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  1. Step outside the box. Seems poor phrasing. Almost deliberately misleading. Thinking outside the box refers to inovative thinking. Innovative, a new idea. How is this new stuff? Its the same drivel we've gotten for centuries with dressing. And i hate blue cheese.
  2. I just can't fathom grown ups believing its true...because it said so. Thats ultimately what it amounts to. I got similar stories AND delivery at the carnivals when i was a kid.
  3. There's this book based on ancient manuscripts from the middle east, and it's totally true because SAYS it is. Its got a flood and all sorts of miraculous happenings and this one central character who's the son of the creator! Everyone should really be spreading the good news of Marduk Kurios, the ancient sumerians say so!
  4. The argument goes...god didnt provide proof so we could have faith, but the proof(that he didnt provide by the way) is prophecy. Then there's the 'he could see the future but didnt' argument when discussing free will. Dan's actually made that one before. Kind of shoots prophecy in the foot though, doesnt it? Either he saw the future...or not.
  5. cuchulain

    Brain Damage and Fundamentalism

    Agreed, lol.
  6. cuchulain

    Brain Damage and Fundamentalism

    When a brain cannot accept new information or keeps a person from accepting fact because of previous false's damaged.
  7. A true prophecy should be specific and applicable to one event...and not be written after the fact as though predicting the future but really be about an event that already occured.
  8. This is where you did indeed say this.
  9. I'm still stuck on the title including the word practical in terms of angels and souls...there is no practice to base it on other than possible delusions.
  10. Judge by the fruit. The misinterpreted bible has caused enormous suffering. God the all powerful and knowing could easily have given us all the knowledge in a much better way, but didn't. The fruit of his alleged inspiration has been mass murder and bigotry. Is gods fruit good? If not, take the bibles advice and judge him accordingly.
  11. You cant disprove that there are little green men on the moon who're great at hiding. But it sounds dumb, doesnt it? And it not true just because it cant be disproven. Much better to admit you like christian myth and so choose to accept it rather than attempt to make reality different to agree with you.
  12. cuchulain

    Brain Damage and Fundamentalism

    What about people that start off liberal or conservative then switch? Reminds me of douglas monroe and his forgeries on druidry. He stated the left brain is artistic and instinctive, feminine. The right is logical and male. Of course he seemed to entirely forget its one brain in one head with a corpus collosum communicating between.
  13. I can paint the flying spaghetti monster but it is not real and a painting proves nothing. Nor does speculation about pics.
  14. Misrepresentation to claim that I believe the universe came from nothing. Better to acknowledge that I don't know how the universe began, but that doesn't mean your version of the beginning is correct.