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  1. I don't think people are getting dumber. I think it's more exposure to the stupidity of complete strangers via much more information dissemination. The Internet shows us what we've always done but most people rarely encountered. Especially small town people.
  2. Spot on. Either God is a myth, and doesn't affect us. Or he's real, and we don't affect him. Anything beyond our control isn't worth worrying about. Been a minute. Thought I'd say hi 😊
  3. In reading your feed here, you ask for ministers who have dropped away to again say hi. Hi ! I am back, but never really left. I have been in the ULC from 2004 to 2014, dropped out for two years, and missed it so much I got reinstated in 2016. I am picking up where I left off now in the seminary, picking up half-finished classes (Comparative Religion and Spirit Quest), and plan to get both the Master of Ministry and Doctor of Ministry. The ULC feeds my soul. It seems my ego has been bigger than the size of Mount Everest. I was so very Christian, then took a few classes, painfully allowed myself to learn past my lifelong indoctrination, dropped out, came back, and still continue the process. I love sharing with all people of all belief systems. I just wanted to take the opportunity to reconnect and say Hi, I AM still here. My blog is my ministry, which must have taken my worldwide readers on quite the journey. Today I have 113,184 hits globally. I share what I learn along the way. I am glad you are still here with an open mind and invitation to say hi.

  4. So it has authority from heaven because it says so? Who from heaven can currently confirm this authority? I mean outside of the source in question... outside of bias?
  5. Those who seek power and authority should be watched carefully I think
  6. Our foundation outside of ourselves is the process of logic. We're capable of reasoning out good morals and differentiating from bad ones, such as keeping slaves forever if they have kids with the spouse we provided
  7. Your quote? But you will receive power when... I asked if power was necessary.
  8. Hey Dan what time is it? Oh... you observed the time...darn...
  9. Yeah Dan is the authority on what is and isn't allowed
  10. You often remind me of Dr Jubal Harshaw from "stranger in a strange land". This is a good thing btw
  11. Words written by superstitious middle eastern men 2000 years ago should not be the basis of a life philosophy.
  12. Your computer was created by science. Tell you what. You don't believe in anything not created by God? Do us a favor and stop using it