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  2. Happy birthday to everyone out

    there hopefully y'all are having a

    good one.


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    Every time I turn on the tv all you see is killing going on around the world all i can say Is God help us all
  4. Too many Brussels sprouts when you were but a lad.
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  6. ah,but he did not succeed,so let him laugh.
  7. He was setting us up for a war between the Christians and everybody else. Probably laughing his stupid troll ass off.
  8. so long as we know this,then no troll will succeed.
  9. We all collect emotional scar tissue. Issues, resentments, bad memories. Nothing to do but go on and let go. Easier said than done. This much I know. Life goes on. We can cling to what makes us resentful, or at least try to forgive and release.
  10. as near as i can find,no.the only thing the ulc says we must do is"that which is right". there have been people before who decide to leave because we will not organize the ulc to fit their ideas,or what they see the"denominations" can't explain to them that we are not just christians,but we represent the entire spectrum,if that makes sense.
  11. That is silly, isn't it? ULC stands for radical freedom. Not control. Then again, the question was raised by a troll, who came here to get us upset with each other.
  12. True enough. I'm letting it go.
  13. There are times when your humor eludes me. Well, alright.
  14. It is common to lose your sense of taste as you age. Younger children tend to have a better ability to taste bitter, and that goes a long way to explaining why children, as a group, tend to hate Brussels sprouts more than adults. So, yeah, that has nothing to do with what you said...
  15. Good points. I don't know. Piques my curiosity a bit more now.
  16. Either the local congregations are independent or they are not. Is there anything in the ULC by laws that indicate the local congregations are to be governed? As far as I can tell "we" are not voting members.
  17. Possibly to avoid the misuse and/or tarnishing of "our" good name?
  18. Going back to the original question, if The ULC is open to all religions and no religions, why would "we" wish to govern local congregations?
  19. Sorry, Jonathan. Not my intent to dredge up the irritation again. I do feel you're right. But I also think he feels he's justified and absolved. Just pointing out, I don't think this will play out to either of you being satisfied. Continuing might only intensify.
  20. When I was in High School, I thought there were cool groups. I don't remember why I thought that.
  21. Feel welcome.
  22. I know. I rarely stick to Standard English. I am trying to put together a punctuational system that fits modern conversational rhythms. I prefer being oblique to being direct. I use slang that stopped being cool when I was in elementary school. I make bad jokes without warning anyone. I think run on sentences are fun and hyphenation is mosty decorative. I put prepositions where ever they seem useful and I occassionally use ellipses like a four year-old uses finger paint. And my spell chek is turned off. I enjoy the process, though. Which is the whole point, no? Because when I stop enjoying it, I'll stop doing it.
  23. This is a beautiful composition, Gail! Thank you for sharing.
  24. I am posting this only to get in on the topic. I need to go back and catch up, but don't have energy right now. Semantics and taxonomy.. what fun.
  25. taxonomy is not a hard science. cool is relative to what is hot. nerds are hot in the tech age, if only as a commodity. I side wit u.
  26. Last week
  27. I suspect I'm reading more caution in some of your responses than you intend. You are not easy to understand. Be patient. I'm starting to get there. Seriously, you are not an easy read.
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