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  2. Gospel and Reincarnation

    This is a problem basic to religious discussion. We are working without objective, verifiable, facts. Without facts, we have nothing but opinion -- and faith --which is opinion.
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  4. A Christian might address the situation according to something Jesus taught. "If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off. If thy right eye offends thee, pluck it out..." With the reason being that without the offensive body part, one might have a better chance ascending to heaven. So, I guess, in that sense, their soul would be split in order to better the greater self? But that also opens another maze of inquiries. Such as: if the soul can be split, does that also create separate identities? If the body part is supposedly descended, how does the eternal torment work then? etc.
  5. Gospel and Reincarnation

    and then we get into the discussion none of us agrees on,which is,"what is a soul,is spirit the same thing",yada,yada. i don't know either.
  6. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Welcome back. I have come to value you as a voice of reason. If you think that I have become unreasonable, I am prepared to reconsider. Your constructive criticism is welcome.
  7. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Greetings to you all my brothers and sisters, First I must apologize for not being more active here on the board lately. With this being my busy season at work and my other interests, I haven't had as much time as I would like to monitor things that take place here. That being said, I think it needs to be said, somewhat forcefully, that everyone here is at very different places in their faith journeys, and in their ability to express themselves in a way that is respectful of other peoples beliefs. People here should be able to share their faith and/or their viewpoints with others, without feeling the need to beat each other up over these very personal and subjective issues. If you don't like what someone is saying here, you don't have to take it as a personal challenge or attempt to get others to come over to your way of thinking. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  8. New to forum

    I hope everything works out good for you,friend,& the Blessings of God be with us all,in the name of the Father,Son & Holy Ghost.Amen I Joined back in 1982 ,I believe...about 36 yrs here...Rev KHBostic,Hon DD,AASc,&SWT i
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  10. Hello, or maybe I should say Aloha. I've been ordained with ULC for 14 yrs. I have been a spiritual counselor most of my days on earth. Last year my son and baby brother died and for the first time ever I am in a crisis of faith... A grieving mother/sister that no longer knows what she believes. So I'm trying to find a church or something here in Hawaii to volunteer or work at to be around people of any faith in hopes that maybe it will rub off and heal me. Does anyone know anything about ULC in Hawaii that's more than a wedding officiant? Mahalo, Dhana
  11. Gospel and Reincarnation

    That can easily be made worse. Say that you go through a Star Trek style transporter. What emerges? Is it you? Or a copy of you?
  12. Gospel and Reincarnation

    The elephant in the room that nobody is addressing -- is the soul. Do we have souls? Are we souls that have temporary bodies? I don't know.
  13. Sufficiency of Scripture

    No, your absolutely right... This is a diversified forum where people are adamant about what they do and don't believe. Nothing wrong with a Christian posting about what they believe. Why anyone would feel insulted by it is beyond my comprehension. If a Christian believes non-believers will go to hell, why in the world would that bother someone who doesn't even believe in hell? Its no different than an Atheist telling a Christian they aren't going to heaven because there isn't any heaven and the book they believe in is nothing more than made-up fables. The preaching goes both directions, slamming what you don't believe is no different than promoting what you do believe. Nothing should be construed as threatening or an attack, especially on a board consisting of multiple beliefs. The trick is to articulate what we believe without force-feeding it onto others.. I suppose the answer to the original thread title is that scriptures are sufficient to those who believe them, but woefully inadequate to those who don't.
  14. Sufficiency of Scripture

    i am not attempting to push to pullpit. i am quoting amulet, an administrator, from the topic 'forum area movement and maintenance', post 3..."since descriptions for each forum have been updated, please be sure you are posting your topics in the correct area.". it was important enough of a statement that amulet reiterated this exact piece at the bottom of that post. maybe the case is that i see it as a truth that we should follow administration tips such as this, and you see it differently and are pushing your view on me. i will keep making what i view as polite recommendations as i see fit. call it pushy if it helps your point, but really it looks like the pot calling the kettle black to me.
  15. No, no, Dave. It's: "good point", "I totally agree", "right on", or .
  16. Alas, your toe was never "aware" of you, as you were of it, or even of yourself. If the DNA is sentient, and still living, then it would only have an identity of itself, not you, thus can't be you.
  17. Gospel and Reincarnation

    In my worldview, the animating element and self awarenesssl is the part that defines what is still "you". So, while the toe in question was part of you while it eas attached, once is was removed, it is no longer "part" of you but it is still "yours". Does that make sense? Definitiins: yep! In order to have any productive discourse, all parties need to have a common starting point. Metaphysically speaking what you have said is precisely what i was trying to convey, though with mugh distraction on my end (training on my new job this week). The physical parts that make up "you" only make it you when taken as a whole. Change any of the essebtial components and the physical "you" is different. The same goes for the "soul" and personality. Nithing is constant and unchanging. Eveeyrhing depends on thia very moment and could reasonably be vert different in the next moment.
  18. Gospel and Reincarnation

    Here's an experiment, Phillipe - Take a chair and break the legs off. Advertise that you have four chairs to sell. See how many takers you get. You can then let us know the results
  19. Gospel and Reincarnation

    Ahhh...the definition game rears its head again, lol. I think the only way to get anywhere in a debate is for the people debating, or discussing if you prefer, to determine in advance what the definitions are of what they are discussing mutually. If that cannot be done, then discussion is not really productive, is it? In the metaphysical sense, me is the personality, the soul, the character, the thought process behind it all that is unique to me. Physically, I guess I am dna in a specific combination with specific body parts of different measurements and various chemicals tossed into the mix. So with that definition, "Me" changes if I have a beer.
  20. Sufficiency of Scripture

    I dont believe in church......i dont believe in organized religion......i piss on church walls ALL the time....and I always feel unwelcome.....just like you feel like im pissing down your dosnt bother me.....its my age.....i need to start wearing Depends.....because.....when i got to go.......i got to go
  21. saw a sign

    Dirty dirt has its place, though ... if you just want to fill a hole in the ground, why pay extra for clean dirt? Unless of course you're in favor of supporting the local economy by helping pay the salaries of the dirt cleaners. One might also consider utilizing a DIY Dirt Cleaning Kit. Or, one could visit where you can buy, sell or give away dirt. A sort of dirty eBay ...
  22. Gospel and Reincarnation

    Kinda meta, indeed. I suppose it all depends upon what one considers "me". The toe that I lost still has my DNA - does that not make it "me"?
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  24. Sufficiency of Scripture

    This thread is going off in a different direction. The new direction is the subject of Preaching. Since I identify both as Agnostic and as Atheist, I feel a need to define those terms -- expressly as I use them -- regarding preaching. I am not laying down usage terms for anybody else. This is how I use them. Atheist: The term is simple. It means "I don't believe." I am not preaching at anybody else. I don't care what anybody else believes. I don't believe. That's all that it means. Agnostic: The term is simple. It means "I don't know." I don't care what anybody else thinks that they know. I don't know. That is all that means. So we are clear. I'm stating my own positons. That is all I'm dong. I have nothing to sell. I am not trying to change anyone else.
  25. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Are you serious? That comes close to defining bad behavior. You find me strident? Because I expect visitors to be house broken? Are we supposed to supply we we pads?
  26. Sufficiency of Scripture

    By all means. Let management step up and protect the membership. When this happens, nobody else needs to get into it. Then we have peace. Peace is good. Peace needs to be enforced. When someone comes in and pees on the wall, or pees on the members, they should not feel welcome. If management will not protect the members, the members will get tired of being abused and wander off. I think this is a real danger and I hope that management steps up.
  27. Sufficiency of Scripture

    They would not be behaving badly simply because they came in and preached at us. That would be a false assumption on your part. Note that your words here could easily be considered preaching. You have a point of view, and you are expressing it in strident black and white terms, leaving no room for argument or disagreement. You are making it clear that you consider your way to be the only right way, and that you consider any other way to not only be incorrect but wrong. I assume this is simply because you care. I assume you think it matters what decisions we make about this subject, so you want us to get it right. Am I wrong?
  28. Sufficiency of Scripture

    I do. Every time.
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