Thank you Jesus, thank you for leading this soul unto your throne of forgiveness and restoration.

God has his hands on all of the souls down through the ages. Jesus came to save our souls and to be born again. Jesus light will shine over you daily. God’s word is for us to use as a guide when we at our lowest. God said come unto me those who are weary, we are all weary because we are all struggling in the flesh. We fall short each day and that’s alright because God has given us the gift of free will. However, this blessing can also hurt us when we feel greed, jealous, anger, conceit, and most of all the intention to hurt or deceive others.

God has blessed Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Noah, Elijah, Daniel, Joshua, in the old testament. God also gave us his only son, Jesus. Jesus was able to heal the afflicted, fight Satan through use the same free will and said NO he will not be tempted. Jesus was able to raise the dead, we are dead spiritually when when the devil speaks vile words in us through bad habits, through decision making and most of all give us false hope. Jesus came to show us that our life can be fulfilled first being born again, and praying. This is your time to pray these words “lord, thank you for watching and helping me in my time of great need. I am willing to say with my mouth that YOU father God is in heaven and I accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior.” With these few words, you will begin to feel the lords presence in your life,.

God bless YOU today, and continue to bring goodness to your life. Jesus is here with you, he is real. Ask him to forgive YOU for your sins, bad thoughts, stealing, hurting other, ask the lord to help YOU bring peace to your mind and a content heart. Jesus is real, God bless you on your new journey and path to salvation.

Read Mathew Chapter 9

Senior Chaplain Melaney

Senior Chaplain Melaney

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