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  1. worse. They won't bother, assuming I am simply a damned soul who is beyond redemption and they will somehow use this to justify their beliefs.
  2. The same god who sent two bears to kill 42 kids in a town because one said, 'go up bald head''. One...the other 41 did nothing and got mauled anyway. At least according to mythology.
  3. I agree that the Bible has its points. That's never been a thing I denied. I have only denied that it's a history book. And that ALL of it is good.
  4. Seems directly contradictory to dan's( ) claim...but i'm sure he can easily post a link backing his good word up.
  5. I don't know for every religious person, but many i have met and spoken with seem to use religion to abdicate responsibility in one way or another. They say, 'god has a plan'. If true, who could possibly go against such a beings will? Or the devil made me do it...i mean, really? Very few religious people I've spoken to accept their actions as truly theirs. This isnt exclusive to christians, btw, or even monotheists.
  6. In thorough self examination and knowledge I have come to a point where right is easily decided and acted upon...which of course means it's time to reexamine it all😁
  7. RabbiO's advice was wise, indeed...though i come to accept it belatedly.
  8. Did you know that the terms of service you agree to by using the forum state you should debate the post, not attack the poster?
  9. I have never prescribed to the authority fallacy.
  10. I saw a snake in the grass the other day. It could not seem to stop wriggling and absolutely could not move straight, but always in zigs and zags. It was in it's nature I suppose.
  11. Show where I denied the descendants...or admit you weren't being honest. Anyone else can read exactly what was written and see the truth. Your honesty shows in your responses to Johnathan after agreeing in another topic to not respond to atheists in such a manner... it's why he waves at your answers. He has more integrity in my opinion.
  12. Is there a reason for your attack on my character?