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  1. Are you still on this site? I don'y have anyone in my friend - I guess now - followers list. It has changed radically.

  2. Yet a chair was not always a chair and wont always be a chair, and depending on perspective really isn't really a solid chair now, but an assembled group of quantum energy swirling about moving through space at fantastic speeds. So the chair is really a dynamic thing which is constantly changing
  3. A may not be non-A in the present moment but was it non-A in the past or can it be non-A in the future. If God is dynamic then change would be expected. If he is stagnant then he is dead.
  4. Then if they were intelligent they would eliminate that creator, especially if said creator acted tyrannically and threatened them constantly with destruction.
  5. They would be listed in an obscure book about ancient mythologies no longer able to torture the souls of this planet preventing humans from evolving through a common brotherhood.
  6. I completely agree. What became known as the Orthodoxy did so through force and coercion not via the power of the love of God. The majority of the New Testament writings were created by men who never knew Jesus during his earthly ministry. Those writings were colored by individuals steeped in a culture heavily dependent on blood sacrifices for atonement. Jesus and John the Baptist offered the forgiveness of sins through ritualistic baptism and merely told folks to go and sin no more their sins were forgiven. No other restrictions or conditions were placed upon those seeking God's love, compassion and mercy. I feel a bit sorry for those folks who liken God to some unforgiving banker or judge that requires just recompense. Even our earthly fathers are more loving, merciful and compassionate than that. Is it even remotely possible that a half decent loving earthly father is more secure, loving, compassionate and merciful then a sophisticated Being which created and resides over all of creation. I can see where ignorant Iron Age men may have believed so back in the day , but I can't see how any modern sophisticated human could still believe such myths.
  7. This is true Pete. We have all seen though where Historians differ greatly on the events of the past based on their research, though and where scientific models change on a single new discovery, so I have about as much faith in them as I do other things which I have not experienced firsthand my own self. I have to trust my own personal experiences and be true to my own self. I have experienced what I believe to be God firsthand and this energy or conscious field of pure potential seemed like pure agape love to me, so I am sure you will understand why I am attracted to anything which reinforces this viewpoint and have to investigate it fully.
  8. I purchased The Urantia Book with a gift card I received for Christmas and have been very enamored with it. I remembered how much Brother Michael Sky and a few other individuals believed in it. The thing is 2000 pages long so I skipped ahead to the 4th section where it deals with Jesus's life even from an infant to adulthood. I have been very impressed with it and can't stop reading it now. Long detailed events of Jesus daily life through his childhood and especially his ministry. Some of it even tries to explain how the writings in the Gospels got twisted into what is written within now. I have to say I find these writings concerning Jesus's life a whole lot more credible and plausible then what is contained within the Bible. Even though I am skeptical about the origins of the writings, and the beginning of the book is about as scientifically accurate as the Bible, the teachings within this book have changed my life and will help to make me a happier and better human being. The basic Tenets of the book are the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. Jesus was not the propitiation for sin as no loving human father would require a bloody human sacrifice before he could love and forgive his children, how much more so should the love and compassion of our loving heavenly Father exceed that of our human fathers. God isn't likened to a a judge, banker or tyrant who demands repayment and punishes his children for capitulating . God is Love.
  9. If a loving human father can forgive his children for their misdeeds simply out of compassion and love with no recompense required, how much more compassionate and loving is your God? Tyrants, bankers and judges demand recompense, and never is the righteous and just payment that of an innocent human sacrifice. So one must ask them self, does the deity they worship resemble more the fearful tyrants of the world or is their deity the ultimate example of a loving sophisticated father.
  10. If we can judge a Book as evil that has inspired more mass torture and death then any other in recorded history then The Bible by far is the Evilest of them all. One can judge a tree by its fruit correct?
  11. Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  12. Definitely the people and friends I have made here keep me coming back for more and it is my goal to solve the Pickle Conspiracy if it is the last thing I do on this earth.
  13. I would think fair would be an opposite and equal reaction for every action, but then there are instances where this isn't necessarily the case. If someone accidentally steps on my foot or knocks me down is it fair that I in return stomp on there foot or shove them down to the ground? Methinks not.
  14. Brother Kaman what brand essential oils do you prefer? I have a few and love the way they make my room smell I usually burn Frankincense, Rosemary or Peppermint. Just a few drops of peppermint are great. I did 5 drops in some water one day and the smell overpowered me in my room.