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Community Prayer Wall

God bless the foster parents and God bless the 3 siblings

oh holy redeemer the devil came into this family life and wedged it apart. I know father God you have a purpose for every situation and a plan for every heartbeat. Please forgive our hearts for grieving for the 3 siblings, but it’s hard to see children uprooted into the devils hands. I know lord you speak about faith and hope, I know that we don’t have patience and not enough wisdom as you told “JOB.” Please forgive our hearts and we must turn our… Continue Reading… “God bless the foster parents and God bless the 3 siblings”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
October 23, 2019

God bless Paul

God bless Paul with healing and love Thank you Jesus for healing Paul’s physical body. Right now Paul is pain day after day. Please heavenly father, hear Paul’s prayer of hope and compassion for his love one’s and his sickness. Jesus what a beautiful name and sound when your name is spoken. I love thee, your name is forever on my tongue. God bless Paul and his family forever with the power and blessing of father God. God in the highest who is holy and… Continue Reading… “God bless Paul”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
October 23, 2019

God Bless Aunt Alice

God bless Aunt Alice with unconditional love and courage oh lord what a beautiful soul you have created before her birth on earth. Thank you lord, praise and psalms to your name. Jesus, hear this mothers prayer, humble savior hear the prayer of this soul that has been hurting with a broken heart. Lord, you know only YOU can heal our agony, only you know what our minds go through when we are in a sad state of mind. Please lord bow down hear the… Continue Reading… “God Bless Aunt Alice”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
October 23, 2019

God bless Aton

God bless Aton, Hallelujah praise his name!!!! oh lord thank you for being the light in Aton’s life, yes his road is difficult but his faith has kept his mind on YOU!!!! Jesus have mercy on his soul and let his family rise up, let his family call him Blessed!!! thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus for letting Aton’s light shine through all the trouble and trials that he has overcome. God walk with you Aton!!!! YOU are Blessed and your seed will triumph over… Continue Reading… “God bless Aton”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
October 23, 2019

Please pray

[We read] In the King James Bible, Ezekiel 22:30: “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.” O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada, Poland and Great Britain. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher? Please pray that Great Britain,… Continue Reading… “Please pray”

October 22, 2019

Recovering alcoholic

I am a recovering alcoholic and I have committed theft multiple times. I have started a program called Celebrate Recovery from Saddleback church. I have just gone through a divorce. I have been in continual prayer with Jesus and have asked for forgiveness. Please pray for my strength and that I resist all temptation, especially alcohol. I love my family and my Dad just had his 3rd stroke. My mom is caring for him but is having heart issues. They live in Texas, far away… Continue Reading… “Recovering alcoholic”

October 21, 2019

Prayers for healing

Life is difficult. Requesting prayers for physical healing. I’m a hopeful servant to the Devine and pray daily. A few extra voices never hurt. Thank… Continue Reading… “Prayers for healing”

October 20, 2019

Favor for a job

I need an urgent prayer request regarding that I’m facing eviction at my apartments complex I just graduated from college in June of 2019 of this year with a bachelor in science with criminal Justice it took me three months to get interviews well every interview I’m going to is saying no after every interview i have to call to check my status because they not even informing me that I’m not selected if i don’t call and i also suffer from depression i went… Continue Reading… “Favor for a job”

October 19, 2019


Please pray that i will be healed of leg injury. Amen,… Continue Reading… “Healing”

October 17, 2019


Heavenly Father I come before you for forgiveness for all the evil I have done. Lord I pray you find in your heart to forgive me for everything I have done. Lord I only did what I did to save my marriage from divorce. Lord I love my husband. Lord I pray you be with me when we go to court and touch this judge heart to send us to counseling and save our family and make things right for us. Only you Jesus can… Continue Reading… “Marriage”

October 16, 2019

prayer for delieverance

Please pray for our adopted son’s 3 siblings that are in the custody of the mother’s ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend uses drugs, history of abuse, theft, and drug trafficking ect. Please pray for protection of their spirit, body, mind, and emotions form any kind of evil or harm. May the Will of the Lord be done in this situation, redeeming it and bring Glory to God. If it be God’s will, may he make way a path for us to bring them home to… Continue Reading… “prayer for delieverance”

broken hearted
October 11, 2019

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