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  3. Ive a 1/2 dozen or so thug detectives on my block,who have repeatedly been regularly breaking in my house and tossing it like its a jailcell.Probably with a automatic lockpick gun/tool,no forceable entry.They ve repeatedly stolen my personal effects,especially my religious medals and its over 10,000. worth the goods over the past 15 yrs now.Ive called the police...In my heart vof hearts I believe it is the police. I had a uncle in town ,dead now,that wanted me to take up management of one of their unlicensed road houses,so In looked a little deeper and saw a half dozen and more on the block.They use places like that to hang out in acting like barflies,Im handicapped and old,also dont need the extra hassles,while they would like free labor for such a scenario,besides a fallguy to steal my humble homestead out from underneath me,to turn into another county rental property,I was told they had about 90 000 rental places here in this county of 90 000 population,including the 3 lots to my west property line ,on my 1 acre site... The undercover detective that ran the Shelby Christian Rehab Center,that went belly up next door to my easter property line was a guy named Britt,with Universal life church credentials. Then they btried putting in a unlicensed roadhouse with the exccuse of needing extra funds to run the place on,while it was a undercover op...Me,Ive worked a yr and a half back in the 70s,in the detroit area,before getting a job with thev Michigan State civil service/mental health dept as a Psych attendant/nurse 03 with a 83% on the state exam. I worked my way thru community college in a " Mental Health/Social Work" paraprofessional major.My mother did 10 yrs at the Pontiac Police Dept,my dad had a military police occupational specialty during WW2/He also did a couple yrs in civilian life as a uniformed guard with Burns security,which was bought out by Servitas/ now,the drug cops are going overboard and thieving on a conti9nued rutine on my humble singlewide,especially being pill thieves on my OTC health bfood store supplement,and clothes,religious paraphenalia,etc...If anyonr in the chuch has connections,you can pass this on to the feds as I feel is a hate crime ,with my being handicapped and old,at 67 yrs old...
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  5. Greetings Revirma, You should contact Rev. Andre Hensley at HQ for the best response. He can be contacted at "". Also, out of my own curiosity, could you explain your religion? , Yosef
  6. Hello. I have been an ordained ULC minister since 2010 and I have recently created my own religion and was wondering, does the ULC Church issue credentials for a ULC minister's religion if they have their own religious doctrines, beliefs, tenets and so on?
  7. They have Religious Accreditation not Academic Accreditation. Big difference between the two types, and Accrediting bodies behind both. Ive asked this question when I first started researching the topic. Unless otherwise noted all Courses have obtained Religious Accreditation.
  8. Welcome. Feel at home. Visit often. Enjoy. Jonathan
  9. Greetings, I was previously ordained by ULC but revoked my ordination so I could enter a seminary. During the last month of my 1-year seminary training, I began to reflect. The training I received allowed me to develop spiritually, but it also made me realize that the seminary is not for me. Now I am in a state of wandering but I am not disturbed by it. ULC is the most welcoming community I have ever found and I just send in my re-ordination request today. I'm happy to be back in a place I consider my virtual-church. See yawl on the forum. , Yosef
  10. an eastern folklore,was the jinie was like a rafael translates to mean,god heals and is the healing archangel /patron saint...
  11. Hey Dan what time is it? Oh... you observed the time...darn...
  12. Welcome back. Of course the board is "insecure". It wouldn't be much of a forum if people can't read it. 🙂 If someone posts -- they've active. People wander in, they wander off. Feel welcome.
  13. Hey Pete!   I guess this forum is still alive. (I think it could use a transfusion !) I was just casting about for an alternative to Face Book (I am a bit weary of all the politics there, and especially weary of the lack of civility).


    1. Pete


      Hi Sam, I understand. I am lucky with the forum on because I am a moderator and the admin don't stand nonsense. I have always been a political animal.. However I have left some forums because of some of the posters. Others I just said I don't agree and walked away from them. There is no point with arguing with stubborn political views. I don't know if twitter is any better. Have you been there?

  14. Does anyone mind if I go off-topic for a moment? I have just logged-on after an absence of several years, and am wondering who is maintaining the forum site. In order to log-on I had to enter both my user name and password, and at each of these steps I was warned that the site was insecure, and that anyone could see what I was entering. Is anyone else troubled by this? Is there a way to see who is still active ? Thanks for any and all replies to my inquiry.
  15. Your belief is your belief, no one can invalidate that. I'm not Catholic or a witch, but its fine with me if it works for you and its your choice to mesh the two. My only point was that the 2 are contrary to each other, and I think if your consult a Catholic Priest, he would confirm it. Better yet, point me to a verse in the bible that condones witchcraft? "There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee" (Deuteronomy 18: 10-12). This is why I doubt you'll find a Priest who will baptize a witch.. But good luck.
  16. This is an incredibly close-minded statement on a forum that does not assign itself to a religion and promotes diversity. I'll have you know that many of my Hispanic Catholic ancestors implemented their indigenous religion into Catholicism and many of the women in my family line are "White Witches". We are talking about a religion were God flooded the world to mountain peaks and where Yeshua raised from the dead. Just go off to reddit instead of calling people's beliefs invalid.
  17. I have discovered that there is no such thing as a perfect label for me. A label that answers all questions about me, at all times, under all circumstances. It comes down to context and what question is being asked. I'm a human being. I'm an American. I'm a man. I'm a senior. I'm an arthritic I'm a mammal. These and many more labels apply. In like manner, I have an ethnic and tribal identity. I'm Jewish. Because in a world suffused with antisemitism, how others see me still matters. In like manner, I have my religious labels. I'm an Atheist, because I lack piety and I don't believe. Because I need a reason to believe but I don't need a reason to not believe. Because I actually read the Bible -- both the Hebrew and Greek sections. I'm an Agnostic, because we have no objective verifiable facts about God. Nothing at all. It is silly to argue in a compete absence of facts. Because I would rather talk about what I know instead about what I believe. Because I don't actually know if God exists, I'm not going to find out and I don't worry about it. I'm an Apatheist, because of all the silly pointless things to argue about, God's existence heads the list. A God that cannot be demonstrated to exist is meaningless. Even if that God does exist -- so what? Leave the possibility open? It doesn't matter. In my view, there is no supernatural. If something exists, it is part of the natural order. I despise metaphysics. I have always found prune juice to be a strong enough physic. (That was a joke.) That's enough for now.
  18. It takes no energy to be an atheist whereas it takes a LOT of energy to not be an atheist. One has to decide if there's a god, which god to worship and appease, how much worship is necessary to keep the angry god satisfied. An insecure, needy, prone to violent rage and killing god takes a lot of energy to soothe and keep soothed. Yet people choose to devote so much of their time and life basically paying attention to something that is nonexistent and a subject of delusional episodes and can only, really only be approached through a rock solid state of cognitive dissonance. Yeah, way less work in fact, to be an atheist. An apatheist is for someone who still feels like they want to leave the door open and are just to....well, apathetic to just slam the door shut and move on with their life.
  19. It sounds like you're just spamming the site
  20. Yeah Dan is the authority on what is and isn't allowed
  21. "I'm a Christian witch".... No such thing? You can be one or the other, but not both... Its not likely that you'll find a Christian who will baptize a self-professed witch.
  22. Hi I hope y'all are well. I'm looking for someone to baptize me in full immersion. I'm an ordained minister, feminist and healthcare student. I'm a Christian witch.
  23. StDymphnaand 4 way saint cross that has st christopher,st mary ,st joseph with child Jesus,andSacred heart Jesus/miraculous medal on other side...saint Nicholas is good as a protector type saint,patron to children ,pawnbrokers,sailors,alsoknown as santa claus...saint gabriel the messenger/announcing angel card is also patron to ministers delivering the word/
  24. correction, is where to look for inexpensive saints medals,they are down in Talahassee,FL in the states capitol,northern FL/ How about the charactor Benny,in one of the Mummy movies,where he had a few dozen on a chain ,to ward off evil.Well,american indians had medicine bags,like red ones,that can handle more than a few.You could get your own,maybe the church website shoud gey some strong polyester material and offer different size bags,like with mason line polyester twine ,instead of a chain for around the neck :maybe 36 inch lengths and melt it over the nott to seal the knott/ this is good for any religious medals and cross...
  25. The vision was real.  1/10/2015.  I am a priest now.

    1. justward


      Sorry, year off.  Seems wrong but I looked at pictures, 1/10/2016.  Mary came to my bedside at a flop-house and we talked for an hour while I wept.  We talked about my whole life.  She referred to me always as, "My Personal Priest", I asked why and she replied, "To dry my tears for eternity."  Long story, several miracles, white stone with a natural etching I recognized, lots of amazing things.  I had to go into hiding because I know the antichrist.  She is back now and wants to speak to the world through me.  Come to and listen <3

    2. justward


      She appeared to me from a pin-** in the wall to full height of about 4'11" beside my bed.  She told me at the end to grab my bag and coat and walk out the door, I just left her there and did not see how she departed.  I then walked 27 miles in the dark from 7pm to 7am following a star that was the Holy Ghost speaking to me.  I ended up at my then favorite hospital who found me a place to live.


  26. I made the foolish mistake of posting something from a "messianic rabbi". It was one of my dumber moves. I thought it might lead to interesting conversation. Imagine my disappointment. I posted some stuff from Jews for Judaism. Another mistake. In loose terms I suppose the subject is the old -- "what is a Jew?" It could be interesting. This has proven to be a bad place for it. It's good to see you again. I have missed your presence on the board. Good Shabbos.
  27. I see that you are still averse to making distinctions. There are many things in life that are worthy of great passion. God is not one of them. Apatheism is for people who are tired of silly and useless arguments about God's existence. A God that cannot be demonstrated to exist is not worth arguing about. Even if that God actually exists. No more arguing about faith or belief. No more arguing about knowledge. It doesn't matter. This is NOT "void of substance". It is an awakening. 😃
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