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  1. Scary stuff. I wish you a speedy recovery to good health.
  2. In mind, and prayers.
  3. Key

    Blogs & Podcasts

    You may want to browse through old threads here, as a few members have left links to their blogs. Couldn't say how many are still active, nor how long it may take you to find them, though. Sorry. Wish I could be more helpful.
  4. There was a book published with the translation of it about, at least, a year after it was found. The finding of missing fragments for the Book of Mary happened before that, so it got hidden in the news for awhile. Wish I had gotten it now. There was also a National Geographic collector's edition with all the Gnostic Gospels, which also covered a bit of the Book of Judas. (Again, wish I bought it.)
  5. Key

    saw a sign

    Maybe not, but dirty deeds apparently are. 😉
  6. Yes, I have been reading your contributions, as well. Well written pieces.
  7. Actually, they did, supposedly, recently find a "Book of Judas". Naturally, it is very old, tattered, and incomplete.
  8. Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been interested in reading the Nag Hammadi, or Gnostic Gospels for some time now, but haven't had the opportunity to immerse myself into them due to work and family obligations. So, I do thank you in sharing these with your insights.
  9. I was thinking of PowerPoint, also, but it has been so long since I've used it, that I forgot it's name. LOL But, yes, that does have the capability to do what you ask. However, it's format may not be compatible on some systems, so be aware.
  10. That would bring up another concept, as well. There are many who believe that it isn't meant to go through Jesus, at all, rather it should be to emulate Jesus to find favor with His father to be adopted, of sorts, by Him.
  11. Sending my regards and well wishes.
  12. I suppose that might in some way be construed as a covenant. Covenants, though, are often seen as a two way agreement. In the way of the Covenants covered in this thread, these agreements would be seen as, "if you obey these rules, then favor of God may be bestowed upon you. (Which may include everlasting last life beyond this world.)"
  13. But the original context of the debate I mentioned, does not demonstrate relevance of any priests or what their roles were to each Covenant, which I had been impressioned to believe changed little, rather it was to state or question to whom the Covenants actually were relevant? Old Testament was a Covenant for the Hebrews, whilst the New Testament was a Covenant for the gentiles, the person informed. True, or not? Of course, within this thread has been posted a reply that there were actually more than two Covenants made in the Bible. Thoughts?
  14. Also had a thought. Priest are no longer necessary as a "bridge" to God in Christianity, as Jesus became the intercessor or "bridge" upon our behalf. Priests are only to help our understanding of God and His teachings. Leviticus seems to outline the priesthoods, but does not specify that the Covenants are for them as the Covenants were established before the priests. Therefore, the priests are an inclusion with the people the Covenants were meant for.
  15. My beliefs have varied little bits at a time, according to whatever facts and information I have learned over the years. It is a constant lesson of truth to adapt to its discovery and whether to accept it or not.