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  1. Joy Robinson, the wife of JohnE308 passed away yesterday. John is on Facebook as "John E Robinson". Those that knew here were blessed. Please pray for comfort and direction for John.
  2. Some additional discussion regarding Jesus from Hebrew perspective:
  3. This could spark some interesting discussion: Comments on: Why bother to make Christianity more and more liberal/leftistwhy not just be true to ones self Suprised when talking to those outside thier church up bringing Presupposition of having "no traditions". Various comments on "inerrancy" The "Emergent Church" Learning from people we do not agree with History Revision Rascism Barbarians Offence versus adulthood Erasing history as a way of cheating
  4. This is a pretty amazing little piece of Scripture to meditate on. For me anyway.......
  5. I would say the 'cockroach in the muffin' so to speak is the point the Rabbi DID NOT address, which was the resurrection of Jesus itself, of which all 4 Gospels are all in agreement that it did happen. Anyone see that? The 4 gospels mention people who are there and things that were said. The Rabbi is presenting it as if each Gospel writer is saying that the only people mentioned were there. No one is saying that. The events following that were mentioned would be an issue if they excluded or somehow made impossible what the other gospel witnesses said, which they didnt. The accident witness example the Rabbi gives misses the same point that his dealing with the resurrction does....the fact that no one said the accident DID NOT happen. Same with the Gospel accounts. So how would that happen? The witnesses all agree the accident happened but not on the details, so the case would be thrown out and then say it never happened because they each mention certain things that are left out by others? The point is that they all agree that the resurrection happened. The main point of the Gospels is to inform of that, and the Rabbi is focusing on MAKING detail conflicts in order to toss the whole "muffin" . I would argue the cockroach is in the muffin he is serving.
  7. I would argue are that it is not a contract, but rather it is a suzrain covenant. A contract is between equals, there is no way to read the Bible and come away with the idea that God thinks we are
  8. Yeah, totally agree.....there is a lot in there. it turns out......there are "2 sides every coin." To continue the conversation......
  10. Everytime i pass though this part of Leviticus it reminds me to purify and rededicate my thoughts, work, and walk. "Then Aaron’s sons were brought forward and Moses smeared some of the blood on the lobes of their right ears, on the thumbs of their right hands, and on the big toes of their right feet. Moses threw the remaining blood against each side of the Altar. "
  11. That is exactly what I meant by that. If God is "omni" this and "omni" that.....He can defend himself better than I can.
  12. Yeah a lot of my Christian friends argue the need for apologetics. My questions are usually: "Do we really need to defend God and the Bible"? And "Are you the best He's got?"
  13. I dont think he really addresses the issue, but rather uses it to segway to other talking points:
  14. For those interested.
  15. Think on this one a while: The Cloud covered the Tent of Meeting, and the Glory of God filled The Dwelling. Moses couldn’t enter the Tent of Meeting because the Cloud was upon it, and the Glory of God filled The Dwelling. Whenever the Cloud lifted from The Dwelling, the People of Israel set out on their travels, but if the Cloud did not lift, they wouldn’t set out until it did lift. The Cloud of God was over The Dwelling during the day and the fire was in it at night, visible to all the Israelites in all their travels.
  16. John states in 20:31 of his gospel that he wrote this gospel so that we may believe that Jesus is the Messiah and that believing in his name we would have life. And, he quoted 14 "proofs" to back it up. This topic started off with an interview with a grad student working on textual research. She noticed a discrepancy in the hand written copy of P66. She thinks, believes, and says its possible that this could hypothetically be intentional and possibly not an error, and may even have conspiracy element to it. I have pointed out to you the the message of this book, and I ask you the following: 1) How big is the impact of this scribal issue to the main point of this gospel? 2) On a scale of 1 to 10, how severely does it impact the point and message which Mary is the Mary in the text? 3) On a scale of 1 to 10 how severly does it impact the point and message if there are 2 sisters or 1? 4) What percentage of the total content of the gospel of John does this portion with the questionable part represent?
  17. Pay attention around 2:40. It has always amazed me how otherwise brilliant smart people use tools and thoeries for physical properties and observation on something metaphysical, and then complain it does not work.