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December 16, 2019

I need a miracle

I would like prayer to recieve a miracle just for me that will completely work in my favor. I would like prayer that my prayers may be honored and granted by God in Jesus Holy… Continue Reading… “I need a miracle”

December 12, 2019


Lord, I have been praying to have a conversation about my and his relationship. Please open his heart and let us have a conversation about our relationship, please let it happen… Continue Reading… “Relationship”

December 12, 2019


Please pray my leg and chest conditions will be healed,… Continue Reading… “Wholeness”

December 11, 2019


God bless YOU!!! Jesus is Alive!!! Temptation is a power word and act!!!! This is a dangerous act that can lead a person of faith to destruction. The devil tried to tempt Jesus. We have to do what Jesus did to keep us strong. Jesus told Satan to step behind me. We, also have this power, we have the power of the holy ghost, we have to use it! We live by the spirit, our bodies are just temporary if you think of life in… Continue Reading… “Temptation”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
December 7, 2019

God bless Donna

God bless Donna right now!!!! Jesus is alive and living present in your life!!!! Hallelujah!!! God loves you!!! Thank you Jesus for blessing Donna everyday with strength and courage to make sound decisions in life. Jesus, Donna need you right now to help guide her in a direction to be safe. Her heart is set on moving to a safer location but she needs encouragement. Sometimes its hard to take that first step. Lord, put your hedge of protection around her and I pray that… Continue Reading… “God bless Donna”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
December 7, 2019

God bless Paul

God bless Paul this hour!!! Jesus is alive!!!! thank you Jesus for living in the presence of Paul each and every day. Heal Paul lord, heal his physical body, his affliction has brought great pain in his physical body, but his spirit sing songs of praise and hallelujah to your name. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, no other name can save our soul. Jesus our savior, our hope, our king, our doctor. Thank you God for our life. God bless you Paul. Thank you Jesus for keeping… Continue Reading… “God bless Paul”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
December 7, 2019


Please pray i may be healed of chest and throat problems.… Continue Reading… “Health”

December 7, 2019


Please pray for my safety and welfare. I feel under attack by the enemy. Please pray that the enemy can not touch me in Jesus’s name. I rebuke and denounce the devil in Jesus’s name. I brake all vows I may have made willingly or unwillingly with the enemy! Please pray that I am shown and guided what to do right now, if I am to move and where to move to that will be safer and that I will be safe at all times… Continue Reading… “Protection”

Donna Price
December 2, 2019


Please pray for healing for chest and throat problems, thanks Paul. God… Continue Reading… “health”

November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi pastor and all my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Universak Chuch!Please say a prayer for the local christian Rescue Mission which will be feeding and giving a message of hope to 500 homeless men women and children on Wednesday for Thanksging that souls would be saved and the LORD would be there in great power and love!GOD richly bless you brother Danny… Continue Reading… “Happy Thanksgiving!”

November 25, 2019


Please pray i may be healed of chest and throat problems. Thanks… Continue Reading… “Healing”

November 25, 2019

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