God bless YOU!!! this is your time to spend with God.

Each blessing is a miracle that God promise to give us. No matter where you are in life, between jobs, better health, habits that takes over your life, want to succeed in life, God loves you!! Come unto his thrown of forgiveness, courage, and faithfulness.Today, let’s read in the old testament Psalms 10:17. David wrote the book of psalms. What does this mean to you and me? what was David talking about when he wrote this. David was not yet King; however his life was in danger day and night because King Saul herd that David will be King. David is the chosen one who God protected from the time he killed Goliath the giant, during this time David was still a teen. Why is it important to know this verse? God knew us from before the womb.

God is a jealous God!!! When hearts believe in things not of God, God gives you a chance over and over and over again to turn your heart unto him. This is the most difficult part of everyday life, not only 1,000 years ago, but today. Some fight daily to change their life, but don’t endure because God is not rewarding them for being good ( feeding the poor, teaching Sunday school, volunteering for the elderly, etc…). Yes, even when your doing your best to help others God knows your heart and your heart intentions. This short lesson is about your intentions. YOU can be saved. Trust God!!!

The first part of the verse “the lord heard the Desire of the humble”, Jesus was humble and he alone is found without sin; we are expected to sin because we live in the flesh, the flesh desires are filled with impulses (smoking, drinking, speeding, cheating, stealing etc…). We can become humble through prayer and spending time with God and his word. The second part of the verse is “God will prepare us”, which is the reason Jesus lived in the flesh and risen in the spirit (Christian belief). Jesus prepared us through the gospel the new testament. When your heart’s intention is focused on the lord, when you finally give up and say, lord forgive me for my sins, help me to be in one spirit with you, please I am fighting to turn my life around. God will hear your true intention, God mends broken hearts, he comfort the hearts in sorrow, he give wisdom and courage to those who is born again.

It’s never to late to say, God thank you for hearing my prayer for restoration in my soul and life. Thank you lord for giving me an opportunity when one door closes another door will open. Love the lord, our world is full of miracles and beauty.

Psalms 10:17
LORD, thou hast heard the desire of the humble: thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear:

Senior Chaplain Melaney

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