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  1. Can anything that does not exist be logical?
  2. Wouldn't know if it is good or not but it is what it is.
  3. We are a warrior nation. Look at our history. We are not peace makers. All the peace, democracy and freedom for other countries yap is so we can better ignore the war machine that drives our nation. The United State ' government is the largest arms dealer in the world, often arming our enemies. Perpetual warfare is good business.
  4. Not many "old" timers around anymore. Good to see you back.
  5. There are enough people who perceive gravity working in the same ways that it has been labeled fact. Everyone who has ever dreamed of flying without mechanical means knows that somehow not all the facts are in on gravity
  6. Exactly. When enough people perceive something the same way, we label it as fact. That still does not necessarily meam someone else's perception is wrong. Just lowers the probability that it might be wrong. Radical Islamist do not perceive they are wrong and that is a fact, for them at least.
  7. I submit that facts are not facts at all. When enough people believe they perceive the same things they label them as facts. Once something is labeled as fact, to many it becomes a closed subject and their minds close to other possibilities.
  8. Why must you be so adversarial with me? Should I not be glad for you? You expected Georgia to be different from any other state regaring Christian biases? I was pointing out Georgia,s biases are no different from those elsewhere in the nation with the possible exception of San Francisco.
  9. Amen. May the Sauce be with you.
  10. I am glad you are enjoying your new home. You expected something different in Georga? Probably qualified as a tax exempt charity. Or maybe the Mayor attends Sunday service there or the pastor is the brother in law of the secretary of the dept. of transportation. That is usually how it works in the northern states except for much more liberal causes.
  11. Why ?
  12. Everything must be argued. Question everything. Whatever is left is your truth. I have found that nothing is left and everything is left. It can be argued that truth does not exist and also argued that there is truth in everything. Perception makes all the difference.
  13. A bias is not necessarily a bad thing. All a bias is, is a preference. Talking animals are one of the easiest parts of the Bible for me to believe. If I am not mistaken, the Bible did not specify a verbal exchange. I speak and listen to many animals but neither them nor me are much verbal and none have spoken to me in my tongue yet we understand each other. Now, re - animating the dead, that is a hard one to swallow.
  14. It is my subjective opinion that, though logic has its place, human brains do not operate logically. Way too much emphasis is placed on logic. The world operates on voodoo and magic. Look at history, look at current events. I bet you can't find a hint of logic outside science and the science deniers are on the rise.
  15. Christianity has been The major influence of WESTERN culture. Hindu has greatly and perhaps has had the greatest influence on the Eastern culture. Buddhism has its roots in the Hindu religion and both have many celebrations related to those religions, far more than the Christians. But I know that the intent of this thread is to vilify Christianity. That has been the recurrent theme throughout the forums. Just my humble opinion, of course, but like all the rest of you, my opinion is the only one that is of lasting consequence to me.