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  1. Sufficiency of Scripture

    They would not be behaving badly simply because they came in and preached at us. That would be a false assumption on your part. Note that your words here could easily be considered preaching. You have a point of view, and you are expressing it in strident black and white terms, leaving no room for argument or disagreement. You are making it clear that you consider your way to be the only right way, and that you consider any other way to not only be incorrect but wrong. I assume this is simply because you care. I assume you think it matters what decisions we make about this subject, so you want us to get it right. Am I wrong?
  2. Sufficiency of Scripture

    I do. Every time.
  3. Sufficiency of Scripture

    And yet, if someone comes into a forum and immediately starts insulting everyone, it is common for everyone to start insulting them. We start with one or two posts that are abusive, and suddenly we have twelve. We start with one person breaking the rules, and suddenly we have five. We go from 5% of new content being about one guy's grudges, to 90% of new content being about that guy's grudges. And all that extra content is hosted on servers paid for by someone who specifically said he doesn't want to pay to store that kind of content. It gets uploaded and downloaded across bandwidth paid for by someone who specifically said he doesn't want the bandwidth he pays for to be used for that stuff.
  4. Sufficiency of Scripture

    When we respond to things, our responses come from within, not from without. We have the ability to moderate those responses. To do this requires owning them. We have to say "I choose how I respond. I may not choose my emotions, but I can choose how and when I express them." This means we have to avoid blaming our responses on others. We can't say "I did it because he made me mad." Imagine your child is driving and has an auto accident. Imagine it is ruled that both drivers are equally at fault. How much time would you spend talking to your child about what the other driver did wrong? Wouldnt you focus on what your child did wrong, to help them learn how not to repeat the mistake? Doesn't it make sense that we would want to focus on our own part in things, rather than on the actions of others? The forum is open to the public. People will come in and they will piss on the walls. It will happen. If everyone responds by peeing on the walls in kind, it just makes the place smell that much worse
  5. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Its one of those things that gets brought up by someone new every year or two. They come to a church forum with a set of expectations. They are expecting to be "preaching to the choir." They expect easy agreement. When they face challenges and disagreements, they try to make them go away- to make the forum fit their expectation of "church." Sometimes, it has been Christians who dont think non-Christians belong. Sometimes, it has been non-Christians trying to run off the Christians.
  6. Sufficiency of Scripture

    The ULC accepts all without question of faith. There is no litmus test to belong. His beliefs do not disqualify him. This is a dangerous and ugly road you have turned down. I have been told on more than one occasion that atheists and agnostics have no place here, because this is a religious forum and we have no religion. It was implied several times that we must only be here to cause trouble- because "why else?" This is not an attempt to be even-handed. When we don't insist that our enemies are treated morally, we eventually find that our friends are treated immorally. Call it karma. call it the Golden Rule. Call it priming the enviroment to produce a predictable result. Whatever. Wheels spin and pendulums swing, and what is bad for the goose will be bad for the gander.
  7. Sufficiency of Scripture

    What if they are right? What if it would be more accurate to say that others refuse to accept the possibility that this one way is the only way?
  8. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Point out where I said so? If the shoe does not fit... The Pulpit is not meant to be the only place people can preach. This is a forum for ministers. Preaching is to be expected in basically all areas of the forum. Attempting to push all preachy topics into the Pulpit would have the effect of stifling all conversations started by people who have a preachy style of communication, and by those whose beliefs are more concrete in nature.
  9. history and faith

    Take your own advice? Consider the following words. Do they demonstrate an openness to possibility? "Macro evolution can not be proven. It can not be tested. It has not been reproduced. It can not be observed." The phrase "can not" is used to shut doors. Belief in impossibility prevents progress by convincing us to forego effort. In other words, Can't never could because Can't never tried. When we believe a thing cannot be done, we pooh-pooh reports that it has been done. Our belief innoculates us against evidence that our belief is wrong. We dont bother to look at it. If we look at it, we dont bother to take it seriously. If we take it seriously, we reduce it to a caricature. Your position here is strange to me. On the one hand, you want us to see other possibilities. On the other hand, you openly mock scientists using wording that denotes uncertainty. I am having trouble reconciling this.
  10. Sufficiency of Scripture

    If that is what you think, you did not understand the analogy. Probably my fault. Let me try to be more direct- If I say that someone is engaging in personal attacks, that in no way implies that anyone else is not engaging in personal atracks. If I don't point out when someone engages in personal attacks, it is likely because I don't think doing so will have the effect of deescalating the situation.
  11. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Personally, I don't like yodeling. Some people enjoy it.
  12. Sufficiency of Scripture

    If I say my wife is pretty, I have said nothing about how anyone else looks. If I dont tell your wife she is pretty, it is likely because I don't think she cares what I think.
  13. history and faith

    Not really. I'm still trying to get you to clarify your earlier question. You asked "Why is it that evolution theory is not held to the same strict standards of observable, testable, predictable, repeatable, falsifiable evidence as other areas of science?" I was giving Dark Matter as an example of part of the "other areas of science" your question assumes are held to stricter standards than evolution theory. This was an invitation for you to highlight the contrast you implied.
  14. Sufficiency of Scripture

    To a degree. You agreed to terms of service. Those include a promise you made to refrain from personal attacks and abuse. Regardless of what you may think of someone, you have agreed to limit what you will say about them on this forum. One good way to earn respect is by keeping one's word, no?