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  2. Why? I mean, I can understand not removing it simply for the sake of removing it, but are you sure there isn't a more accurate translation?
  3. Ok. I still think that the wording of an oft-repeated prayer has the power to shape faith.
  4. For who he is and what he did... Christ, Jesus of course... And that reverence is everyday, not just the start of a new year.
  5. And altering the prayer of the Lord has the power to re-shape faith. I agree that the Lord's prayer was an example of how to pray, never intended to be repetitious. But changing the words of the sample prayer, can change the expression of the soul who offered the prayer. Imo, removing "Lead us not into temptation" is a no no.
  6. I make a distinction between prayer (an expression of the soul offered up to God) and the mindless recitation of a string of words employed to indoctrinate people to a cause.
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  8. The wording of a prayer oft-repeated has the power to shape faith.
  9. none of the respect is an entirely different ball game.
  10. i find it interesting for people to feel reverence on the arbitrary day the calendar changes...its not ingrained enough for me i guess.
  11. For what or for whom you feel (operative word) you feel reverence? Thx von
  12. A prayer's power lies not in the words, but in the faith of the supplicant...
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  14. I also thought it interesting but am fond of it as is...
  15. Thought this was interesting.... Pope wants to change the Lord's Prayer ;
  16. What are they thinking (the deities) .....

    Amusing, but there is more to it than that. Great wealth means that instruction is available. Martial arts, race car driving, scuba diving, gymnastics, advanced chemistry, escape arts and all the rest of it. He still had to master everything. EVERYTHING. This is the fantasy part.
  17. What are they thinking (the deities) .....

    Greetings to you all my sisters and brothers, To quote Bruce Wayne, when he is asked by the Flash in "Justice League" what his super power is, he summed them up in two words, "I'm rich," In Solidarity, Rev. Calli
  18. What are they thinking (the deities) .....

    Yes. I think that sums up Batman.
  19. Upset about the statue

    I didn't say that they were a problem. I said that they stink the place up.
  20. I d also say the above reprint of the old 16th century book of common prayer is to be bought as it has a funeral service ,about 20 minutes to read thru it .Marriage ceremonies,ships captains could use it; baptism s of babies,children,& those of older yrs,catechism/sunday school stuff... morning & evening services... visitation & communion of the sick... i
  21. Our Father,who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come;thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this dayour daily bread, &forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; & lead us not into temptations; but deliver us from evil. Now theres 2 forms of the Lords Prayer in the Book of Common Prayer: the 1st ends with a Amen after the above the 2nd goes on with: For thine is thekingdom,the power & the glory.Forever & ever.Amen Speaking of the book of common prayer,Ive started on page 37 of the 1979 version of the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, to start a service after a couple hymns,whatever music is to be injected ,evev from a stereo. On pg 42,after the genl confession,theres a alternate absolution I marked in my copy,on page 332 On pg 45,after the Venite, interject a sermon or lesson. I bought 1/2 doz used copies of The Ministers Manual for maybe 5 bucks a copy,plus 4 for S/H at edited by Cox.Somewhere between 60s to 2000s yrs,. I also have a set of Martin Luther s lectionary reprinted in Engiish ,I picked up for 20/30 bucks at I have a few other sermon books... After sermon a hymn or2,& marked in my book copy,'proceed to pg 52,we praise thee to be said." Then 2nd lesson like scripture passage for the day or just move into Benedictus or psalm 100 to be found on pg 50 or 45,also marked into my book. then back to pg53 for Apostles Creed or Nicene Creed found on pg 326.All this written in on pg 53. The the Our Father on pg54followed by one or the other \,I just readf thru the whole ento into the collection,then one of the prayers on pg 55 ,then A collect for peace as 2nd prayer,then 3rd prayer A collect for Grace found on pg 57 .After which a few more hymns of your choice injected into the service. Then the Genl thanksgiving prayer after collection,I also took the old one out of a copy of a 16th century copy of the Book of Common Prayer ,zeroxed it & put over the Genl thanksgiving prayer Then the prayer of Chrysostom& a couple blessings.A couple closing Hymns,Dissmissal for Low services without communion ,or to communion in the old 16th centuryversion of the book of common prayer Starting on pg 254:" Hear what comfortable words our Savior Jesus christ said to all who turn to him" OpCit ISBN 0-8050-2284-8 The Book of Common Prayer,a 1992 reprint of a 16th century copy available at for about 15 bucks with s/h in that amount,used I looked it up last week The 1979 book of common prayer is there too.Seabury press,according to thr use of the Episcopal Church ,which started after the revolutionary was to be separate but equal to the church of England,to keep people from leaning towards England after the war of Independence. I always stated I m ordained thru the Universal Life Church,its a non denom service for all that wanted to matter what their denomination.Theres a lot of prayersin those books,Be Blessed,Rev KHBostic,non denom,Hon D.D. ,& AASc,SWT
  22. one mans trash... or disorder, is anothers treasure.
  23. Read...then discuss

    I recall one summer morning while visiting close friends, I rose early and walked into the bamboo garden to watch the sunrise and feed the mosquitoes for a couple hours. Not ascetically, but gladly and compassionately. Loving life on its own terms was a very enlightening experience. If asked now about the Nature of God my scripture would be a traditional creative verse: ... up high in the saddle I belong ... ... wild where the horse and the cattle'll roam ... ... when the skies and the prairie are steeped in the glowan ... ... and the wind blows us all along ... like the tumbling tumbleweeds ...
  24. The way you ended your post suggests to me that it boils down to an interpersonal hot-cold empathy gap. If those words are unfamiliar, it's worth the time to look it up. The research is fascinating.
  25. Only if they want violence, or the threat thereof, to be used to prevent them from being offended. Otherwise, it makes send that they would take the complaint directly to the offending person. When my neighbor's music was preventing me from sleeping, I went next door, explained the situation, and asked him to turn it down. He apologized and it hasn't been an issue since. Per local noise ordinance, he was within his rights to be loud at noon on a Tuesday, but I keep weird hours and he was nice enough to accomodate me... Small favors make the world go round...
  26. It is your constitutional right to display a Buddha statue wearing a Santa hat. If one should be offended by you exercising your rights, they should take it up with the law makers.
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