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  3. Emotional response isn't really an issue. In the end, either we are in compliance -- or we are not. As you see; non-compliance has consequences. They will get worse.
  4. And the "blackmailing" has already begun (here in the Netherlands). The minister of Healthcare - in a reaction to the privacy/constitutional rights movement - has responded that the lockdown will take longer without a corona app. Am I the only one who responds "badly" to blackmailing...?
  5. The keyword is 'ex'... It would imply that they were once a gambler but have repented. Sins are forgiven once we repent of them.
  6. “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” - Gospel Of Thomas
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  8. To me, Dan is more like a small dog. The kind of little dog, that would break it's teeth if it tried to bite me. I'm not afraid of the little dog; for all it's fierce barking. Still, the barking is very annoying. Also, it's not housebroken. I'm tired of it peeing all over the board.
  9. I know he is a stubborn pest. Like unto a fly in the ice cream. Full of his own importance and lack of reason or understanding, and thinking he is clever.
  10. Dan can't distinguish between fear and irritation. It's useless.
  11. Your faith creates a hell and then you threaten people with it. You think we are scared of your myth. No! Find someone who gives a damn about your made up mythic realms. I just wish you would listen but you persist with what others see as stupidity. Dan your full of BGS in the Irish terms.
  12. That is a good summery. It leaves out a few details. The police will have our genetic profile available. Combined with our biometrics. Throw in facial recognition and the all seeing eye that is AI...... The future will be interesting.
  13. Yes, God will never judge your past as long as you choose to make the right choices in the future and today? We are all brothers and sisters in Christ!
  14. The steps are being taken as we speak. First by China, as Wuhan Loosens Restrictions on Movement as Local Spread of Coronavirus Eases but "people wishing to leave the province will need to show a 'health code,' a digital health certificate issued by the province"... This is (part of) an app that tracks your movements and registers whether you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19. (And yes, as discussed previously, these kind of apps - for now - are easily "deceivable"... for now...) And now, here in the "progressive/liberal" Netherlands, the government is seriously investigating possibilities of implementing this kind of app/certificate here too... Of course, it won't be "mandatory" but if you would like to use certain "privileges" (going into public offices, restaurants, concert halls, theatres, stadiums, shops whatever...) it will be "needed" (thus - de facto - becoming... mandatory).
  15. I fell asleep in one world, and woke up in another..... Disney suddenly ceased to be in the magic, Paris is no longer romantic, New York is no longer the main city, the Chinese Wall is no longer a fortress, Mecca is empty.... Hugs and kisses became weapons.... and not visiting parents and friends, turned into, an act of love.... You suddenly realized, that power, beauty and money are worthless, and they will not be able to get the oxygen, that you need so much..... The world continues to live and it is beautiful..... He locked only people in cells..... It seems to me that he tells us: “You are not necessary.... Air, earth, water, and sky work fine without you.... When you return, remember, that it is you, who are my guests, but not my masters.....
  16. You get irritated and angry by everything I post, so your provoked all the time. You know, if you don't believe in hell, you wouldn't feel threatened by those who expound upon it as some kind of harsh reality. I sense that your secretly frightened? I simply posted a link to an article, and it wasn't a response to anyone specific. Yes I voted for 45, but I don't support bailing out churches. They don't pay taxes and shouldn't benefit from our tax dollars. Admittedly, there was a bit of sarcasm, but nothing abusive or insulting. I'll step out and let the disgruntled complain about the attributes of Christianity in this 'no religion' thread. Nothing but anger and intolerance here, and that's a virus I should apply some social distancing from.. But no matter where I post, the hatred of Christianity will prevail.
  17. Last week
  18. Firstly I don't believe there is a hell. I believe it is a Christian invention to threaten and control people. Then there is the problem as to whether or not the bible contains any truth at all. I doubt it does. He mentioned near death experience but omits to mention that people have experiences according to their belief structure. During the process of death the brain produces a large amount of endorphins and the person is just tripping on that endorphin. Therefore it is no proof of anything. Then there is a moral arguement. If for arguments sake a god exists then to hold a grudge and punish someone for eternity is neither justice or moral. So the central goal of faith is not love. It is hate of human frailty. So take your threats and shove them up your a....e.😠
  19. i see it as more like i thought dan was a 45 fan. and dan,i dis agree with only atheists can among others have,sometimes setting up a potential argument between yourself and jonathon,or pete;whichever is present at the time.maybe social distancing need be applied to posts also?
  20. " Nothing to fear now, your tax dollars are hard at work " That was you, being your usual irritating self. After all your lectures on cultural dominance -- how your religion should be running my society -- you are consistent. If you were wise -- or kind -- you would not seize this opportunity to be more irritating. I will not be provoked.
  21. There was nothing irritating about my post, you just choose to characterize everything you disagree with as 'irritating". And its funny how all these "no religion" topics are geared to slam Christianity, which of course is a religion... The "no religion" tag is really just a subliminal restriction of who can comment (atheist only).
  22. I have long maintained that Trump is not the problem. He's only a symptom. The problem is all the people who voted Trump into office. Further, the Republican party has turned into Trump's personal political cult. The Evangelical leadership, have declared that Trump is God's anointed. G.O.P. used to stand for Grand Old Party. Now; it's the Party of God.
  23. You do realize that this perfectly describes not just drumphs cabinet and advisors but his voters as well. I'm sure you do, just thought I'd point it out
  24. No. It's the usual terrorist bull crap. Any excuse to threaten Atheists with Hell Fire, will serve. They make these stupid threats, because they can. In turn, the threats will continue to fail, because they are stupid. As usual, you are seizing every possible opportunity to be irritating. Christian Love at it's finest.
  25. I'm pretty sure the threatening sermons will stop now.. There was just some anxiety caused by the COVID19 pandemic, but Trump has taken some of the stress off the back of churches by including them in the Cares Act relief package. I guess the separation of church and state was suspended due to the economic hardships that religious organizations are having? Can't pass the collection plate around when the government won't let crowds gather together. Nothing to fear now, your tax dollars are hard at work The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the CARES Act), signed into law by President Donald Trump on March 27, 2020, provides $2.2 trillion of emergency appropriations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Religious Institutions and the CARES Act: A Closer Look Certain provisions are applicable to religious institutions - Loans for Religious Institutions - Assistance for Mid-Size Religious Institutions - Disaster Assistance Loans for Religious Institutions of Any Size - Unemployment Reimbursements
  26. Consider Heaven. All of eternity with God. The supreme egotist. Jealous, petty, vain, spiteful, vengeful, mean, cruel, vicious, insecure -- in constant need of praise, adoration, worship and having his ego stroked. Worse, knowing every thought you have, before you're aware of it. It goes on and on and on forever. Praise, adoration and worship. You better mean it. The All Knowing will know if your faking. Next to Heaven, how bad can Hell be?
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