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  1. Welcome to the family. Yes, we truly are a family. We laugh, share, support and bicker with each other all the time. But always, we enjoy the freedom of our experiences and fellowship along our journey to learn whatever it is that we wish to understand about our belief systems and each other. Again, welcome and blessings to you.
  2. Your use of Lincoln does not support your argument. The address was handwritten on his way to the location the speech would be delivered. That draft was saved. Handwriting analysis could, and has, confirm he wrote it. As for the other historical figures, we'll never know, maybe.
  3. What do you suppose it could be? The one premise is that we may not have true free will if all outcomes are already known. If that were true, then it might possibly be argued that time travel might likewise be unchanged, as all things led up to the possibility of said time travel. There are many other theories, of course. What are your thoughts?
  4. That's a very Gnostic leaning interpretation there. Nice. Peace and blessings.
  5. Just so. Religion gave rise to science and reason, ironically. Then when it inspired people to deduce things logically, as science requires, they tried to suppress it as heresy. Why? Because it reduced their influence and power. It is one thing to honor and worship a deity. Quite another to control the masses. You'd think an all powerful deity wouldn't need subordinate handlers to do that. Especially, as He, supposedly, promotes the ability of free will. Right?
  6. You can only assume. Some, like in other religions, may be in name only. And they may be compelled toward change after what we've been through with this administration.
  7. Especially true of those who simply will not accept the possibility of being wrong. Or won't accept defeat in a heated debate where all facts are presented. No one likes to be the weaker person, but strength is greater in the one who can accept failure and learn from it to succeed later.
  8. You do understand that this is a contradiction. To stay in character and principle, "unchanging", there can be no change of heart, for that changes principles, and thus character. Further, to make such changes, He would not be the same as He was from the beginning.
  9. Of course, we will differ in opinion. Abraham set to sacrifice his son was known by God, but not Abraham. That is why He stopped Him. He was indicating to Abraham to be safe in the knowledge from that point, (now), God knew of his devotion. So, it referred to Abraham's knowledge, not God's. So must all other circumstances be similarly be defined. For God to have said that He was the same in the beginning as He is in the present, and will be in the future would be a lie if He didn't have knowledge of everything and had to learn of decisions as they were made. If He only knew the possible outcomes, He would have to change according to each, thus could not be the "same" at all times.
  10. Actually, he does. We don't. Part of the definition of being an "all knowing" God, means just that.
  11. To be fair, Jonathan, the thread topic is on free will. We brought in the time tangent as an influence aspect of free will. Dan's last response did correlate the two.
  12. But if there is no future, you would shoot only into a void, or cease to exist, yourself. That hardly seems fun.
  13. I can't say things for certainty, either. I can question everything, and never know the answers. But it's the questions that make things interesting enough to seek the answers. Otherwise, we would truly never get anywhere with anything. Why should we look at the past, present, and future as a string between two trees? A beginning, middle, and end. Why not, as I posed in my last response, all of them existing at once with a "veil" to obscure any interaction or catastrophic doom? Would kind of explain 'ghosts" that interact with us now. Occasionally, the "veil" is thin enough to communicate through.
  14. As for the "time machine" proposal, once you use it, there can be no return to your starting point. You altered the path by going back. And the past. as you knew it could change, as well, as you added an element that was previously But that's going off in a different subject. Free will is only an illusion to those who don't believe we can make choices, or that a predetermined destiny awaits. Which does take much of the fun out of living and enjoying the experience it gives. Could it not be possible that all "universes" align together at the same moment, but only those associated to the choices we make reveal themselves at the moment of the decision? Possibly taking turns with our perception while we play eenie meenie mynee moe?
  15. It could still apply. Patience would not take notice of a lot of time, yet impatience would. In essence, there already is no time, yet human emotion can not equate life without it. Now, if you apply it in terms of growth, what you say is very true.