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  1. Your legacy...

    Ew. I don't want your used utensils. This sentence is false
  2. Your legacy...

    There is no "now". Time is never static. You always have one foot in the past and one foot in the future. To ignore the future is to ignore one of your feet. That's how you get trench foot. I don't recommend it.
  3. Your legacy...

    I used to play around with verbal paradoxes when I was in my twenties. That's the results of trying to unwind one.
  4. Your legacy...

    Of course. Things are never that simple. In a vast, diverse, and massively interconnected universe where the only real constant is change, how could they be? One of my favorites- There is an exception to every rule. That rule is its own exception.
  5. I do not normally participate in holiday gift exchanges. I get my sister a yearly Kwanzaa gift, mostly because the wrapping paper and card annoy her almost as much as the Christmas ones she sends annoy me. I love giving birthday presents, though. I see them as a chance to show someone that I value them, and to encourage them to celebrate themself. It also gives me a chance to see how well I really know them. I firmly believe the ideal gift for you is something you want, but something you would never buy for yourself. When I hit that mark just right, it just makes me proud, you know?
  6. Honestly? Just leave me out of it. Giving a gift to someone who cannot reciprocate is almost a hostile act. Moreso when the gift is given to celebrate a holiday the other party does not celebrate. It puts them in a very uncomfortable position. There are some fairly obvious exceptions, though. Among family and friends where sharing and free exchange are common, for example...
  7. Your legacy...

    What we remember is a bit irrelevant. An anonymous donation is still a donation. A forgotten debt is still a debt. Our name can be lost and our legacy can still remain. It works like an inheritance, which is where the term " legacy" comes from. Some parts of an estate will usually be more appreciated than others. Over time, it may be forgotten that a specific item was ever a part of an estate. To the specifics of McCain, he inherited suffering from his captors. That is a part of their legacy. He took what he inherited from them and made something new to pass on to others. That will be a part of his legacy. Yet there is more to any man than that, and a man who lives that long will have necessarily left behind a very complicated estate. One word he said to one person at just the right time may have had a more real and lasting impact on the world than any of the stuff that makes him famous. So a total and accurate accounting of his legacy is impossible for us. We just sort of look at the parts that stand out as important to us and act as if that is all there is. Humans, as a group, do not deal well with complexity or ignorance. So we pretend things are simple, and we pretend we know.
  8. Your legacy...

    Of course. However, trauma can fundamentally change us. Not always, or even necessarily often. But it can And when it does, the universe is robbed of the chance to know the person we could have been. Innocence doesn't grow back. And that is true both for victim and victimizer.
  9. Your legacy...

    It is. Everything you do that effects others is a part of your legacy. You may give pain to one and joy to another. You may create one day and destroy the next. Each act leaves a mark, and those marks spell out your legacy. We are not simple creatures, and that is reflected in the complexity of our legacies. This point is actually what I meant to illustrate when I brought up my wife's mother. The good we do does not make the bad we do go away. Pencils have erasers but life does not, you know? We can repent, reform, and even attempt recompense, but we can't turn back the clock.
  10. Your legacy...

    Your legacy is what you give to the world, not what the world does with what you give them. If I give the world crap, I will have a crap legacy. If you take the crap I give you and make something beautiful to give the world, you can have a beautiful legacy. If I take that beauty and crap on it, destroying your legacy becomes part of my legacy.
  11. Your legacy...

    Yes. We don't know. We do know, however, that she harmed my wife and provided my wife with no justification for doing so. This causes continual emotional pain for my wife. At best, my wife is able to see her mother as a tragic victim doing her best amid horrible circumstances. At worst, she sees her mother as a heartless villain.
  12. Your legacy...

    Be very careful with this sort of reasoning. You don't want to accidentally be the guy implying that victims should thank their rapists for the opportunity to learn to overcome their victimhood. You would probably get kicked... More than once... You know where...
  13. Your legacy...

    That reminds me. You haven't thanked me for not shooting you. Kind of rude of you. I mean, here I am, selflessly not murdering you, and not so much as a card in the mail. Granted, I can't afford a gun and I keep forgetting to make an appointment to see you, but the thought doesn't count.
  14. James Webb Space Telescope

    I was not following it. Now I am. Thankee.
  15. Your legacy...

    My mother did not take care of us while she was pregnant, and I had a difficult birth. That brings up an interesting thought about legacies. The only thing my wife knows about her mother is that she was a prostitute who used heroin and cocaine during her pregnancy. It is completely possible the woman turned her life around and built herself a nice positive legacy. But, to my wife, she will always be a crack-whore.