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Community Prayer Wall

Pray for us

Pray for Khadijah to forgive me (Jamal) because satan is putting unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger in her against me. We have to work together for our autistic son sake. I’m trying hard to bring Khadijah to Jesus Christ and… Continue Reading… “Pray for us”

October 22, 2023

Pray for the safety of my sister

I pray for the safety of my sister that she does not fall into any of the ugliness of… Continue Reading… “Pray for the safety of my sister”

October 21, 2023


Please pray God would heal me of dental and other health complaints. Amen.… Continue Reading… “Healing”

October 16, 2023

God’s forgiveness, grace and love

I have struggled much with sins, some very badly and I wish to stop, I wish to be lead away from temptation and I beg for God to help me with this. I beg of God to grant me his grace and bless me with what I yearn for, a girl I have a crush on, to stop being slandered, to be respected and liked by everyone and to get better at rugby, I beg God for these and I thank him for all he… Continue Reading… “God’s forgiveness, grace and love”

October 14, 2023


Please pray the Lord would do a healing work in my body. Amen.… Continue Reading… “Healing”

October 13, 2023

Unfair tax demand

I have anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue & heart failure. I struggle to look after myself properly or want to. I have a huge unaffordable local tax demand which legally seems wrong. I can’t find reliable advice and can’t cope. This makes me more ill and incapable. I’m… Continue Reading… “Unfair tax demand”

October 10, 2023

Death and deliverance

Father, the great creator … I beseech you to welcome this soul back to whence it once came. Comfort them, give them, guidance and understanding, and allow them to continue peacefully on their journey, the journey that thou has set. Grant them wisdom and love, so that their new life will be instrumental, creative and loving in your… Continue Reading… “Death and deliverance”

October 7, 2023

Prayer for peace and healing

May healing occur across all time and space, across all areas of existence for me, those who came before me and those who are with me now. May transformation into the best version of myself occur right now and may I be fully and complfetely healed from all trauma, betrayal, abuse and evil. May I live in the along and those who attempt to harm me or those connected to me intentionally receive a revelation of love, healing, compassion and justice as the greater powers… Continue Reading… “Prayer for peace and healing”

October 4, 2023

God bless Vanity with peace and courage

God bless Vanity this hour with courage and peace, Thank you, Lord, for holding Vanity in your protective arms. Thank you, Jesus, for carrying Vanity down through the years and ensuring her life here on earth is more of a spiritual journey than an earthly one. Our Father in Heaven restores Vanity’s peace of mind, for right now she has witnessed the lies and deceit of her boss. Jesus, give judgment and let your judgment be done. Restore Vanity’s courage to stand up for she… Continue Reading… “God bless Vanity with peace and courage”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
October 4, 2023

God bless Mary and her family with restoration and peace

God bless Mary this hour, oh lord, look upon Mary and feel the pain of burden that she carries for her aging parents. Thank you, lord, for giving Mary a divine heart so we can see the living God in her life. Jesus, Mary needs your strength to help her parents; Mary needs our Father in heaven to bless her parents beyond measure. Thank you, lord, thank you Jesus for being in Mary’s life and lifting up the spirit of her parents. Bless this family… Continue Reading… “God bless Mary and her family with restoration and peace”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
October 4, 2023

God Bless Vanity with restoration, strength and courage

God bless Vanity right now, Oh lord, hear the words of Vanity’s spirit which is unsettled. Lord, relight the fire in Vanity’s life and help her hold on to the faith of being a Christian. Jesus is with you Vanity, Jesus will protect you as well as nourish your mind with the holy prayer for restoration. Thank you, Lord, for carrying Vanity daily, thank you for touching her mind and taking all the worry that is burdening her. Lord, step in Vanity’s life and give… Continue Reading… “God Bless Vanity with restoration, strength and courage”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
September 30, 2023


Please pray God would heal my toothache. Amen.… Continue Reading… “Healing”

September 29, 2023

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