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Over the past (11) years I have seen topics inquiring why we joined ULC and became ministers. There have been topics asking what we are doing with the ordination (and a very wide array of responses). And lastly topics defending the legitimacy of the ordination.

There are people posting on this Forum who were here long before I arrived and are still here.

And then I notice a large transient group who are here for a few months or maybe a year who drop away and never return.

So for those who are here now (newbie and long-time Forum members) - what is your view of ULC NOW.....not why you joined but

I guess why you are hooked on staying? :derisive:

What attracts you and holds you to the Forum?

(incidentally to Murph and the other moderators - thank you for keeping it together) - for those of us who are hooked on this Forum your assistance and your efforts are greatly appreciated.


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what holds me now is the friendships I have found here. that and a bird's eye view into the minds of those who think differently. like brother kaman, this place is as close as I can get to a "church" - if I can't go halfway up the mountain and sit in my tree that is :)

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I think there was a similar question asked earlier. If not, i will give the answer that I gave once before in another topic. This forum is the closest I have come to fellowship in a church since I renounced Christianity and found God.

I echo Brother Kaman's response.

It's fellowship with other Ministers that at least respect the right of an individual to choose their beliefs.

No extreme Christianity or Atheism being pushed.

And I think with the rise of the corporate funded, CIA infiltrated Moral Majority, it's about the right to have faith and not being required by peer pressure to vote for the war mongers in the Republican party.

I can't find a Christian forum that isn't driven by right wing lunatics.

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I fervently embrace the concept of the ULC. It has become a template for how I approach all human organization and interaction.

I enjoy reading and posting here. I am grateful for the opportunity to do so.

And agree or disagree, I am fond of the people here.

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I can tell you what keeps me here on the forums, the Camaraderie and our willingness to share our ceremonies and help each other out. I view the ULC as my church, even though I have never attended one of the services at the HQ (downside of living almost on the other side of the country). If given the chance I would probably be at the HQ's services regularly.

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For me, it is pretty much most of the above. The fellowship, the sharing of information and knowledge, the opportunity to learn through other viewpoints, and the respectful nature of debate. There isn't much judgement of others here, if any. This is the way I feel it should be in a church or fellowship. We should all be brothers and sisters, and treated like it.

I also like that my posts might be generic in reference to a subject or topic, but is still understood. I'm among friends and educators.

I'd also like to echo thanks to the administrators and moderators of this forum. It is a wonderful place to visit.

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"what is your view of ULC NOW.....not why you joined but I guess why you are hooked on staying?"

The ULC appears to be weathering the course of time just fine. It serves in my desire to seek my path as a person of independent christian persuasion.

"What attracts you and holds you to the Forum?"

I don't post often to the forum but that doesn't mean I don't read it a great deal. Every so often, I'll see a reference and/or a new perspective that I hadn't considered. There's value in some of the posts that may never be fully understood.

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Definitely the people and friends I have made here keep me coming back for more and it is my goal to solve the Pickle Conspiracy if it is the last thing I do on this earth.

Shhhh!! Old Pickle Breath may be reading this thread. (Gasp) Who's that?

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1) When the subject of your Ordination surfaces up do you disclose where you were ordained and do you ever meet resistance as a result?

2) What, if anything, did you decide to do with your status of minister?

3) Has anyone created a non-profit in the interest of growing your ministry and has it been helpful? What hurdles have you faced when doing so?

Very sincerely,

Marcy Palmeri

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I always disclose where I received my ordination, and sometimes there is resistance, mostly in the form of people who think its "just that online thing, right?" And I tell them, while technically I was ordained online, the ordination meets a need for me, and so I consider it perfectly legitimate. With my status of minister, truthfully, I practice my faith much as I always have, I simply have a certificate I can give to the county clerk when I officiate a wedding. As far as non-profits, I don't venture there. I haven't personally grown a large following, or even a small group of people, who believe the same as I do. That would be an interesting group though.

My view of the ULC now is one of a shelter in the storm. My religious views are not largely tolerated in the area I live, good ole southern Illinois, where there is a giant cross about twenty miles from my house, and I have often considered that cross to be the spike on the belt buckle of the bible belt.(Cue dueling banjo music now). Definitely not the most progressive of areas, I have seen other pagans have their windows busted out, the burning crosses, the whole nine yards...the police don't bother doing anything about it, even with license plate numbers and accurate descriptions given. I personally have been wrongfully prosecuted? Well, I don't know if I should call it prosecution or what, a person made up a story about me strictly on the basis that I had a pagan bumper sticker, and later admitted to such. But the ULC is all inclusive, this is a forum that I can go, I can speak my piece, and usually have a grand ole debate, but not get threatened or worse. Shelter in the storm, for me.

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Interesting question Von. In my case............

I got interested in the ULC in 2002, in May I believe. I needed to be able to do weddings as a biker chaplain and I had heard about he ULC from some other bikers that had their own interesting reasons for ULC ordinations.

After getting involved in some discussions here, and discovering that my viewpoint was challenged regularly, I became interested at getting better at arguing my viewpoint. I really enjoyed the online fellowship and then the chat room was born and a lot of us got to know each other pretty well. We had chat room sermons of all kinds, it was great.

In 2004 I wanted a recognition that was a little more Christian specifically. Josh told me about the UCFM, and I went after that, it took about a month to do the courses and I got through it. But I remained with the ULC because I didn't like the discussion and attitude of the Christian only forum page. I was pretty involved on and off over the years.

I have since become ordained with the Assemblies of God (2012), finished a Bachelors in Ministry (2009), and am now finishing a Masters in Ministry (2015?), but I find the ULC to be the place for discussion and fellowship. I was involved in other ministers groups and have left all of them but this one.

I have over 10 years of friendship with some people on this forum. I never got involved with the numerous pop-up forums that people from here have started. I have meet with people in person with people from here and have always been blessed by the meeting.

People may affiliate with the ULC for various and sundry reasons, but the people that participate here is what keeps me coming back.


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