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  1. I can see no where on the forum for members to say good by. They all just seem to fade away never to be heard from again. Enthro'py has caught up with me at an alarming rate and I will not be participating here again. Good by to all my friends. This S is still my church I just will no longer attend services.
  2. What one insists upon in life is often overturned by future generations. That is how heros and g/God's are made.
  3. Buddhist started out without a g/God. Now they come in different denominations.
  4. The forum is here for honest conversation and discussion of varied opinions and outlooks in order for us to gain understanding of each other and our varied beliefs or lack of belief. If one does not think the discussions are honest, one must question why they are taking part.
  5. This would be a great discussion if we had an alien or two to join in. In lieu of that, perhaps we can ask ourselves the question as originally asked. I don't know if religion has any value to any one (or not) because I can only speak for myself. I do not know if I could have formed a moral compass without the influence of religion because religion played a large roll in the society I was born into and raised. Whether or not I accepted or rejected religion in my own life does not mean it has had no influence.
  6. But would alien missionaries care? What if they were all fundamentalists and not Jehova's Witnesses after all?
  7. I am sorry, Jonathan. I just thought to illustrate that alien "Christians missionaries" would not have any problems dealing with Earth's other religions.
  8. Set your phaser to ethnic cleanse, brother Gort.
  9. Now G/god could have created Gort & Klakpu as the original sinners on their planet but it would be hard to figure how Jesus could come into the story for them to be Christians.
  10. Give them a few years and they will all be Jehova's Witnesses. What we must be concerned with is if they really know we are home and just not answering the door.
  11. Why should one believe that alien life is more advanced than we are? Perhaps they are all as screwed up as we are and kill each other off before any true potential can be realized.
  12. Though the horse be dead and drawing flies, still we cannot resist our turn at bat.
  13. So what is the purpose of this thread? Just to tell us it could be worse? I don't get it.
  14. But it has not been a "useless exchange." I have learned much about you and Songster.
  15. I will hold you and your wife close in my thoughts and meditations, Songster.
  16. I will continue to hold Luis and his family close in my thoughts and meditations.
  17. I do not think anyone should have to justify their belief outside a court of law and then it would only be because the law required it (voice from G/god told me it was my calling to kill unbelievers or something similar). As far as having to justify a non belief? Do I have to justify why I don't believe something? Where would that end? I dont believe I like liver, mac and cheese or rocky mountain oysters. Do I have to justify that? Where would it end? There are many, many things I don't believe. I would not waste my time trying to justify any of them.
  18. ALL of reality is subjective but that, indeed, is a whole nut her thread.
  19. Do not feel so all alone, everybody must get stoned.