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  1. Spot on. Either God is a myth, and doesn't affect us. Or he's real, and we don't affect him. Anything beyond our control isn't worth worrying about. Been a minute. Thought I'd say hi 😊
  2. So it has authority from heaven because it says so? Who from heaven can currently confirm this authority? I mean outside of the source in question... outside of bias?
  3. Those who seek power and authority should be watched carefully I think
  4. Our foundation outside of ourselves is the process of logic. We're capable of reasoning out good morals and differentiating from bad ones, such as keeping slaves forever if they have kids with the spouse we provided
  5. Your quote? But you will receive power when... I asked if power was necessary.
  6. Hey Dan what time is it? Oh... you observed the time...darn...
  7. Yeah Dan is the authority on what is and isn't allowed
  8. You often remind me of Dr Jubal Harshaw from "stranger in a strange land". This is a good thing btw
  9. Words written by superstitious middle eastern men 2000 years ago should not be the basis of a life philosophy.
  10. Your computer was created by science. Tell you what. You don't believe in anything not created by God? Do us a favor and stop using it
  11. I doubt your resolve. I live nowhere near by anyway and can't figure out what your really saying
  12. One of the greatest lies ever told was that we are born somehow wrong, in sin. It is a lie that has led not to peace or prosperity or enlightenment but rather to suppression, murder and suffering. The book containing this lie does espouse some truth. After all the best lie has a little truth to make it easier to swallow. The truth is you can judge by its fruit. What has been wrought from the tree of Christian beliefs and the bible? Certainly not love of everyone. Look at the proselytizers and how they are busy condemning every other belief. How much war and pain and evil has been wrought by those supporting this book of lies? We aren't inherently evil, but rather start with good in each of us. Don't surrender it to the lie.
  13. I know plenty of your mythology. You just don't appreciate that I have figured out it's not reality.
  14. Adoption of another culture's events certainly wouldn't be wrong if credit was given. However not only is credit lacking but the thieves deliberately meant to harm the original culture by demonizing and usurping them.
  15. Truth in my view requires fact. Lack of evidence would suggest you have your statement correct but applicable to yourself instead. Can you accurately define delusional?
  16. If we're not predisposed to sin we're not beholden to the original sin and not born in need of salvation and your religion becomes a racket
  17. If God is responsible for our environment and genetics and those are what determines how we choose then yes he is. Now you have said that the environmental option was nonsense and you have agreed with it. Obviously he would be responsible for the genetic option since he designed it. He stacked the deck from the all knowing perspective you credit him with. Yep you agree he's responsible...your just afraid to admit it
  18. The environmental learning, yes. So you clearly agree that we are a product of our environment and genetics. And that God created and set the rules for both. And that he is by default responsible for his programming.
  19. How do you learn Christian beliefs? Oh yeah...your environmental upbringing.
  20. We act based on genetics and environment both of which God controls absolutely. You know the all powerful bit? Then our free will must by definition be illusion. Meaning God set it up entirely
  21. God being all powerful and knowing means he set the circumstances up in the first place for there to be no solution.