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  1. Wonderful news! Sending all my love and strength to join you and everyone praying for your Dad from your old friend G
  2. Hello old friend. Such sad news this. I just wanted to say that it's nice to see you. I hope all is well!
  3. I join you all in mourning our wonderful friend RevAl the peacemaker.
  4. Thank you for sharing this. I am heartbroken to hear this news. To be completely honest, I'm crying. Dave was an amazing man and the very dearest friend I'd never met. Though I never actually met him, my son in law did when they met to rehome one of the homeless kitties he cared for. He taught me many things. I'm forever grategul. Mahalo my friend. Mahalo.
  5. Congratulations!!!! I hope your day was amazing ... and send Sara and her husband and you and Kay a million blessings
  6. Congratulations Scotty! Wonderful news. All good things to your family
  7. I hope you are going to spread your message for the hopeful with your meeting! (you've inspired me to continue to look for a meeting in my area. there is one around the corner from me (!) but there are two types of meeting, secular humanist and/or Christo-centric. since I am a secular humanist, it's not a good fit. but the people are just lovely! )
  8. you don't need luck scott edward, you're among friends welcome! I always enjoy meeting for worship
  9. I've seen variations of your last sentence ad nauseum. It really detracts from your argument. You speak in absolutes Youch. It's often difficult for me to relate to what you say because of that. (I do not have you on my ignore list )
  10. I'll ask the universe to see you through and for the guidance of a good lawyer too ( they're expensive though, don't I know it!
  11. let's talk about corporate welfare. same, different, irrelevant?
  12. oy vey! but seriously, I don't get it
  13. ah, dan - I wish I had had the foresight to consider all possible outcomes before moving on without a property manager our attorney has filed for an eviction and a court date has been set. she is an absolute nightmare. she moved in complaining, and it hasn't stopped since. the previous property manager claims he did a background check but my quick online background check showed multiple charges for assault, prostitution and child endangerment she was also not truthful about previous residences, the fool had someone call me to "mediate", I guess she'd forgotten that she had listed this person as a previous landlord.. she has filed complaints with licensing and inspection, no violations were found. she has slandered me to my neighbors. she told a friend of mine that "she didn't know how long she'd be living here because her landlords were such expletives..." and the icing on the cake, she ripped out a rose bush that my (dead) father and I had planted because she didn't want her baby to get scratched. what?!!!! bottom line is that she moved in on may 1st with first, last and security deposit. she had not paid june rent or july. did she think she was going to live in my house for free and that I would continue to pay the mortgage? hmm oh god, I could go on and on
  14. that's great news! I hope he stays far away from you and your family now.. mine is an ongoing nightmare. I think it's the chutzpah of both your example, david, and my squatter. it is their unrealistic sense of entitlement and their willingness to impose themselves on others that galls me. I like your mother's solution! I would move in, but I live in california and my property is back east I've hired an attorney (that I can't afford)
  15. not even a little bit. I have no idea who you are and could care less what kind of phone you have. I was addressing another member, and trying to do so respectfully. as for the purchase price, duly noted. I have never attempted to purchase an older, outdated device; they may well be available for .99. the cost for service would still appear to be out of range for someone on public assistance. and I'll ask, since someone undoubtedly will, to your second post, what rationale are you using when asking for assistance again when you make "pretty good money"?
  16. I am so sorry you and your family have to deal with this. it's a slippery slope when (apparent) mental illness or at the very least, boundary issues, meets the law again and again and again. I've just found that I have someone with a rather checkered past - read: judgments, failure to pay rent, etc, living in my house. squatting in my house, as she has not paid rent. the chutzpah and insult increased when she filed complaints with licensing and inspection against us to keep from paying. she is evidently entitled to living in my house without paying rent and you have been appointed david's personal chauffer. how dare you not drive him to when he asks you? yours is a cautionary tale, it is very likely that he will hurt someone. you are right, I'm not sure how David didn't violate his parole
  17. for me, the best thing about being married is that I get to wake up every morning with my best friend. this is my second marriage, his first. at this point, we may have difficulties coming from outside of us, but we don't have issues from within (not right now, anyway). I think our level of commitment has changed since we decided to marry less than ten years ago but I'm not sure if it was the marriage per se or experience and the passage of time we have known each other since 1998.. we share a common purpose and goals. we share a past and day to day laughs, dog duties and dilemmas. we are a team, we are in this together.
  18. one of the places that I go regularly to be one with things. I'm as close as one can get when I'm here #oldbroadsintrees
  19. what holds me now is the friendships I have found here. that and a bird's eye view into the minds of those who think differently. like brother kaman, this place is as close as I can get to a "church" - if I can't go halfway up the mountain and sit in my tree that is