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  1. For what or for whom ...do you feel (operative word).....do you feel reverence? Thx von
  2. Welcome! We are happy you joined us! von
  3. What are they thinking (the deities) .....

    It is a nice thought if whatever powers in the cosmos (if they existed) would gathered and somehow opt to make the universe a bit less harsh. Or humans a bit wiser....or kinder....or both von
  4. What are they thinking (the deities) .....

    I Googled deity ....it was indicated as being a component of being a deity.....which also lists equal opportunity by way of gender ( god or goddess) even though I have never been sure about god-God-hides actually needing a gender..? i guess that hinges on the power to create life without gender being an issue (or not) von
  5. This is a point - deserving attention. If someone living across the street avidly believed in fengshui as a spiritual path it is likely unless I know them well - I would not know this. If I decide to paint my house in some non-harmonizing color to the scheme of life as they understand it to be - knocking their balance all to heck (however inadvertently)....when they come knocking at the door asking me to change the color....how does that play out? I was under no obligation to check with them. What i am doing is legal and also in code to the subdivision. They might be more than offended and annoyed - it might be psychologically harmful to them and causing them a great deal of stress. If I had the money - would repainting the house be the right thing to do? My path has no assigning of value to colors. Do I defer to them and oblige their beliefs? If they offered to pay half? If they offered to completely pay to have it redone as it is that offensive to them...do I let them pick a color that works for them? All interesting things upon which to ruminate. von
  6. If there were to be a Mt. Olympus sort of place....and the Gods/Goddesses and all the supreme beings (that actually have a significant following on the planet earth)....this excludes celebrities, politicians, and any human types...... If they were to gather for a meal at the end of the year (or whatever deities do to socialize) .....what would the conversation look like (or who would be included in the gathering? Even though WE have limited knowledge - for example - would there only be one being there by known by many names...... ....would there be more than one If there was more than one - would they be surprised to find out there are others in existence? Would the entities gather moan about their fate? Complain about the unruly humans? What might happen? It assumed that being Supreme Beings they would not resort to name calling and arguments. von
  7. Understood. I agree. thx von
  8. Thanks for the chuckle yet again. I think releasing it - is a very sound idea. von
  9. I agree. It is working for them. von
  10. There is no way to accomplish much in life without running the risk of upsetting people. While I might well, like most people, try and minimize the stress caused to others - there are moments where people will get stressed in spite of reason or all measure to avoid it. You keep referring to this as "a joke" .....the humor is true enough - so it was humorous - but not with the intent of getting a laugh at someone's expense. It is a statue. Not a person. That statue would, presumably ONLY be offensive if 1) a person revered that particular image 2) that devotee took offense at a Santa hat. None of that is a given. It could also merely be the fact that I dared to display a Buddhist statue at all (which had heretofore been inside my home.) The "religious doctrine" portion was a reply to your assertion that I knowing would disrespect a holy icon of Buddhism. That is very subjective as with any other ritual in any other religion. Some Catholics find rosaries to be holy and some wear them as jewelry. Some people treat any Bible with deference and others less so. So when you asserted that I intentionally offended Buddhists - I was merely responding - even Buddhists would not agree on that point. If one witch came to my house and knocked on the door and told me I had an offensive yard decoration - I might remove it. (That did not happen in this case).... von
  11. Actually I know one person had a reaction....an unspecified reaction. YOU ARE ASSUMING it was the hat. It could have merely been the fact I displayed a Buddhist statue. Many people are ignorant re: other religions and who in the world knows what she knows or doesn't know about it. To put all of this decision making on an unspecified offense (the statue - or the hat on the statue) - not resolved as yet that I can see. von
  12. Even though I do not think these points relevant since they keep reoccurring. I DO NOT know this woman. As far as I know - she is not a direct neighbor of mine. She passed down my street and made her comment for whatever reason. I don't recognize her but I admit I am not the most observant. I do not know how to contact her unless I just see her by happenstance as I did this time. Maybe I can hang out by the garbage cans next pick up day and see if I am on her flight path. She is not an immediate neighbor I know within six houses across or aside of me. Not that knowing or or not knowing her is an issue other than future communications are dependent on me spotting her as I have zero idea her exact location. Obviously it is this area ...but maybe not on my specific street. I'll let you know if I have a chance to visit with her. von
  13. One doesn't choose better physical balance. As I get older wobbling is a real problem. Pushing me over is not difficult and not relevant to an emotional response. There are parallels but this isn't one of them. von That is your opinion. Others think differently. That too is a matter of choice. First, you need not experience things first hand to muster compassion. The Buddha did experience suffering and he noted that NO PERSON alive goes without it. If we are going to use the Buddha as a reference point than, by his determination of the First Noble Truth - all humans suffer. Therefore - according to your above posting - all understand it to some degree. More to the point I think you are making - it is what we do after we realize suffering occurs that is the issue. von
  14. I would think deliberately insulting someone you could anticipate they might get upset with you. Unintentionally giving offense is again - a very different matter. AGAIN....waving a Nazi flag intentionally is not at all in the ballpark of unintentionally giving offense. I do not see any of these examples as tied to the original. von