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  1. Light and Darkness

    Not sure these are seen as empirical even among christians, as there are so many factions and interpretations among them. At least, not among all christians.
  2. Does the human soul exist?

    Both are also quite unique in humor. Loved Carlin's "stuff". And Python was British humor that didn't latch on with us yanks, at first, until the kids started to get it. Ah, we were smart kids then. Today's society is too PC for such originality to be created anymore.
  3. Hello

    Hello. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Does the human soul exist?

    Dick Gregory had many profound bits in his humor. His recent passing only highlights our lack of comedians of his caliber, political or otherwise. We still have some, sure, but they aren't as bright in the spotlight as he was in his day, as evidenced by my remembering him even though I was very young. In the spirit of this thread, I hope he does have a soul that can somehow continue to contribute insight as channeled through another comedian, maybe. (Or Robin Williams. My funny bone misses its fix, you could say.)
  5. Does the human soul exist?

    I don't remember anything in 1969. Unless it's something like, "you bet your sweet bippy!"
  6. Does the human soul exist?

    Depends on one's terms of what rational is. It's a never ending cycle isn't it?
  7. Does the human soul exist?

    No, the story suggest that the right word may be used, but the definition may differ to other's understanding. Just as "gay" used to only mean happy, now means much more. So, too, is "God", or "soul", so difficult to define.
  8. New here

    We accept people of all faiths, and allow the pursuit and learning of those faiths and others if one so desires. Welcome.
  9. Does the human soul exist?

    I think even trying to suggest a way a word is used creates a diversion from its original conception. People place meaning even where there is not what they think is intended. Example: An old English professor I had in college had told his class of a story where he and another professor and good friend would seek to converse with each other while in the faculty lounge. One would simply say aloud to the other, "Come, let us have intercourse!" Of course this was humorous because different meanings could be thought of, but only one was right.
  10. Light and Darkness

    As far as plant life goes, I think there are some forms of vegetation that grows in the dark just fine. Fungi seems to do okay, if not better, for example.
  11. ordination

    At least you didn't lose any money in it, right?
  12. ordination

    I know the story well, but thanks friend. My post was more in humor as he said the guy was "interred ...over by me".
  13. Sons Wedding

    Indeed you are blessed! Congratulations to you and yours. Peace and blessings.
  14. ordination

  15. Curious how you responded to my post with this. Maybe in error? I never questioned if you were conscious of a call or not.
  16. Maybe he attributes a kind of pull towards doing something for his faith as a call from his God. Many people feel lacking or pulled toward something spiritual. Not all, and not everyone does anything.
  17. God, consciousness, and creation

    Very interesting, and surprising, for me. Was hesitant to view, simply because the domain name is Catholic Faith. I do not have many pleasant memories of my interactions in life with those proclaiming to be Catholic. You do seem to flesh out your ideas to a good extent. Peace and blessings.
  18. How can you be so certain that what you want isn't on top of the mountain, if you never see if it's there? There are some who feel that it isn't really God, per se, but your higher self evolved. And that is why it has been said that God dwells within you. He is really YOU, at the peak. Just a thought.
  19. Enemies

    Let's hope it never tips over.
  20. Enemies

    I tend to avoid confrontations. I don't like conflict, so I avoid having enemies. But if I should come across one, I don't try to escalate things unless provoked. And if that happens, watch out, I have a terrible temper!
  21. Enemies

    Much like warding off a bear sometimes. LOL Sorry, just imagined you that way as soon as I read that.
  22. Well, I believe for Christians, Jesus said that as well. More to avoid false prophets and the like, but still a good idea to protect self interest and survival.
  23. Even more sad is to consider that many of our athletes may never adequately be prepared for their field of major in schools due to much emphasis on their performance in sports, methinks.
  24. The Difficult Questions

    The universe includes everything. It is as universal as its name implies. There is all emotions and no emotions. It is one thing and its polar opposite. The real question is: could we experience everything if we didn't know what it truly was without something to compare it to? Hence, we know hate, because we know love. Order has a job because there is chaos. Even as we try to make sense of everything, where we can't, sometimes we create faith or imagination. Sometimes both. We are irrational creatures trying to live rational lives. What is allowed to exist, may thrive, even quietly. What isn't, just might ignite a powder keg before it dies. I don't how much better I can elaborate my answer to the original question, without maybe creating some confusion for understanding. Make sense?
  25. Does the human soul exist?

    But here is where the interesting part comes...what one person may understand, may not be what another does. Comprehension differs from one person to the next. This is why exploring continues, because someone still learns something. So, while it's still true we can't understand everything, we still strive to try, because there is value in it for some people, and that may ultimately be a benefit for all. Look how technology has advanced so greatly, simply because a few made discoveries that enrich us all in some way. Even as far as spiritual or religious experience can and has changed over the ages. Comprehension and perspective enlightens, but still not everyone gets it. You know what I mean?