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Community Prayer Wall

For Gerald – Massachusetts

Dear Mother / Father God & Goddess, Gerald has a medical appointment coming on Monday. His wife confided in me during a recent audience and informed me he was severely suffering in back pain. Please accept all of my love and light into your hands and send healing energy full of warmth to Gerry. Namaste

Rev. Dr. Joshua
September 7, 2019


Please pray that my eye condition will be healed, amen. THanks Paul

September 5, 2019

For Gerry

Dear Mother / Father Godess & God, Please surround Gerry with your warm healing energy as he is suffering from extreme back pain and not finding relief. Give him a break from the pain as best you can. Forgive him from his wrongdoings that may trouble his mind, and see he moves forward with love and light in his heart. Namaste, Rev. Dr. Joshua K.

Father Joshua
September 3, 2019

For Bidong

I pray you are ok and know i am sorry for your pain.

September 2, 2019

Shadow of Death : Why are we afraid

God be the glory! Many people asked this question. What is the shadow of death? simply put “hell” should you be afraid, God said to come unto me!!!! many people shouldn’t be confused. WE praise a mighty God, who sent his only begotten son to sacrifice so we will have everlasting life, so we won’t have to meet the shadow of death, we will see death as the morning glory, or joy comes in the morning. Please be born again and fellowship with Christians or… Continue Reading… “Shadow of Death : Why are we afraid”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
September 2, 2019

God bless Paul

God bless Paul this hour you are healed!!! we have a powerful God so full of grace and healing power. He is our master full wonder and miracles. Jesus is his name. Call upon him day and night he is near and always, true to his word. His word is trustworthy, mighty, forgiveness, and majestic. Paul what a wonderful God we serve his name alone is our healer, and he will always heal our very soul when he comes. Our hope to live is our… Continue Reading… “God bless Paul”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
September 2, 2019


Please ray for healing of my abdominal problems. Amen. Thanks paul

September 2, 2019


Pleade pray God would keep me in good health and heal me especially of occasional dizziness. Thanks

August 26, 2019

Decision Making

God loves YOU!!! and so do I!!!! Everyday decisions must be made. When we go to sleep at night, sometimes our minds are full of decisions that we must make before getting up. We face the boss at work; going to court; the rent is due; what to do if I’m pregnant; I love watching porn, but I want to change; CALL JESUS!!!! Prayer is so crucial in every aspect of your life. Decisions are hard when you don’t have God in your life. The… Continue Reading… “Decision Making”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
August 18, 2019

How can I believe in a God that I don’t see?

God bless you!!!! Jesus loves you!!! and so do I!!! How can you believe in a God that you don’t see? or a God that let hunger go on? a God who let violence and murder happen? This is not God’s doing, the first thing to know is God loves us because the bible tells us so! even if your faithful to another religion that brings about love, respect, dignity than you know wickedness is not part of God’s doing. Faith and hope for a… Continue Reading… “How can I believe in a God that I don’t see?”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
August 15, 2019

Soul Connection

God bless YOU!!!!! We sometimes wonder why we have a hard time getting along with others (church members, co-workers, family members, neighbors etc,). There is a gut feeling that something is wrong or some strange phenomenon that is out of place or a sub-conscious feeling that just not right. Well, there is an answer for that and it’s our soul connection. What is soul connection? each of us has a spirit and the way we strengthen our spirit is how we are connected. Fellowship in… Continue Reading… “Soul Connection”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
August 15, 2019

Paul and Bea

God bless you both! Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus for this wonder union of love and compassion. Thank you lord for all the years of unconditional love and faith toward your promise. oh humble savior bring blessing and protection upon this couple as they travel. Place a hedge of protection as they move and motivate through your wonderful earth of love and gorgeous findings. Jesus only you can make every dream come true and only you have kept your promise to come back again.… Continue Reading… “Paul and Bea”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
August 15, 2019

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