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  1. Thank you. My patience is such I could not have answered as eloquently.
  2. Exodus 22:18, KJV I suppose you could stone them or drown them.
  3. Burn em, shoot em, strangle em, drown em, it does say they must not live.
  4. If you did not desire non Christians to reply, you could have mentioned that this thread was directed to Christians only or that you were only wishing Christian replies. In the mean time, this forum is open to ALL members.
  5. That is right. You also have clean hands to burn witches, don't you?
  6. Then you are perfect and do not misinterpret?
  7. Wow! Have to be perfect in order to receive the message. Gotta love it. All G/god's chillun goin' to heaven ifin they perfect.
  8. Quite a twisted line of reasoning.
  9. American presidents talk about religious faith because they know they cannot get elected without it. They welcome the power and control the office of the president gives them.
  10. Would that be a silver bullet? What sort of bullet would one need to kill an Almighty God?
  11. Can anything that does not exist be logical?
  12. Wouldn't know if it is good or not but it is what it is.
  13. We are a warrior nation. Look at our history. We are not peace makers. All the peace, democracy and freedom for other countries yap is so we can better ignore the war machine that drives our nation. The United State ' government is the largest arms dealer in the world, often arming our enemies. Perpetual warfare is good business.