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  1. Feed Your Frankenstein

    jews, romans, christian or pagan...all human.
  2. i haven't always been the best person on this forum, but i will attest that i consider you to be one of the most tolerant to others, and i have often thought as deeply as I'm capable of when reading your posts(i know, not a ringing endorsement, eh).
  3. Why Did God Create Athiests?

    we were poor enough when i was extremely young that we often received donations of meat from hunters and stood in line for government cheese at the housing projects...i miss that cheese, it was good. my mom decided to change our circumstances and got her 4 year rn in two years, and we werent poor anymore. i think her hard work was the best lesson i ever had, both in what we can do and in whats worth it.
  4. Why Did God Create Athiests?

    i think its part of the human which we should all have some common ground, eh?
  5. and dont forget erroneous belief. maybe i think i know you well enough to trust your word on it, and i turn out to be wrong. and level of claim vs belief, that really isnt something relavent to me so choosing to believe is frivolous, as opposed to belief in religion that claims horrible consequence if i dont.
  6. Faith as an instinctive need? I am not certain about that one. There is a lot of historical data, lots of societies and cultures through the centuries that appear to have clearly made things up simply to explain the universe, so maybe it's true. Of course, another thing that's true about people is that we are capable of recognizing our baser instincts and correcting those behaviors. So, if faith is not instinctive, it's a non issue. If it is, then we are capable of bettering that flaw(I see it as a flaw anyway, can't speak for everyone). I agree that thinking about belief isn't belief. It's kind of like thinking about drinking water doesn't quench your thirst...
  7. stoic principles

    i dont see anything as falling into those categories, rather that we dont understand at present. of course, irrational behavior is human and understandable and at times we fail to be rational, but the pursuit is worthwhile for me.
  8. stoic principles

    It has been suggested that I never start topics. I smile at this, remembering when I used to start many topics, but when I realized that quantity did not equate quality. We have several new members, I see the list grow on a daily basis. Many different beliefs, philosophies, ideas. Call them as you will. Call a rose by any other name, and it would smell as sweet, I say. So I thought, with these new people, these new ideas, perhaps there would be some few who were seeking information about others' ideas and beliefs. I haven't posted anything in a while about stoicism, which is a philosophy I follow(or attempt to, for often I fail to live up to my own ideas, yet still I try). So I thought I would post some of the basic ideas that I attempt to hold to, for those who might be curious as to what stoicism is. Nature is rational. The universe is governed by the law of reason. We cannot escape this force, much like the current of a river, but we can choose to go with the flow. A life led by a rational nature is innately virtuous. Passion is antithetical to reason, and so should be avoided as best we can. Pleasure isn't good or bad, it merely is. Poverty, illness, death, these are not evil...they are states of being that we find ourselves in. Wisdom is the base of virtue. It is obtained through experience and learning. Virtue should be sought for virtue's sake, that is not through pleasure, but duty. Focus on what you can control, not on what is beyond your control. Take action. When a decision is reached on right action, take action to make it so. Or conversely, if you believe something is wrong, do something about it or cease doing it. Amor Fati: Love everything that happens. Understand that life is experience, experience is wisdom, and take in everything that happens to you for your improvement. Turn obstacles into opportunities. Be mindful. Sounds kind of Jedi like, doesn't it? There are other ideas that flow through all this, but this is a general representation in any case. Feel free to discuss, disagree, or agree...Attack the ideas I have presented if it please you, and maybe we can all learn something from the confrontation. Add to the ideas if you think there needs to be more, by all means. Life isn't set in stone, certainly...well, unless you choose to be buried in a mausoleum that is But then, it isn't life anymore, is it?
  9. Why Did God Create Athiests?

    It sounds like an action that would fit right in with the stoics as well. I would say that objects are not as important as people, and maybe the Rabbi understood the cycle these things tend to take. Maybe he thought if he could absolve the thief of wrongdoing, the thief's future actions would change for the better. Of course, it's all speculation on my part I don't know, in reality.
  10. Revelations Chapter 17 explained

    I admit that debating is something I enjoy. If that's your opinion, that you already know everything, how do you expect to learn anything? I fully admit I have faults, one of them is this in particular, this responding to people when I know I shouldn't. I understand it's something of a fault, and I do try to work on it. I fail, often. Sometimes I succeed. I do like to converse, and I am not trying to pick everything you say apart for any negative reasons. I simply like people to converse and examine their own beliefs as they examine mine. I will acknowledge this. Many religious people are power hungry, especially those who think they are in a position of power. Knowledge is power, and those who believe they know believe they have more power than those who don't. And often act accordingly.
  11. Revelations Chapter 17 explained

    I think when you call someone power hungry, it's an opinion. That's because its a subjective thing. Power hungry to one person is something else to someone else, yes? I tend to believe that things that are subjective are opinion. "That color is green"..."Oh no, you can't call that green, it's celery"..."Oh that isn't celery at all, more a sea foam". All of them are green to me, but hey...other people have different definitions, you know?
  12. Revelations Chapter 17 explained

    As an aside, sorry for the multiple posts to respond, I am not the most tech savvy person and don't know how to multiquote or whatever it's called.
  13. Revelations Chapter 17 explained

    This is what I reference when I say you act offended. The part where you say I enjoy trying to aggravate others because its what I live for and must have a really lonely existence and have your pity. can see where a person might thing, after you attack them like that...that you are offended in some manner? But if you aren't offended, I apologize. It just seemed that way to me, and I must have misread or misinterpreted.
  14. Revelations Chapter 17 explained

    This was my very first response to you that you took such offense at...what you said was bashing you. What you claimed was an attack.
  15. Revelations Chapter 17 explained

    This is the specific post I responded to initially. And you took offense at my response? Look at what you said about Catholics. YOU said they(Catholics) was to believe the words of many conceited, power hungry sin filled popes, which is opinion by the way, not fact. All because Rabbi O(and how did you miss from his name that he is NOT Catholic?????) asked a question of your comment... But no, by all means, you are not being combative or defensive in any manner...right?