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  1. Recycle bin of life

    Even on tip toes?
  2. You're lucky. A lot of folks aren't even sure there is a recycle bin.
  3. Enemies

    You forgot to capitalize.
  4. Yes, it is fascinating! I love learning about the power of the mind. Interesting thing about it, it seems we've barely even scratched the surface of what it can possibly do.
  5. Read...then discuss

    Even if one doesn't accept "scribe error", there is another plausible theory that could be looked at. Translation of the spoken word between two languages. Did the disciples know Greek or did they speak an Arabic language possibly now dead? As you said, they are more expressive than English. But it could also be possible for phrases to have different intent or meaning between the two "parent" tongues. Just a thought.
  6. Read...then discuss

    Which why I think that "inspired by God" took root. But then again, being as it was so looooong ago, we may never truly know.
  7. Hindsight and regret are only interpretations of what we may or may not have learned from our past, but because it is the past, it is too late to change it. We can, however, affect change of the present and future because of them. Unhappy childhood isn't something a person likes to dwell or relive, understandably. What some psychologist suggest to help deal with them, is to focus on the positive memories. The smallest detail could lighten the trauma of the experience, if only a little, possibly more. Depends on the individual. As for the topic of forgiveness...there have been studies released recently that say forgiveness is beneficial for the health and longevity of the person giving it. It is said to be like a weight or burden being lifted away. Scientifically, they can't pinpoint exactly why. I suspect that the body releases positive energy or endorphin, just like it does when a person smiles or laughs. Of benefit to the mindset for a sense of well being. It's even been suggested even a fake smile releases endorphin from the brain for a feel good vibe.
  8. Read...then discuss

    Actually this could be viewed as a circular power construction. What is written could have been done so to steer those who could read to herd those who couldn't in a certain direction, thus making solid their position. Therefore, what is written may be suspect of hidden agendas, and would not really be credible as something to fall back on. It all comes back to what folks are willing to believe, without verifiable evidence as proof.
  9. There was a time, I'm sure, where it was true that parents considered their children's success in life as the measuring stick of their own worth. Parent's had, and hopefully always, want better for their kids than they had for themselves as kids. It doesn't seem as true anymore, but I'm sure it's still there. It's just the view of discipline and authority has skewed over the generations, maybe.
  10. Can't be sure of what the problem may be, but I have found some programs to be affected during download by disruption due to screen saver remaining on, or an antivirus/security app still active, (which I think defeats the purpose of having them if you can't have them on to protect yourself when installing a new app with potential hidden dangers). Happened to me a long while back. Sincerely hope someone has a better answer, though.
  11. Ah, but if they believe in an all powerful entity, how could God and prayer not fix anything? The other problem with this, is that it makes a God like a house servant the way some people act. A person makes a mess of things, then leaves it for the maid/butler to clean up.
  12. Enemies

    "Outside force" could be something big, or something minute. Change always happens. It is because of the changes that evolution is created. Creationism might well be a starting point, might not. Maybe I misunderstand, or maybe you do, in how it applies. There may well be vast diversities, but also recognize even in this there are some that are the same.

    I came to the same conclusion later in my teen life. I began to see the pledge as sort kind of form of idolatry. Pledging allegiance to an inanimate object AND to the republic for which it stands? I understand symbolism, but am confused how Christians don't see it as wrong. I have always felt like a Christian, but I came to feel it was wrong.
  14. Enemies

    Sorry, but that's not what Darwinism teaches to me. Rather it teaches that evolution is needed in order to ensure survival. So if placed in a conscience setting, that would mean that inevitably there may be two people that are in accord, and that is how their society survives, or tries to. It doesn't imply that all societies will comply, either. What works for one group, may not work for another elsewhere. Same as evolution for species. In admitting his conscience is defective, he understands his limitations and is far more honest about it. You might well say a paradox exist then. He is moral (honest) while being morally defective, in a sense. Did I get that, meredog?
  15. There was a time where the natural order adhered to the rule of survival of the fittest to ensure species would continue to thrive and live long into the future. Modern technology has rendered this concept obsolete. Because of this, there are now folks who rather much place their kids into a figurative protective bubble. Life lessons have become teaching points not so much by experience now, but by a collective knowledge based on past history. In so much as society's technology advances, it also looks back and changes how the past is looked upon. This is a shame, for many useful skills that may be deemed dangerous are not being developed or experienced for lack of trying, or lack of support and supervision.
  16. More specifically, for one who does have belief, clarification is often required to distinguish another belief to comprehend it. Which is what complicates Atheism in the point of view of Monotheist, and possibly other belief systems. Which is why it is often difficult for them to pinpoint or define what an Atheist actually believes. Thus, complications arise via communicating the differences, which is what I feel is being experienced here in this thread. I get it, though.
  17. Pastoral registration

    Often it is best to confer with a county clerk, as rules may change from whatever online information may be given. I am sure there is someone here from New York who may answer your question. It just might take a little waiting to get a response.
  18. Just another point. Belief often isn't quite so simple, either. So complications can be possible.
  19. Regret is only the recognition of missed or lost possibilities of opportunities or experiences. Kind of like hindsight. One can look at the past, but nothing can be done to change it.
  20. I may have had my first "senior moment" regarding that recent contemporary. I can't seem to find him now. Ah, but the classics will do fine, as long as the English is comprehend-able to me. Reworking the old plays into modern settings is nothing new, but don't always click the same, in my mind. It would depend greatly on the writing and interpretation of the play, goes without saying. (But I said it anyway.) "King Lear" and "Othello" come to mind. Whereas, "Much Ado About Nothing" might work, as it does involve some comedy.
  21. And for the record, per my opinion, "Les Miserables" is better as a play than on film. Just thought I'd toss that in there, though I know I could have easily done the same in a different thread on the topic of film vs stage. Can't place exact reason for it. Maybe that imagination thing, or maybe because the stage actors are often trained singers. Or maybe because you aren't forced to focus on one actor in view, as you are in film. I don't know.
  22. "A picture is worth a thousand words." Which is why dialogue has less emphasis in film. Action is more punctuated there than on the printed page or stage. And I agree that film also requires less imagination, as it has been fleshed out by the vision of the director. But the stage can also be visually stunning, as I witnessed of a production of "Les Miserables" some years ago. Overall, film is cheaper to attend, but stage is better for the imagining. Even more frugal, is the dvd at home.
  23. I still, to this day, have trouble following Shakespeare. Miller is fine. The name for some reason eludes me at the moment, but I do enjoy a more recent contemporary. I research and get back to you. As far as written plays go, I do love "Death of a Salesman" and "Hasty Heart". Much underlying meanings and exploration of psychosis or psychology there.
  24. New haiku thread

    I learned of Haiku while in high school, barely 40 years ago. The rules of the poem were simple. It should consist of three lines following the formula of: 5 syllables for the first line, 7 syllables for the second, and back to 5 for the last. The concept isn't that it should rhyme, but rather should create imagery or meaning that the reader may be able to identify. Often entertaining, I find. Hope your Labor Day has been enjoyable.
  25. Authority and Logic

    To me, logic is simply known results based from experiences, both personal and of others. What is correct, incorrect, black, white, movable, immovable, pleasure, or pain. Those sort of things that have definite conclusions common among many people. I may well be wrong. (The individual in question would have likely tried to bludgeon me with that as fact, simply because he had multiple degrees.) Principles may not be exactly have logic, but may have roots in it based on what a person believes or was taught to guide them in life. So in a way, logic isn't independent of a person. But principle is independent of a society, whereas logic, isn't. As for degrees, they are nice wall decorations that declare a person took a great deal of time to learn things they might not have otherwise. I don't think it necessarily makes a person wiser, or better than someone who hasn't one. While a plumber might not know what to do with a scalpel, a doctor might not know what to do with a wrench. It could require another person to teach them those things, which may require quite a bit of patience and repetition. (Something a certain person was disinclined to do, and seemed to believe was beneath his imagined status.) But that also brings back the issue of principles. A personal rule book of what was acceptable or not. Math is said to be an exact science. Results are always the same. Whereas, statistic results always show what a person wants them interpreted to mean. Statistics can be manipulated. Math not so much. These are just my thoughts, right or wrong. But I am always willing to learn, which may change them. But I tend to not so much from high brow, condescending dolts.