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  1. Wonderful news! Sending all my love and strength to join you and everyone praying for your Dad from your old friend G
  2. Hello old friend. Such sad news this. I just wanted to say that it's nice to see you. I hope all is well!
  3. I join you all in mourning our wonderful friend RevAl the peacemaker.
  4. Thank you for sharing this. I am heartbroken to hear this news. To be completely honest, I'm crying. Dave was an amazing man and the very dearest friend I'd never met. Though I never actually met him, my son in law did when they met to rehome one of the homeless kitties he cared for. He taught me many things. I'm forever grategul. Mahalo my friend. Mahalo.
  5. Congratulations!!!! I hope your day was amazing ... and send Sara and her husband and you and Kay a million blessings
  6. Congratulations Scotty! Wonderful news. All good things to your family
  7. I hope you are going to spread your message for the hopeful with your meeting! (you've inspired me to continue to look for a meeting in my area. there is one around the corner from me (!) but there are two types of meeting, secular humanist and/or Christo-centric. since I am a secular humanist, it's not a good fit. but the people are just lovely! )
  8. you don't need luck scott edward, you're among friends welcome! I always enjoy meeting for worship
  9. I've seen variations of your last sentence ad nauseum. It really detracts from your argument. You speak in absolutes Youch. It's often difficult for me to relate to what you say because of that. (I do not have you on my ignore list )
  10. I'll ask the universe to see you through and for the guidance of a good lawyer too ( they're expensive though, don't I know it!
  11. let's talk about corporate welfare. same, different, irrelevant?