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  1. Kai

    Kai is awesome! What's his story? I hope you both have vests ❤️
  2. I honestly don't know. My sense is that it might..
  3. Thank you Dianna, there is and I do!
  4. On March 5th, I had to say goodby to the sweetest and gentlest dog. My lovely traveler, my ambassador, my friend. Thank you for eleven wonderful years boy-o. I'll see you on the other side Mickey Love!
  5. I'm not sure I completely understand the gist of your question Enchanted. Do you mean was the use of animal sacrifice by Jews more barbaric than when others performed animal sacrifice?
  6. Congratulations Scotty! Wonderful news. All good things to your family
  7. I hope you are going to spread your message for the hopeful with your meeting! (you've inspired me to continue to look for a meeting in my area. there is one around the corner from me (!) but there are two types of meeting, secular humanist and/or Christo-centric. since I am a secular humanist, it's not a good fit. but the people are just lovely! )
  8. you don't need luck scott edward, you're among friends welcome! I always enjoy meeting for worship
  9. That's good Pete!
  10. Welcome back from another convinced Quaker!
  11. I've seen variations of your last sentence ad nauseum. It really detracts from your argument. You speak in absolutes Youch. It's often difficult for me to relate to what you say because of that. (I do not have you on my ignore list )
  12. I'll ask the universe to see you through and for the guidance of a good lawyer too ( they're expensive though, don't I know it!
  13. I agree scott. It amazes me the lengths that some will go to "purchase" happiness. and the lengths that advertisers will go to sell the snake oil Needs and wants sometimes overlap, but they are worlds apart. What we need to survive, the rest falls into the category of wants. I learned a long time ago that it would be in my best interest to live within my means. All my needs were and are met, wants come with patience and planning.
  14. I needed to read that this morning. thank you though my family has a mighty struggle at this moment, it is only financial. we are healthy, able to work and living through one of the most difficult times in our lives in an incredibly beautiful place. we are waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. the squatter living in my house rent free should disappear after a court date mid-month but you never know, she may try to drag it out further.