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  1. I read the Gospels. Jesus is explicit. His Kingdom is not of this world. I have no objections. He can run his kingdom as he sees fit. I won't be there.
  2. We can split a few hairs. I am not concerned with God's authority in the kingdom of Heaven. So long as we DON'T have THEOCRACY on Earth.
  3. What do you mean - "authority of Scripture"? Does Scripture have authority? Who enforces that authority?
  4. Behind all of this is the assumption that Jesus had the authority to change the law. The rabbinic authorities, then and now, do not agree that this is so.
  5. You sent me to Matt 19: I read it. Now you're mad because I don't see your spin. What I am seeing is why there are so many divisions within Christianity. Christians can't agree on this stuff. What do you want from me?
  6. Open any Bible and read the actual text. Jesus is not telling a story. He is standing in front of them and cursing a fig tree to death. Then they stand there, lost in admiration for how quickly the tree died. Am I seeing something that isn't there? Take this one step further. Pretend that you are one of the disciples. Jesus is in a bad mood. He's hungry and he just killed a tree - because he's hungry and in a bad mood. What would you say to him? "Oh wow! That was great!" Dude had a temper. Would you tell him to chill?
  7. I went back and read Matt 21:19. 1. Jesus cursed the fig tree to death. 2. He did this in front of his disciples. 3. His disciples marveled at how quickly the tree died. 4. In verse 21, Jesus explains to his disciples that this is a an example of spiritual power. He goes on to explain that this is nothing. That they can make a mountain jump into the sea. What the bleep is wrong with you? Didn't you think that I would pick up a Bible and check? This is no parable. It's straight out narrative.
  8. Where does the text state that it's a parable instead of a narrative?
  9. That is the nature of evidence free, fact free faith. All convictions. No reasoning.
  10. Please Dan. No more bovine flatulence. I read the book for myself.
  11. By my reading of the Gospels, Jesus had his flaws as a man. Consider the story of the fig tree. It was out of season to bear fruit, so Jesus killed it because he was hungry and in a bad mood. Dude had a temper. If this is how he treats a tree, how is he going to treat an actual opponent? So much for - "Love your enemies."
  12. Your declarations are clear enough. Nothing that I say to you will change anything. I am not motivated to continue.
  13. Alright. I have nothing to contribute in the way of insight. Enjoy the search.
  14. Just Dan being Dan. Telling Atheists what we believe, what we think and what we feel. You know. Christian humility. Nobody bothered to respond at the time. He's not worth arguing with now.
  15. Where are you going with this? Is it simply a favorite quote?
  16. In the best of all possible worlds I would love that. In the real world I live in New York City. That is one difficult and expensive commute.
  17. I suppose that is a matter of interpretation. I am not a Buddhist, but I have incorporated some basic Buddhist thought into my life. It helps me a lot.
  18. Spirituality is where you find it or declare it. In loose terms you are talking about a path of the body sacred. Running and walking are both calming practices. They are forms of meditation, calming and soothing mind and spirit, releasing stress while enhancing the health of the body. Consider the fruits of other religious cultures. Yoga means to "yoke". To attach oneself to God. Stretching, slow deep breathing, etc. It's a path to health and enlightenment. A product of Vedic traditions. Taoism has given the world Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Slow graceful movements that stretch muscles and joints with calming deep breath. Of course there are other traditions.
  19. I have waited too long for an edit. So an addendum. My current understanding of Apatheism: A God that cannot be demonstrated to exist isn't worth arguing about.
  20. Humor? Alright. Dan would see it that way. He thinks that what we believe about God is important. A reality check. Do you think that an Apatheist is "an Agnostic with an attitude"? I don't think it's funny, but alright.