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  1. As with all things written by men, some definitions may be subjective per the author, I think. As may be the case of this offering you present.
  2. Of course, someone with an extremely conservative view would make such an assumption to ask this question? Shame on you. I imagine that depends on the "tap" being given, wouldn't you? Remember the "taking care in disciplining"? There is care, then there is abuse. The line is where the amount of force lies. No?
  3. Further query, what if any deity that could be proven to exist, doesn't care to be proven to exist? Or even, would rather not be proven to exist?
  4. Welcome. While I am American, born and bred, at times I have wished to be another English speaking nationality. (British, Australian, get the picture.) Just so I'd be able to call another brother "mate" without being judged as gay by some bigoted homophobic American Republican. Sorry, had to vent.
  5. Here is where I actually have a problem with this: it doesn't fit the offense. Let's place this under a different perspective. Your child is called names by another child at school, so your solution is to unleash an attack dog on all the kids at school to prevent it from ever happening again. The dog mauls many children, even those who did not commit any offense, but the dog doesn't know, nor really cares as it is doing its master's bidding. Plus, we already have a tale of God personally smiting those who opposed Moses. As He can and has done this, why the need for other critters to punish for Him, and indiscriminately?
  6. Hate to have to interject here, Dan, but in my opinion, the use of a rod and the use of a bear are not the same. Note the quote says, " careful to discipline them." This presumes a method of control of force so as to not overdo measure of punishment to befitting offense. Bears do not rationalize punishment, do they? They wouldn't even understand the offense, I'm sure. God moves them to attack, they attack, but have no idea as to why, nor how to modify their destructive behavior.
  7. An argument on this had been shared on a thread somewhere on this forum before that the Christian God can not be held accountable according to the same standards as humans, as He is not human. Whereas, a counter argument could be said that standards for humans differ from animals, therefore there can be no animal abuse as it is basically the same as the statement above. It is an endless debate.
  8. I quite like what she had to say. It should aptly apply to pretty much everything, not just religion, like she briefly mentions on conservation. Well articulated.
  9. Unfortunate for us. Wish you well.
  10. Have to admit, this kinda confused me, too. The given suggestions could still work with an eleven year old. If for a vet, it is up to what they have patience for. Farms often encourage youngsters to learning care for animals to broaden enthusiasm to become future farmers. Therapy animal programs can cater in some form to ability and needs of a volunteer, as well. The in-depth line seems to change the needs from her to you. Are you implying you wish to share the experience with her, or that you'd like some side benefit, or what?
  11. Again, not knowing what her exact limits might be, helping to train or foster therapy animals might also be something to look into, though personally caring for another living thing in the household does come with added expenses. But, handlers do seem to achieve a sense of worth and satisfaction through it all.