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  1. Quiz-one topic

    I am okay with all of that thanks. It just seemed for awhile in this thread that there were absolutes eluding me. I am okay with not having an answer for every question. Thanks for taking the time to respond. von
  2. Quiz-one topic

    Okay...simply put... two questions 1. Is free will a state of mind or a physical option or other 2). If we are born with free will in a nutshell when is our situation “not” free will I lied)....sorry ... there is a third question.......if it boils down to choices-what happens when you can’t find one? von
  3. Quiz-one topic

    Ah! The example helped me to understand the point. Thank you. von
  4. Quiz-one topic

    This is my question too. I do not yet have an anwser. If I am forced to live did I I’d do I have free will choice? von
  5. Quiz-one topic

    So free will is mental not physical? We can think freely but not act freely? von
  6. Quiz-one topic

    It seems some of the Jewish women were herded into concentration camps (so free will to survive kicked in enough they chose not get shot getting on the trains to the camps) (they did not know what they faced or in some cases even that they were going to camps.) Once they arrived at the camps. ....some of them (a few) were impregnated solely for the purpose of experimentation. They were never going to be allowed to carry their "Jew-blood babies) to term. These women were raped.....and once deemed to be pregnant ....some tied into beds - if necessary force fed....and poked and prodded all the way to full term.) Once these forced to term women went into labor - a fully developed child tried to emerge as nature intended. A fully developed human might be endowed with free-will.... a biologically an emerging infant is fully human by most definitions - (so there is a question of free will and would exist at this stage of development)...back to the facts - so here this kid is - finding its way to the air-breathing world. One of the many horrors these woman were restrained (physically) - so that the baby could NOT emerge. It would not and could not be permitted to exit.....ending in the death of both mother and child. For hours (noted by the doctors watching the experiment) - for hours on occasion - the mothers struggled against the restraints to force an opening wide enough of the child to emerge. For hours sometimes the infants struggle to be free of the mother's body. All observers kept notes.....and watched the two struggling. Now there are far fewer instinctive responses stronger than birthing of a child. Both bodies were physically denied a choice. Both died fighting for life. A life not conceived freely. A life forced into existence. A life nurtured for months to full development. Sometimes people try to die. Try to starve to death. Try to entice death to them. Try to force a shot to the head. And sometimes they are just forced to live. There is little free will in being FORCED to live. We do not allow anyone the right to die - in some cases now. In some cases in suburbia - we force people to live who freely choose to die. Does free will cease when you are FORCED to live? In the horror of the concentration camp....did either the mother or the child actually HAVE a choice to select that horrid death? Did they have free will to live? If you chose torture over death and they do a bit too much water boarding - although you are choosing to live and struggle to breath - did you have free will in choosing death? Some do...they gulp in the water to end the madness. But some fight to breath and cannot....and they die trying so hard to exercise their free will to LIVE....the one where they chose a life of torture ....which is clearly choosing life - but alas! They are killed by an over zealot torture person. Did they then have free will after all? von
  7. Wisdom Lovers United (or untied)

    Apparently I am not the only dunderhead in this class. They are pushing back the date on our next test. Lots of people are confused by...1) the formulas 2) the explanation (the lesson) 3)the prof wants to watch the Olympics and not do the test till the are over 4) OTHER I have no idea why but it gives me a couple more days to sort this out Score one for technology.... the decision was made over the weekend... and so we were not surprised by the change of scheduling. It was nice to have advanced warning allow everyone better use if their time. von
  8. Quiz-one topic

    On a related note... I heard on the radio today a group of detainees is suing the United States for being used to do forced labor with no compensation. If the premise defines slavery as the determining factor upon which we are defined as morally flawed.... that is a twist for us in the here and now. Some would view forced labor without compensation as a form of slavery perhaps.... von
  9. Quiz-one topic

    Interesting analysis.... thx von
  10. Quiz-one topic

    Perhaps our class was flummoxed by the premise. I was. I am reasonably sure no one in the room supported slavery. The questioned was asking (at least to me) ....do I judge the entire culture as morally flawed solely on the issue of them permitting slavery? That I the only thing we know. We do not know who they enslave or why? We do not know the history or the possibility of eventual freedom options for said slaves. For all we know they were a gift enslaved and given by their own people. We do not know (for sure) if the treatment is humane. If life is even remotely better than what they left. We do not know what good this culture slaveholders offers.... we know nothing beyond this one fact. In this culture there exists a group not free. Why? We were being asked to judge a culture. (Not a country) in only one known fact. I am not sure one fact is enough to render judgement (for me)......that being said it might well be enough for another to come to a conclusion. I can see that worked too. Noting an entire group is morally flawed without knowing the reason why they chose this (to me offensive morally behavior )was difficult. I prefer to understand before assigning condemnation. This seemed to be true for for many in the class. Even when the action clearly violates our view of normal. i was sort of encouraged that many were trying to understand what would make anyone think such a thing is right.... von
  11. Wisdom Lovers United (or untied)

    THANKS!!!! At least I don’t feel like I am rowing alone... von
  12. Quiz-one topic

    One student argued we are all slaves (not endearing himself by calling the professor the slave master. ) Another argued with him (down a fresh set of one way tracks) that we are all slaves to electronics or money. Another suggested slavery could be justified if you needed to save your own children.... if it were your only viable means to feed your own kids Yet another pointed to the nation of Austrialia as a point of origin ....noting not only prisoners worked to going the nation, but also indentured servants....who were forced to labor. In his version of things they likely faired better than dying in a jail cell in London. Another likened the plains Indians going on rading parties to bring home unrelated women to insure the did not mate with bloodlines too close to their own....as a form of enslavement common to all tribes. With no buying or selling involved. But enslavement nonetheless. And perhaps culturally necessary. Or any race who chooses to bring home foreign children to raise as their own to perpetuate the tribes numbers....kidnaps as a form of survival. And one last speaker noted after a nuclear blast .... was fertile people (non-sterile after radiation) would be coveted and be needed to reproduce ...which would insure they would be bought and sold. Whew. My head hurt for awhile after that class i came home and napped. It was both necessary and sufficient von
  13. Wisdom Lovers United (or untied)

    Actually these examples ARE helpful...I am going on line to take a practice test in a short while.... maybe it will build my confidence. von
  14. Wisdom Lovers United (or untied)

    Thank you....I KNOW I have to know this... but when they assign it as a mathematical formula with p and q bouncing around the sentences it muddles it a bit. One sentence used a double negative ....with all the p and q stuff and it took me awhile (too long) to sort it out (THAT quiz was timed) I do appreciate thd assist. von
  15. Wisdom Lovers United (or untied)

    Thx...I am struggling to CLEARLY understand the tool of necessary and sufficient.... Every time I think I have it.... the next example provided fuzzes things up....my fellow students in my group seem equally confused so I guess this part is just “a process” till we all sort it out mentally. von