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  2. Treating every one equally implies a love for others to me. Treating them differently or discriminating because of faith puts faith higher than love.
  3. Yes, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment". God comes first. "Of faith hope and love the greatest is love" (1 Corinthians 13:13). This is in reference to God, not a love for sin. Free medical help for everyone exemplifies love for others. Nothing wrong with associating with sinners, we are all sinners, "I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (Luke 5:32). Jesus was our example, which is why you don't include those who would outwardly deny him to engage in his work (wolves in sheep's clothing). You don't invite Caesar to work in the Temple, you call disciples who believe to do the work. Graham would eat with sinners, but not use Atheist to spread the gospel. That's correct, "He" is the ultimate objective in all that we do in his name. The Samaritan's Purse is a missionary pursuit to do just that (being a Good Samaritan). Refusing to sign a statement of faith is a form of denying him. It would also reflect poorly on a Christian hospital if those working there were non-christian, that's a "Statement of Confliction".
  4. St Roche was a saint that suffered disease himself ,while here on earth .Therefore, he is a patron of the sick...
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  6. Very true. Even most Evangelicals today would probably contradict Him, sadly.
  7. "What you do for the least, you do also for me." Thus, He is the objective. Not using all possible resources to assist in the objective is a form of denying Him, then. That along with the Samaritan parable demonstrates the hypocrisy of certain "Christians". It is also why there are many factions. Interpretation and faith, which interfere in the relation of doing works to save lives. Focus, initiative, and full use of knowledge and skill are better options to achieve intended goals when it comes to medicine, as we've seen through the ages time and time again.
  8. Is that really an issue? Placing nothing above God? Taking the Gospels at face value -- Jesus was criticized for associating with "sinners". Even dinning with them. You did say that Jesus was the example for Humanity. If Franklin Graham had been there -- he would have been one of the harshest of those critics. He would have lead the critics.
  9. Wasn't there something in there saying of faith hope and love the greatest is love? Guess you pick a different order
  10. Many, or at least some Christians, place nothing above God.. So in that sense, yes its discriminatory because God gets priority. Graham doesn't differentiate between the mission and God. Its purpose was in His name, which supersedes the objective. That's considered faith, not hypocrisy. The greatest commandment comes before the second greatest commandment (Matthew 22:36-40).
  11. Yes. Nothing changes us quite like breath work. The first thing we do after being born is breath. The last thing we do when we die is breath. We add the movement. Muscles and joints open and close with the breath. The internal energy circulates. Blockage releases. All in accordance with nature.
  12. In large measure, this depends on what we are looking for. In my own case, I started with a search for physical healing. When I got deeper into it, Reiki was about my understanding of reality. Like you, I have developed along different lines. Currently, I'm working more with Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Small bites, please.
  13. July 6, 2020 First off, I will admit I knew little about the fighting style of the Shaolin Monks prior to this assignment. I viewed “The Top Most Shocking Insane Shaolin Martial Monk Skills: Jaw-Dropping Skills” on YouTube to complete this assignment because the link attached to the lesson is now defunct. I discovered that within the practice of Shaolin Monk Kung Fu, there are 72 available skills to master; 36 available weapons to handle; and 2 animal movements to use. The video featured 10 of the 72 skills. The first of the 10 shown was The Inverse Handstand on One Index Finger; they train their fingers by finger-punching on trees. The second of the 10 was The Shattering of Glass with a Needle. The third of the 10 was The Impenetrable Skull which they develop by repeatedly hitting their skulls with a variety of hard objects until their skulls are unable to be even penetrated by drills. The fourth is The Squatting on Two Pillars Supported by Poles. A stake is placed beneath the genitals and the duration for this technique lasts for two hours. The fifth is known as Drunken Lila Skill; the monks feint drunkenness and hold onto their opponents and injury them. The sixth—Pricked by Multiple Spears. The seventh of the 10 is The Making of the Abdominal Muscles into a Suction Cup Able to Hold a Bowl. The eight—Lifting an Entire Table with Its Contents Solely with the Teeth. The ninth of the 10 is Smashing Stacked Boulders Merely with the Palm of One’s Hand. And lastly, The Smashing of Boulders Against the Head. What I believed to be humanly possible and impossible prior to this video did not change much because I know fire-eaters, contortionists, Black Belts, et cetera. What did change after watching and studying this video is what I believed to be humanly possible and impossible for me because I decided to safely attempt a few of these; video myself; post them to my Facebook page; and attempt to teach my supportive friends what I feel I learned from the Shaolin Monk Kung Fu YouTube video. I learned that when I told myself I could pick up a plate with my teeth on the first try and succeed that I did so. I learned that when I told myself I could figure out my own version of the Drunken Lila that I did. I learned that I could sit and stand up with a bowl atop my head when I told myself I was capable of doing such. I learned how much I have been holding myself back. I learned that The Law of Attraction is authentically powerful. Thank you for your time. Be well. ---Priestess Autumn Penn
  14. Yes, sir. I started with Wicca; but, then have been branching out into other traditions. What is Reiki like?
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  16. strange.if your a registered member,and i think you are,then you should be able to post your final essay. go to the seminary site,and post your final essay in the chaplain'll have to let the book store know you have finished your course,and they can direct you to the other site to post final essays.i don't remember what it is.
  17. Where is your treasure? In this world or the next?


  18. Put that in the context of a temporary, and voluntary field hospital. If it was meant to truly save lives and was looking for people with a similar goal to do the same, then, yes, your statement is contradictory, in my view, when it places religion above their intended goal. Also, it's most Americans for now. Think about why that is. Then know it is becoming less as certain groups are becoming more associated as hypocrites, sorry to say.
  19. I know it works, but it won't let me register. It says the administrator is not taking any new members. Strange. I am not sure where I am supposed to submit the final essay. I don't have a link. Thanks for your reply.
  20. I've posted that same definition before, so its nothing new. Most Americans do support that inscription. And I believe any exclusive group should be allowed to choose people who are compatible and aligned with their groups interest.. Its not prejudicial because I'd also support a Gay club or Atheist organization who refused to accept Christian members or volunteers. When we are denied the comradery and familiarity of freely associating with like-minded people, its the majority discriminating against individuality. I don't think my opinion has waivered on that? Right or wrong, I may be the most consistent person here!
  21. You have stated previously that in god we trust supports the majority view so should be accepted by atheists. Also, you recently said christians should be allowed to discriminate despite the majority view. Yes you. Contradicting a previous statement of belief. Because you lack consistency and integrity .
  22. because the last i knew,amy was on sabbatical from the site,and there is no one else answering as an admin. go ahead and post to the proper site at the seminary,and contact the book store.they should be able to get your certificate to you. by the way,i tried your link and it worked.
  23. The dictionary isn't a point of view, it factually defines words. Atheist, noun meaning "a person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods". Your essentially implying that in time, the definition will change and 'Atheist' will not mean, "a person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods"? Nonsense... But just for fun, what do you think 'atheist' will mean 100 years from now? I do not argue with the dictionary. The only time I generally argue the meaning of a word is in relation to the correct translation of a word, i.e; Hebrew to English or Greek to English. Example; "If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple" (Luke 14:26 NKJV). "Hate" is a bad translation, the Greek is 'miseo', better translated as 'love less' in English. How in the world am I arguing that the meaning of 'Atheist' is anything other than what Websters describes it as meaning? If you choose to spin it to mean something different than the dictionary definition, then its not me who's applying a double standard! And give a direct example of how I contradict my stated belief? Just more nonsense, because its never happened.
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