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  1. It did that to me when I would use my tablet. I just created a short cut to the second sign in page and eliminated the problem.
  2. My spiritual belief does not require church nor ministry.
  3. This maybe simplistic but children learn everything from instruction. Even the hot burner of the stove provides instruction.
  4. IF the soul exists, it has not yet been discovered despite religious anecdotes.
  5. You may do as it pleases you.
  6. I guess I must think of it as a club and when I am in the clubhouse, I must follow the rules if I wish to remain a club member. I am, therefore, free to disassociate myself from the club if I think the rules are too harsh for me to stay on.
  7. One always has the option of creating their own Web site, starting a forum (or anything else) and having your own rules or no rules for what is posted. I have always smiled at those who thought forums and other Web sites were owned by those who used it. Google owns it's Web site. Do you complain about their rules? Let the owners of this Web site shut it down and see who owns it. The folks who do own this Web site are kind enough to allow us to litter it with our pseudo intellectual rantings but I am afraid even they have certain sensibilities as to what they feel is appopriate.
  8. Happy birthday, Murph. I see you have lived thru another one. Get's to be quite an accomplishment if you do it enough times.
  9. I had a cleaning job once. It was a spray bottle, rags, mops, etc. labor intensive sort of cleaning. The guy working with me was always bragging about having a college degree. After a while I grew tired of it and said, "they must have grandfathered me in because I do the same work and only have a high school education." That shut him up. Even so, I am proud that I m have two children with college degrees. Neither are working cleaning jobs.
  10. As noted in another topic, I have signed in at a few hotels in the past as Rev. Kaman. I have found it offers a certain amount of unearned respect and deferrence.
  11. I remember when those who make the rules decided that crippled people (yes, shame on me for saying crippled) would here after be referred to as handicapped. Then that word seemed to have dark, demeaning connotations so the rule makers decided that handicapable was the new buzz word. That was all well and good, I suppose, but many of these "handicapable" folks still felt as though they were handicapped. Didn't seem like the various state governments had any desire to change their parking placards, either.
  12. The like button shows on my Samsung tablet right where you sad it would be. It works. Thank you.
  13. Actually, Dr. of Metephysics doesn't bring me much beyond a strange look but signing as Reverend does seem to deliver a certain unearned respect.
  14. But this is how I use it. I am amazed at how many people don't know what metephysics is.
  15. When I have a project, I have to completely visualize the final out come and then visualize the steps to get there. It isn't always easy but I can usually get it in time.