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  1. Some form of religion is always inevitable. The human need to want more than what they can conceive or to fathom what they can not imagine to experience, compels mythology or unifying belief to cope. It is of comfort to believe that this life, is not all there is to exist. That existence does continue in some form.
  2. I still occasionally visit. Just get tired of the same old arguments springing up in virtually every thread. But do miss interacting with a couple people here.
  3. While there are genuine health benefits for walking, physical and mental, I find the older I get, the less enhancing it is to my feet and knees. (Even with Dr. Scholl inserts.)
  4. Dan, when you seriously contemplate it, you are saying your morals' foundation is actually based outside of yourself. You base it on Scripture written by other people that gave basis to an organized religion. Basically, from what someone else told you. No different than how you think atheist find their morals. it seems.
  5. That is a glaring contradiction, Dan. If there are morals, there is a foundation. But, again, since you are not anything other than Christian, you simply can not understand their beliefs, or lack, that govern them.
  6. You're kidding, right? Knowledge of right and wrong, AKA morals, is not exclusive to what one's belief system is based on. Atheist, that I know of, reject Christ only as a deity. They see value in his teachings, but see no proof of his divinity. Jesus did not set out to start a religion. So while His teachings continue, the religion He did not establish may die, even as the religion He did believe in while alive continues, (Judaism).
  7. I happened to be rereading this thread, then a thought occurred to me. You are not an atheist, Dan. You can not know what their values and morals are based on. Nor can you truly state with any fact that those can fluctuate on a whim. Then, as a bonus, you believe you have a solid foundation for those because "truth eludes nonbelievers"? Christians do not have the market of truth cornered, I must tell you. As for the rest, they weren't looking for answers from a fictional Star Trek episode. They were discussing the points of the person who sought to do so in the video by using his own bias. Btw, thanks to the new Republicans with Trump and evangelist supporters, folks are leaving Christian churches in droves. So, at least as organizational congregations, it is indeed showing sign of dying out.
  8. I have never had an issue to date with neither the online store, nor Brother Kevin. As for the Ohio part, every state may have their requirements for license or practice. Many have advised here with similar inquiries to check with county clerks on relevant rules for license. It could be something as simple as a letter of good standing with the church. Have you tried googling for the state's requirements?
  9. Modesto has always seemed short staffed to me. But Brother Kevin has also always done an admirable job on trying to keep up on orders and inquiries. Which leads me to the same question as Jonathan. Where did you place the order?
  10. Thought I'd revisit this. According to you, in another recent thread, forgiveness alone does not reverse or erase an offense.
  11. Sorry to contribute so late to the discussion. I happened to start thinking, what if those who are enlightened are in such state that they aren't aware to share, and that they are so involved within themselves. I'm not sure if that makes it clearer, as I'm not at present able to make it so. But I hope you got the gist of it.
  12. Thank you for this. Never heard of it, though I was never in BSA long enough for it to be meaningful at the time. Wondering if the select group was initiated by Native American members, or appropriated as an attempt to set apart yet another group within the organization?
  13. Not all wizards wear beards. Check out Harry Potter. 😉 I liked your contribution to the thread, however. Welcome, and please continue to ramble when feel the need to share something we need to learn, or you feel strongly about.
  14. Sorry I haven't welcomed you sooner. Hope you find it worth your while. Peace and blessings.