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  1. Hello Reverend, You are assuming that members are offended when really it is very possible and likely that your style of writing a response comes across as provoking and/or defensive. Whether that is actually the case, please keep in mind that in a forum setting, and especially when communicating by text, that it is often wise to add vocabulary that will properly convey the feeling you are trying to impart. And to all members; please do not feel obligated to respond to everything that is posted.
  2. I hope life is pacing much more smoothly these days. Welcome back.
  3. These are all great perspectives and I love the replies that have come in so far. It is so interesting to see how everyone's approach to "minister" applies primarily (as a noun/adjective/verb) and the thoughts about the church doctrine. I consider myself a full time minister. The interesting thing for me, is that I am doing ministering type of work all the time but if it is not specifically for ULC, I don't think of it as minister work. I am a minister doing minister work but without thinking of it that way. I never thought about why. Is it like that for anyone else who is activel
  4. The original post to this topic is the following: After review of the topic it is now locked. My interpretation of the original post quoted above, is that the questions were presented to gain insight and perspective about the writings of a specific sacred text and other related publications. The resulting discussion has been a whole lot of assertions coming from logic and ego. - To the degree that the tone is becoming increasingly unfriendly and escalating through different degrees of hostility and provocation. Unfortunately all of that has supersede
  5. Welcome to the forum! Thank you for sharing about the positive going on. This crossed my path at just the perfect time.
  6. The Tee-Up: Your ordination is life long and doesn't expire. Acknowledgement of your ordination by the church is 24/7. You are also a participating member of the forum and possibly belong to other ULC groups on FB. I have a few curious questions referencing the above: 1. Does the acknowledgment of you being an ordained minister 24/7 mean that you are a full time minister because your ordination counts is acknowledged "always"? Or does the term "full time minister" have a different definition if applied to you, your beliefs and your lifestyle? Is there such a thing
  7. My deepest condolences to you all. You will remain in my thoughts and wishes for peace and well-being. Warm hugs.
  8. Congrats to you and your family. What a wonderful occasion and a blessing that you were able to officiate for them! It is wonderful that you have come back to the forum to share the story. Wishing you continued good health and happiness and more blessings that makes each new day special.
  9. I am also a pacifist. But I want to clarify that my pacifism is an ethical stance that extends to all living beings and creatures, not just human beings, which also means that my food choices are also aligned to be as detached from violence as best as possible. (Ahimsa.) At this point, I am unsure what defines an enemy. I have not given the definition for my own self about 'enemy' in its true definition much thought really. I hopefully distinguish well enough between perceived threat, direct threat and indirect threat before making any kinds of decisions. The one that gives me th
  10. A major forum software update was installed and it leaves some things looking different. One of the more obvious changes is that for anyone who does not have a user avatar uploaded, the forum will default to use the first letter of the username of the account. We do not control what color your letter is going to be. The like button on the right of the posts also has new styling. The panel in the back does not offer options to change the styling for that either. (I liked the previous one better.) Down the road i will be able to have some graphics to upload for different styles of 'l
  11. ...I had someone ask me recently about the degrees. There are a lot of different ways to try to explain what is "legitimate", "real" or "recognized." The bottom line to the general population is; if it isn't government regulated, it isn't recognized as legitimate. Isn't that the strangest thing? When I phrase it that way, it is amazing just how much control government has over what information is sanctioned as true, valid or academically "worthy" of recognition. For some fields it is necessary. Others not so much. I also find it something to be cautious about. And
  12. Oh wow that is fantastic! Is your artwork mostly in the fantasy genre? How long did this one take you to complete?
  13. This is lovely RevTom. Thank you so much for sharing. There is so much left to the imagination. I suppose that is part of the point!
  14. Greetings and welcome Jeff! Thanks for saying hello! Pleasure to meet you. I look forward to crossing paths in the discussions and conversations here! Let us know if you have any questions. Congratulations on your recent ordination!
  15. I see Ministry in humanitarian work. I also see it particularly in places where it comes to improving a sense of well-being. Such as internet mags and health centers that offer information about personal development and tools for managing things of holistic nature (Mind-Body wellness) such as managing stress, or reflecting on gratitude and abundance etc. You raise an interesting matter by asking if one views the clergy as an authority as our ancestors once did or if it is more a religious scholar type of thing. If I go back far enough within my ancestry, it was both.