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Community Prayer Wall

God bless Johnathan

God bless you right now!!!! lord look upon Johnathan and hear his cry of healing and restoration. oh lord hold Johnathan right now, he is feeling alone down deep in his soul. Relight his spirit, bring out the coldness he has built up in his mind and heart. Jesus, it’s hard to live a life a certain way and not be accepted. Only you father God have the power to bring peace to Johnathan’s household and bring light to his father. Thank you Jesus for… Continue Reading… “God bless Johnathan”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
July 12, 2020

God bless Arnas

God bless Arnas, and his grandfather, thank you lord, thank you lord for bringing Arnas to your throne of strength, forgiveness and restoration. oh lord please look upon Arnas’s grandfather for he is suffering from Alzheimer. I know how hard it is to watch someone you love to not recognize or awareness have been lost. Thank you Jesus please touch Arnas and his grandfather, please bring happiness to them once again. Shower down your blessing of hope and grace upon this family. Lord, give Arnas… Continue Reading… “God bless Arnas”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
July 12, 2020

God bless Alexandra (evil spirits)

God bless YOU!!!!! Alexandra!!!! blessing to you and your family. oh lord please bring Alexandra upon your throne of strength, courage and knowledge. She is suffering right with her spine. I know that her soul calls out to you daily. Hear her cry and agony lord, bring peace to her mind and love to her heart. Lord thank you, thank you lord for being our guiding light in the dark. Thank you lord for keeping us close to your bosom. Only our father in heaven… Continue Reading… “God bless Alexandra (evil spirits)”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
July 12, 2020


Please pray God would heal me of chest condition. Thanks

July 10, 2020


Please pray for me to find the strength to resist temptation to sin.

July 8, 2020


When I first came into Christianity I was told my father had a
powerful demon. He was a cruel and highly abusive man.
This stunted my development. I was bullied at school.
God has not done anything in the 15 years he has had to heal me.
I have also found all of the christians I have met to be highly
abusive bullies. I’m also amazed by what you poisonous pieces
of human excrement have done to gay people.

Jonathan Carr
July 7, 2020

For my grandfather

My grandfather has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for the past five years, and I wish for him to get better.

July 5, 2020

i need money to continuem 600 hundreds dollars a week

I need god to touched the white house to continue the 600 hundreds dollars a week for 3 more months until job called me back

July 5, 2020

Evil spirit

To have a negatively evil spirit removed from the spine of my back.

Alexandra Phoebe Hoggatt
July 4, 2020

Is your mind blocking your blessing?

God bless YOU!!!! God is here talking to you!!! learn how to listen and be obedient. Thank you Jesus for the breath of life that you have blessed to be born in the flesh. Sometimes it’s hard to understand spiritual living and living in the flesh. Lord right now rebuke satan that brings negative thoughts to a soul that is reaching toward your will. Please lord YOU promised to protect us and have eternal life. Living in the flesh is so hard because we want… Continue Reading… “Is your mind blocking your blessing?”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
July 4, 2020

For a place of my own

I am tired of depending on my mother for a place to live and transportation. I need my own place to I can flourish in the world and in my own spiritual path. I barely have any privacy and I really need help getting somewhere in my life. I am autistic and was deliberately denied a chance in life because of it. My childhood was like a suitcase and my adulthood,I’m still living in squalor. I never lied,stolen,cheated or did anything to deserve my situation.… Continue Reading… “For a place of my own”

July 3, 2020



July 3, 2020

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