers.

March 13, 2021

Prayer request including someone with Covid and pneumonia

Also, there’s someone named Gary who needs healing, another person who’s 68 years old needing deliverance from the issue he/ she is possibly having, someone named Samantha possibly is fighting with demons preventing her likely from being saved maybe and another person has Covid plus double pneumonia. Please pray for God’s intervention, healing and salvation/ repentance including the latter for those around the above. Thank you so much.

March 11, 2021

Prayer request (Please read this)

Hi, there’s a person who’s 18 years old and possibly is suffering from burns and a child named Evert possibly is suffering from severe seizure disorder. Please pray for healing and salvation/ repentance including the latter for those around the above. Also, I normally only ask for prayer request for various different people including children who likely/ possibly/ specially are suffering from various illnesses and/ or other various medical issues to be healed and saved/ to repent including those around those who may be suffering.… Continue Reading… “Prayer request (Please read this)”

March 11, 2021

Pray For The Suffering

Let us pray for the sick and
Suffering today and remember
The happiness and joy we shared every day
Touching our heart’s in life and praying to the
Lord Jesus Christ holding hands together
And with a smile on our faces and happiness
Inside our heart’s and with the Lord Jesus Christ
By our side we’ll live in peace and perfect harmony
Forever you and me loving the Lord Jesus Christ
And the day I held… Continue Reading… “Pray For The Suffering”

David P Carroll
March 11, 2021

God bless Sande’s father in-law

God bless Sande’s father in-law who needs healing this hour Thank you Jesus for giving Sande the love and devotion to pray for her father in-law who need your healing. Jesus please look upon this family who need restoration. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus for being our lord and savior. Thank you Jesus for loving this family. oh lord, live in the midst of this family and let them feel your warmth. Thank you lord for blessing this family with your love, with beauty… Continue Reading… “God bless Sande’s father in-law”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
March 8, 2021

God heal Paul’s Chest and Foot

God bless Paul with healing and restoration Thank you Jesus for watching over Paul and healing his Chest and Foot. Thank you Jesus for your divine love and warmth. Lord, please lay your healing hands upon Paul’s physical body and his spirit. Open your window of heaven and shower Paul with Blessing as much as sand on the beach. Lord, thank you loving Paul and giving him time to heal his body and soul. In Jesus name I pray Amen Luke 18:42 “And Jesus said… Continue Reading… “God heal Paul’s Chest and Foot”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
March 8, 2021

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