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  2. 1. Use of a whip, in this context is violence. Mean words, is an angry point. Mean words, with a whip, is violence. Our "perfect example" is a man of armed violence. This is not "peaceful protest". Or Angry Point. Ask anybody who has ever been struck with a whip. 2. Since when have you cared about distinctions and nuance? You have always been clear on this point. 3. Hypocrite. If any of the "bad guys" had used that whip, you would not be finding excuses for it.
  3. The thing is Dan, without those who were violent, like the crusades, Christianity would not exist or be established as it is today. It was their violence and the fear of violence that they generated that destroyed many other religious groups and made it a political and social entity that it is today. It also established an orthodoxy. In a sense you owe a lot to them.
  4. No... political protest should be peaceful, whether its coming from the left or right. The only exclusion I'd make is if a tyrannical government violates the constitutional rights of its citizens, then violent resistance might be a necessary response, which should be directed towards the aggressor, and not the businesses or neighborhoods of your fellow citizens. e.g; When Hitler began confiscating guns and burning books, violent resistance would have been a reasonable reaction. Jesus is the perfect example... Crusaders broke several commandments, Jesus made his arguable
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  6. Interesting. Dan has long insisted, that Jesus is the example and role model for true Christians. So, all those violent Christians, down through the centuries, were true Christians -- making angry points? All together now. Can you say POGROM --? Just good Christians, making angry points, about rejecting Jesus. It reminds me of the Crusades. A lot of angry points. Well, metal points on all those weapons. It's just Dan being a hypocrite. I'm used to it.
  7. Yes, that's true. Now, i f we have established that (what's right is different for everyone) then I would like to go back to the first question: Do you feel right-wing "political" violence is OK? (As you only "oppose left-wing violent political activists" explicitly...) Please keep in mind our conclusion that "what's right is different for everyone" and even Jesus used violence to prove "an angry point" (yes, Johnathan; according to gospel/the bible).
  8. Whats right is different for everyone, and everyone can peaceably protest. But in a civilized society, there's generally no need for violence, which is an attempt towards anarchy. Jesus made an angry point, he didn't steal anything or burn the temple down. The point was that the Temple was a place of worship, but was being used as a place of commerce.
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  10. I get that. I'm just amazed at how ignorant people can be. Walk into the center of a Theocracy, combining the central religious establishment -- the central government establishment -- the central financial establishment -- pull out a whip -- and attack established business activities. See how long it takes to get cut down. People take this story seriously. Nobody questions how Jesus got out alive. It's amazing. It's so stupid, it's numbing. He pulled out a whip and overturned tables? Then he made a speech? And wasn't cut down on the spot?
  11. I did not use the comment as proof of the gospels. It was just a comment on how unjesus like Dan's comments were
  12. Just imagine how big the universe is. And how much has not yet been studied in this area. It is possible that all non-earthly civilizations have not even originated yet or have long since died. In this video, the approximate scale of the universe
  13. You can really talk about this for a very long time. If you take for example characters from a computer game, perhaps these characters are also confident that they are consciously making this or that choice. But everything is predetermined already in advance
  14. This is a very interesting topic. But it seems to me that we will not live to see the time when artificial intelligence will be everywhere and it will replace humans. Here is another interesting documentary on this topic.
  15. I hope I'm not hijacking the topic. That is not my intention. This story is one of the reasons not to take the Gospels seriously. The Temple was the seat of Commerce and government combined. Imagine the Capital building in Washington D.C. -- fused with "Wall Street" -- fused with the world's biggest banks. Nobody is going to walk in with a whip and "overturn the tables". He would be killed and quickly. Back to topic.
  16. I see my "pun" got lost in translation (sorry, English is my third language). The pun was: how do you distinguish the "right" (as in correct, not conservative) political activists? How do you know whick activist - in your opinion - are entitled to use violence? PS And as I remember Jesus actually whipped merchants and overturned their tables (in John 2:14)...
  17. I seem to remember Jesus turning over the tables of the merchants. If you have nothing but poverty and no opportunities to improve your situation the option you have is to ask for support. It is not a position of pride but an act of desperation in the face of a government that does not give a damn and is cutting your life line benefits. No one wants benefits but we cannot all be businesses and we cannot all be wealthy or what we have would be worth nothing. Yet, for dignity's sake all should be cared for in a society. Love your neighbour is said but it is not loving to remove their be
  18. People to the right usually protest government interference of conservative values, e.g; the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, the sanctity of life, honest elections, etc. As opposed to the left, who usually demand more government aid and freebees. Yes, Jesus would say all lives matter, but he wouldn't loot merchants and burn down their stores to make his point.
  19. Although you didn't answer my question your deflection actually provoked another question: how do you distinguish "right" political activists? Wouldn't Jesus - for instance - actually be someone who would argue - again, for instance - that all lives matter? Wouldn't he be the first one to stand up against injustice for big parts of our society (e.g. the lives of coloured people)?
  20. The setting sun world is seductive to many. I prefer the truth of the rising sun.
  21. The KJV says "Thou shalt not kill". The proper Hebrew to English translation for 'kill' in that verse is 'murder', as pointed out in Deuteronomy 19: 11-13. Thus, my argument was not against myself, but simply assigning the specific and correct definition to 'kill' as used in Exodus 20:13. Most bible translations render it as 'murder', so there was and is no contradiction as you seem to be implying. I believe that most things protested can be done nonviolently. My point was that you don't see any right-winged protestors setting buildings on fire, looting stores, or tearing
  22. I thank God for our beating hearts. :blueheart:

  23. Interestingly the minister of the church was removed for Trump's one and only visit. He did not approve of being removed from his own church. It was a propaganda shot and nothing more.
  24. It isn't a pissing match (although I think both Nazi's/Hitler's as well Marxist/Stalin's violence killed millions...). It was a simple question: do you feel right-wing "political" violence is OK? (As you only "oppose left-wing violent political activists" explicitly...)
  25. 1. The man who lies about everything -- even the weather -- does indeed say that he is a Christian. So what? You and I already had this discussion. In this thread. You were clear, that claiming to be a Christian does not make it so. Have you changed your mind? 2. The church was not harmed. It was not burned down. The Pastor was enraged that Trump used her church for a photo opp. 3. The protests were peaceful. Until the military gassed them. The General in charge later apologized. 4. Yes. We all saw Trump hold up the Bible. It's finest hou
  26. You still started with thou shalt not kill then argued against yourself. It's public forum read your own words like anyone else can.
  27. You just described what Biden, Harris, democratic governors, and mayors did when Portland Seattle, Minneapolis, and other cities were looted and set ablaze. They referred to it all as peaceful demonstrations and looked the other way. I hardly think Trump is the anti-Christ, he professes to be Christian, he even held up a bible in front of St John's church in Washington DC to protest the antifa rioters who burnt it down.
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