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  1. Enemies

    when all else fails attack the grammar...
  2. Read...then discuss

    if eye witnesses get it wrong then the eye witness accounts of the bible are inherently flawed as well.
  3. Enemies

    because you cant explain it, it must be God? that's poor logic, because as we explain things your God shrinks.. not knowing something doesn't mean insert random answer, it means find the answer.
  4. Read...then discuss

    If you claim the original text was agape, you are the one with the burden of proof. Not I. That's basic logic. And the problem? The only way to prove that the original text said that is to present the original text. Care to do that? Now, I have presented simple evidence that the scripture HAS BEEN CHANGED. Regardless of looking it up and comparing it, the wording in the KJV vs the wording in the NIV is simply different. Plain and simple. It is different. There is your proof that it's been changed.
  5. Read...then discuss

    Hearing something from three liars does not make it more likely to be true. However, in the case of written works, at the least you can see that they did not fabricate the previous message, that they are not lying about that being what has been written down. Now, in the case of the bible, you have the problem of not having the original manuscripts, so you cannot compare to the originals. You can compare to some pretty old copies, but that just might be where the lying came in, now might'n it.
  6. Agnostics, Atheists, Brights, Free Thinkers

    I can certainly understand that mindset as I used to have that going, but I think lately I have been trying to think things through independently, that is decide if I think it is right or wrong, if I think I have enough money or property, and so forth. In thinking this way, it makes me question how I ever got along worrying about other people so much of the time before.
  7. Agnostics, Atheists, Brights, Free Thinkers

    i think people should decide for themselves rather than rebel against something. why justify a position with someone else's?
  8. i think it's leaning towards that, especially when I take my kid to school and see the set up they have these days, and watch TV with my kid and see the cartoons about kids talking about problems instead of having conflict. does anyone else remember transformers or g i joe? i think it's a response to the escalated media coverage of violence involving kids which has always happened but was previously not as publicized, in part anyway.
  9. I am nothing (& so are you)

    i think a lot of people are programmed to think they are the center of the world and consequently have trouble realizing that just because they have a gut reaction to something doesn't mean it's a correct reaction. in school I was often told that during tests the initial thought about the answer was usually correct. i think they are right about tests but wrong emotionally speaking, yet that type of programming hangs around.
  10. Read...then discuss

    I am beginning to think we fell for Trolling again...
  11. I liked it the way I heard it in the movie short circuit. Draw a circle on the ground, throw up all the money and what God wants he keeps.
  12. Agnostics, Atheists, Brights, Free Thinkers

    The hypocrisy is what bothers me about it as well. Christians will get someone to be the figurehead and tell everyone that it's a secular display. But when they look in the mirror at night, there is no way they aren't telling themselves their winning one for God.
  13. I am nothing (& so are you)

    I think the Buddhist understanding is that through desire we suffer. The cause of our suffering in interactions with others most often arises out of unsatisfied desires of the outcome of those desires. In other words, we build anticipation, and thus disappointment.
  14. I fully understand the frustration of dealing with something as part of the job, and basically being handcuffed in order to do so. Damned if you do, Damned if you don't. Usually both at the same time. The situation is untenable. We need to rethink it thoroughly and figure out a way to change the situation itself so that this type of thing doesn't happen, or at least so that if it does the key players involved are prepared with some sort of plan. And I think the primary element of this is not including public opinion.
  15. in my former town a teacher hit the news because they had a severe problem student who would hurt themselves and the teacher made a special padded room to lock the kid in, then left the kid in for several hours. the cause is understandable but still that particular behavior is not acceptable for a teacher, who definitely needs to be given a better option.