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  2. Fascinating to see a few atheist trying to determine who the ant-Christ is!! An oxymoron for certain.
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  4. I live in New York City. I couldn't resist this one. 😎
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  6. St Dymphna,patron of Mental health is also a good intercessor for being nervous as in anxiety,stressed out,burned out,depressed?try 3 oz of walnuts to raise Serotonin levels/one of a half doz main neurotransmitters your brain runs on.... in 24 hrs time,2 or more days in a row,it brings levels back up/also for loss of loved ones ,break ups,stressed out,and try to take a one a day type multi vitamin/ without the iron/if you figure you need the iron,try the B12 sublingual as a substitute instead,it builds the blood,like from mail order houses like,Swanson .com , ...The iron fosters bad bacteria in stomach that is more friendly to cancer,thats a bad thing/
  7. There are religious medals one can buy of the holy family,as in the above picture,a 3 for the price of 1 .Joseph is a patron of workers having trouble at work,as well as those looking for a job;Mary is seen in many medals of our lady of succor,our lady of charity,our lady of wise council,a universal mother type,the above patron saint to North and South America continents as well as lots of countries and surrounding territories;Our Lady of Guadalupe ,where she manifested as a Spirit in Mexico...Our Lady of Fatima...Portugal;Our Lady of Lourde;France Our Lady of MT Carmel.The Miraculous Medal of Mary...Jesus is made into a Medal as a child as The Infant of Prague,a medal for health;healing,good health ,so the infant in the Holy Family Medal I see as being along the same line...
  8. Islam at 4.2 % of the population but the fastest growing perspective is "No Religion" in the UK. That now stands at the latest survey at 53% of the population in the UK.
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