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  1. aren't ghosts supposed to be the spirits of the deceased? how do you catch a living dead thing?
  2. I'm still stuck on the idea of proving ANY deity as real...let alone that there are multiples counterfeiting each other. As an aside, I think there are myriad religions which have similarities to the point of being able to claim plagiarism in some sense, although I do not know that the actual religions did indeed "steal" from each other. Some ideas are accepted socially to the point that they could be termed universal, I believe. So I don't think it's an enormous stretch to conclude that multiple religions might have used the same mythological set up to express the ideas in very similar manners. I have been considering myself something of an oddball lately for the reason that I can find truth in any religion while believing in none of them, or at least while believing in none of the deities. Of course, the converse is also true in that I can find falsehood in every religion.
  3. cuchulain

    My Ban

    I take breaks from this site of two to three days at a time often and don't even notice such things. I wonder if I have ever been banned, and just didn't know? Sorry to hear this happened to you in any case. I often find myself wondering how often administration checks this site, or if they bother with reading many of the topics. There are times where it seems like some people blatantly violate the rules and nothing is said about it. Maybe it's worked behind the scenes, so to speak, and they contact the members directly and privately. I think it might have greater effect on the membership to see that actions(words, at least) have consequences when they violate rules. But in your case, I cannot see that you violated anything and would work on the assumption it was a malfunction or mistake. Still, I can certainly understand wanting an apology. Administration has made the analogy in the past of this site being similar to someone's house, and us all as guests who follow certain decorum rules...and if we don't we are asked to leave. If you were asked to leave in error at someone's house, the proper decorum would be to apologize I think.
  4. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    if this is the case, then how does the bible do so?
  5. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    In school we studied various myths, mostly from Greek and Roman sources. For some reason they just don't want to teach other cultures mythologies, and I always wondered at that. Anyway, when I graduated high school and went to college, I studied other mythologies...Norse, Celtic, Japanese, I don't remember what all honestly. At the same time, I studied various religions. I looked into things like Christianity, even though I had grown up with it, but I began questioning it. I looked into various pagan religions, mysticism type religions, learned a little about Buddhism and Shintoism, all sorts. It took me years to realize that studying mythology or religion was the same.
  6. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    god's nature changed from the old testament to the least i haven't heard of any cities becoming salt or she bears entering towns to attack and kill kids making fun of his prophets...
  7. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    is fact unattainable worthy of consideration?
  8. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    why need a book if he can preprogram our brains to know what he wants us to in the first place, averting millions of deaths in the argument of the 'right' god? no, i don't believe, either.
  9. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    scribal error, lol. it isn't really funny, but i laugh or cry. an error proof book(so claimed by christians) has specific errors called scribal errors(also claimed by usually the same christians who insist its error proof).
  10. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    acceptable enough🙂
  11. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    Your inability to accept a definition does not lay a responsibility on me to provide a better definition, friend. The bible is a book(an available body of facts and information indicating whether a belief is true). A tree, a kittens whiskers, whatever else you name...these are not bodies of facts and information, so they are indeed straw men. You change my argument to one that does not exist, that is...some absurd claim that trees are proof of god. This is a claim that I did not make. I merely pointed out a definition and stated that I think the bible meets that definition. I also stated that I believe it to be poor evidence, inadequate at best, but you do not differentiate. An assertion is also evidence. If you don't believe that, look up court cases. Specifically of sex offenders. Many have been convicted based solely on testimony as evidence. Testimony is......drum assertion. Sure, it might be poor evidence, but it is evidence. Denial gets us nowhere.
  12. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    evidence: the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true. fact: a piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report. unfortunately the bible does fit these criteria and so should be called evidence. note i certainly agree that its not objective, but that isn't required for evidence. i require something more substantial, but that also doesn't negate it as evidence. hence why i say inadequate evidence.
  13. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    i do mmake it complicated sometimes. but, i did say inadequate for a reason. a written account exists and is evidence. it may be falsified or fraudulent evidence, but it is evidence the same as if joe down the street files a false statement with the police against his neighbor bill. i agree we hanothing objective. the authors were anonymous superstitious middle eastern men whose accounts don't match an might be falsified for an agenda and have been mistranslated and...well, more than i care to put, really the point, being more succinct if i can, is its not my job to disprove anything, but theirs to prove.
  14. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    inadequate evidence seems the best response, but my initial post was basically about not needing to answer why i don't believe something. i see a lot of youtube videos that start with a christian asking the Atheist why they don't believe. i think that since i'm not trying to convince them but they are trying to convince me, it's not about why i don't believe but rather why they do. if i took the time to explain why i don't believe all the things i don't believe, it would take a long time for talking about nothing.
  15. cuchulain

    a common atheist fallacy

    if all evidence is subjective, and all fact is determined by you not follow? or is this more mind games? i have a hard time believing you don't follow this logic. fact...a thing that is known or proved to be true. proof...evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement. for example, the speed of light has been factually established in comparison to other objects(see relative speed). it was established using objective evidence...relating to or existing as an object of thought without consideration of independant existence. having reality independant of the mind. honestly, my observations of you indicate a person who deliberately stands upstream peeing in the water while others are drinking downstream. i would prefer, since you are immune to the ignore feature, that you no longer respond to my comments. i will do likewise. it's a simple request that of course you will or not acede to.