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  1. Just as you say you could post half dozen videos, it may be quite possible to find hundreds more vice versa.
  2. Yes. And think of the people who were killed for 'acts of heresy" while following the original culture's intent and holiday.
  3. Yes, but using correct math for a flaw in reality is really a joke, too. Flaws can't accept it...because it is flawed.
  4. Another broad stroke of your brush of judgement, Prove to me they all embrace Marxism. You can't. You might point to some former members as saying BLM had roots in it, but there is nothing to show they were. Even a former founder said they were "like", which certainly isn't solid proof, either. Not all use violent tactics, but if that isn't off the table from the opposition, why should it be for them, too?
  5. They are people of similar interest but are not singularly organized. Prove to me they are well financed. They are mostly grassroots and impromptu to gather wherever neo-nazis and fascist rally. Violence is often initiated by the other side. Prove to me they have an agenda outside of countering fascism and racist.
  6. Not really. Interpretation is key. Not literally. (I did get it. But I guess mine missed?)
  7. What now? Are you that dense? Antifa is a movement, not a clear order or group like the KKK. Can't designate a movement as a terrorist group if there isn't one. White supremacy is a movement, but the KKK is a clear cut group that follows that ideology. There are many chapters throughout the U.S. still. Now question why the KKK, Proud Boys, or even the Aryan Nations are not formally designated a terrorist group by Trump or even the Republicans in general? Because these are the "brown shirts" they are relying on to keep them in power through threat and violence. It has also b
  8. Ah, but that may not be the only question with the same outcome. 32 + 10?
  9. And just as Jonathan says about there being "thousands of different varieties of Christian' and "nobody speaks for all of them", remember, too, that some voices are ever louder than others, but that does not make them right, nor the softer voices being wrong.
  10. Well. Dan, this answer only demonstrates that God intervenes regardless of so called free will. "Odds are", also means chance to do opposite. Children were then needlessly slaughtered. Also, would you listen to someone on the street that you think may be a crackpot, or the unquestionable voice of God? That may have been the difference with Noah. Thus, it also seems likely that the Canaanites heard the message the same way, by men, not God.
  11. Welcome to the family. Yes, we truly are a family. We laugh, share, support and bicker with each other all the time. But always, we enjoy the freedom of our experiences and fellowship along our journey to learn whatever it is that we wish to understand about our belief systems and each other. Again, welcome and blessings to you.
  12. Your use of Lincoln does not support your argument. The address was handwritten on his way to the location the speech would be delivered. That draft was saved. Handwriting analysis could, and has, confirm he wrote it. As for the other historical figures, we'll never know, maybe.
  13. What do you suppose it could be? The one premise is that we may not have true free will if all outcomes are already known. If that were true, then it might possibly be argued that time travel might likewise be unchanged, as all things led up to the possibility of said time travel. There are many other theories, of course. What are your thoughts?
  14. That's a very Gnostic leaning interpretation there. Nice. Peace and blessings.