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    Thank you, well, I just received a email today from ULC that I had been ordained in 19/02/2018 (sorry for wrong data), and I'm little bit confused and worried because I don't know if this ordination is really legit, what's more, I live in country where people actually don't think and don't do that kind of stuff, because majority is catholicism. So my questions are, does my ordination is really legit?, if so, what can I do as a minister?, can I baptize, make sermons, celebrate eucharist, make funerals and wedding?, does my ordination is legit in Polish government's eyes, because ULC seem to be worldwide, international.
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  4. Agnostics, Atheists, Brights, Free Thinkers

    As a matter of history, "Free Thought" has been an umbrella term for Agnostics and Atheists. I'm not trying to be the label police. I do think you're making confusion. Words do change their meaning over time. If you think this really expresses what you are about, then by all means. If your goal is to be understood, with a minimum of confusion -- I think this is a mistake. Just my opinion. Feel free to ignore it.
  5. I consider myself a freethinking Christian.
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  7. Greetings

    Ask away Greg. The answers you get may express a variety of opinions though.
  8. Hi, I'm Grzegorz, you can call me Greg, I'm from Poland, I was ordained 20/02/2018, it's my pleasure to be among you, I have so many questions to ask, may I?
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  10. Agnostics, Atheists, Brights, Free Thinkers

    Remember the wisdom of Groucho Marx. "I would never join a country club, that would have me as a member."
  11. Eh, could be worse. Could be trying to join some Fundamental Anarchist group, but you never know when and where the meetings are.
  12. Quiz-one topic

    It is. The proof is in all the people who have chosen to sacrifice themselves in this and other ways. If we do not recognise that it is a choice, we rob heroes of the recognition they deserve. After all, if self-sacrifice is not a true choice, there can be no glory in choosing to sacrifice yourself for a worthy cause. If there is no possibility of makong a bad choice, no choice can be good. If there is no possibility of negative consequences for our choices, our choices don't really matter.
  13. Quiz-one topic

    More than one definition of the term exists, just as more than one dictionary exists. I consider that particular definition to be faulty. Actions exist as the interaction of our will and our environment. To define free will the way you propose ignores that interactive nature of existance. Intention and outcome are different, right? Your mind can be free when your body is not. Your body can only be free if your mind is. I consider these to be important truths. Free will is a refutation of the concept of fate, not an assumption that we are all-powerful.
  14. Quiz-one topic

    It goes with my Agnostic outlook. Often, "I don't Know" is the best answer.
  15. Quiz-one topic

    Nor will they ever be.
  16. Quiz-one topic

    I am okay with all of that thanks. It just seemed for awhile in this thread that there were absolutes eluding me. I am okay with not having an answer for every question. Thanks for taking the time to respond. von
  17. Quiz-one topic

    Usually, questions about Free Will are based on imponderable metaphysics. "Do I have free will? Or do I only have the illusion, of free will? Not everything is definable. Some things resist definition. For instance, "life". We can define the characteristics of life. Living things have reproduction, movement, digestion, elimination, etc. We can't actually define "life." We can still make a distinction between things that are alive, things that are dead, and things like rocks, that are neither living nor dead. I think this is what we are up against, when we talk about free will, we are up against similar problems. Your question number one, is the kind of thing that a philosopher would ask. Questions like -- "If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?". It's the kind of thing that we can argue about forever and never answer. Since I don't even understand the distinctions you are making; I really don't want to answer. Question number two. Born with free will? What free will are we born with? What free will does a baby have? It can't even decide if it's going to wet itself. This is not free will. Really, we must watch out for those invisible assumptions. We make lots of silly assumptions about free will. Assumptions like "God given" free will. No. I don't think it's valid to speak of being born with free will. Question number three. Not choosing is a choice. At least, as a general principle. I'm sure that there are exceptions that I can't think of.
  18. Quiz-one topic

    Okay...simply put... two questions 1. Is free will a state of mind or a physical option or other 2). If we are born with free will in a nutshell when is our situation “not” free will I lied)....sorry ... there is a third question.......if it boils down to choices-what happens when you can’t find one? von
  19. Quiz-one topic

    We are making this overly complicated. We have free will. There are stronger forces that counter free will. Free will can be overcome.
  20. Quiz-one topic

    A traffic ticket can be survived. Resisting slavery can mean slow death by torture. Not all consequences are equal. Or endurable.
  21. Quiz-one topic

    Slavery is not a choice. Unless we think that being beaten to death is an optional alternative. I despise hat kind of ideological purity. It's easy enough to have absolute standards, in the abstract. Not so easy, when the decision must be made by an actual enslaved person.
  22. Quiz-one topic

    Nearly every word in use in the English language is found in the dictionary. That has not stopped discussions of the meanings of those words here on the forum.
  23. Quiz-one topic

    Ah! The example helped me to understand the point. Thank you. von
  24. Quiz-one topic

    From your own example, it is difficult to exercise free will to be in your home when you are tied to a bed in a concentration camp. My free will is always subject to someone else's free will. But we have the free will to make the decisions that we are able to decide. If one was to have a gun to his head and was told to give up their money or die, one still has the free will to exercise any option available to them. Fight, give the money up or take a bullet to the head or any other choice that may present itself. Choices. We all have choices. The choices are made freely.
  25. Quiz-one topic

    By the dictionary, if you are forced, it isn't free will. Not that you NEVER had free will, but that particular choice is not based on free will. It helps to understand that concept, I think, that free will is not a permanent state, nor guaranteed. We may be born with free will, though many were born as slaves and brought up a specific way with specific education so as not to understand that concept as fully as possible. We may be born with free will, but that does not mean we will keep it. On the same note, a person who is born a slave(without free will), could gain that free will at a later date through circumstance. It seems like a lot of people might be putting undue emphasis on the divinity of free will perhaps? I don't think it's divine, I think it's a natural condition that can change like other natural conditions.
  26. Quiz-one topic

    This is my question too. I do not yet have an anwser. If I am forced to live did I I’d do I have free will choice? von
  27. Quiz-one topic

    Quite true. And I hope I wasn't appearing as though that was what I was trying to demonstrate. On an baffles me, that I have to debate changing definitions on something as simple as free will. It's in the dictionary. Why try to make out like slavery is a choice? I just don't grasp it...
  28. Quiz-one topic

    So free will is mental not physical? We can think freely but not act freely? von
  29. Quiz-one topic

    Demonstrating that free will can be defeated, by an outside force, is not the same as demonstrating that free will does not exist.
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