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  1. Your computer was created by science. Tell you what. You don't believe in anything not created by God? Do us a favor and stop using it
  2. Can you read? I never said Jesus whipped people. Get your argument straight. We aren't all the same person.
  3. Spin it. Anyone can read the comments where you said it was substantiated.
  4. I doubt your resolve. I live nowhere near by anyway and can't figure out what your really saying
  5. One of the greatest lies ever told was that we are born somehow wrong, in sin. It is a lie that has led not to peace or prosperity or enlightenment but rather to suppression, murder and suffering. The book containing this lie does espouse some truth. After all the best lie has a little truth to make it easier to swallow. The truth is you can judge by its fruit. What has been wrought from the tree of Christian beliefs and the bible? Certainly not love of everyone. Look at the proselytizers and how they are busy condemning every other belief. How much war and pain and evil has been wroug
  6. Atheists are still barred from holding public office in some locations. There's your example. Now about that evidence?
  7. I know plenty of your mythology. You just don't appreciate that I have figured out it's not reality.
  8. The odessy by homer clearly states that the gods were out to get Odysseus. The National enquired has claims about fishboy. The Sumerians wrote about marduk kuros. Just no substantiated evidence, which was your original bar.
  9. Yep. I agree. Could you provide the substantial evidence for the resurrection of Lazarus?
  10. How about if members of the government came into someone's house and shot them while they were sleeping? With a warrant for a DIFFERENT HOME? Then it'd be ok to violently protest? Welcome to the conversation.
  11. The setting sun world is seductive to many. I prefer the truth of the rising sun.
  12. You still started with thou shalt not kill then argued against yourself. It's public forum read your own words like anyone else can.
  13. You quoted thou shalt not kill then argued against your own words by stating it should actually be thou shalt not murder...
  14. You have falsely conflated God with his believers. If your god exists, and let's just give it for now for the sake of debate, that does NOT equal his followers being right, and doesn't mean we will always be in contention. See, your god always being right doesn't mean YOU are, by any means. So obviously, we have reason to contend upon occasion(peacefully, I would hope). Our contention with you in this circumstance is simple. You claim to be anti fascist. Literally, antifa means anti fascist. You want to believe the trump bs. But trump isn't god either. See, antifa isn't even a l
  15. Dan in a nutshell. We're all given a photo of the sun on the horizon. Dan believes it's setting. He has a book that says so and a lantern. He's busy telling everyone about the sunset. We all compared our photo with each other and reality and see it's sunrise. We tell Dan who has his eyes closed. He's insisting it's dark. But his lantern is providing light. The thing is it does not work and we can all see because it's day but Dan keeps insisting it's the light from his lantern and not only that but we're all fools. And he can't grasp why we're all mad about being called fools...and wo