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  1. Nice straw man. I was speaking specifically of the council that put the Bible together but you want to say that I was speaking of early Christian's...yet more deceptive practice to defend your truth.
  2. They were NOT persecuted. The council that formed your Bible did a lot of persecuting. It's history, look it up. Talk about deceptive practice to defend the truth...
  3. I have a friend at work who hurt his back. For those who suffer that, the design flaws are obvious.
  4. Here's a thought. Dan has said he doesn't believe in miracles after christ. That being the case, surely it must be acknowledged that compiling a set of stories correctly at every turn, that cutting away some, and that combining them in a way that no meaning is lost or gained would require a miracle, especially considering all the inconsistencies remaining.... I agree with dan. There have been no miracles since christ. I add, of course...there haven't been any. A group of people with agendas meets. They compile their mythology into a codified 'perfect' book, and DON'T backstab, betray, or propogate their own ideas? Hogwash. Yet this 'incorrupted' book, which has been changed despite the recitation of the lie to the contrary, is the basis of all christian belief? Is the only 'proof'? I wont bother rehashing the forgeries of tacitus except to say if its true it shouldnt need deception to defend it.
  5. Most religious nonsense fills the knowledge gap. But as we learn more, the religious nonsense fills less and less, shrinking deities are not that impressive.
  6. It's not the imaginary God that hurts, discriminates, or persecutes us. It's his very real followers.
  7. Skepticism is what I should have said. I don't believe in a deity because there's insufficient evidence. I don't believe in an afterlife for the same reason.
  8. In opposition, the atheist promise is sweet Oblivion. Nothing after death, we prefer life before death.
  9. My state is one . Cop cars, plate stickers, not sure what all. It's Georgia.
  10. No taxation without representation should also include the reverse. No representation without taxation. But we still put in God we trust on the cop cars don't we?
  11. I sometimes wonder if Christian's ever stop and listen to themselves spinning the religion so it's acceptable... and think "something is wrong here if I have to spin it to be acceptable"
  12. I don't hate Shintoism, asatru, Wicca, Judaism...why hate something you don't believe? It's the followers that are loathe some, and the things they do in the name of their religion. And even that is a minority of followers. Most are content to mind their own business.
  13. I mow my yard in a pattern. I've learned from others and experience and observation. I've adapted over the years and added my own thoughts to the pattern. My yard is not identical to others and my tools are different too, so I do what works for me. I don't worry about others yards nor what they think of my pattern. Same with religion and philosophy.
  14. Which of the more than 34000 versions is your accepted truth, Dan? What if you're wrong? Odin might be pissed at you when you get to Valhalla... you should repent now just in case.
  15. Understandable. Didn't mean to imply you weren't allowed, my bad.😀