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  1. Really was interested in watching this, but my attention span is shorter than the 47 minutes required. Could ya give the gist? Or have I heard it before...possibly here...often? 😉
  2. These are statements made with such a broad stroke of your brush, Jonathan. While on the whole it may be a seeming truth, yet individually, not always so. You may as well say that bankers aren't always good with money. Some are, some aren't.
  3. When leading by example, you are helping more than one person at a time. It just depends on how many are paying attention. Helping others is secondary, while leading by example is the start.
  4. I kind of envy you guys. I work graveyard shift at a grocery store. My wife works as a caregiver during the day. It isn't often we get to share a day off to go on peaceful nature walks. But a form of meditation for each of us are our hobbies. She does crafts, and can be lost in it for hours. (She's very talented, btw.) I play guitar. I'm self taught since age of 7, but can't play anything anyone might recognize. LOL To be lost in the notes is very comforting to me, whether I'm playing a serenade for her, or just rocking out with wild abandon. Btw, I'm also hearing impaired, but for some reason tuning and playing are not a problem for me. Maybe it's the closeness of the sounds, eh. Occasionally, I turn off my aids and enjoy the quiet. My wife hates that sometimes.
  5. I can't say that I really agree with this definition, either. I think, like the words God, spirit, or even soul, mean different things to different people. I tend to think of spirituality as more of a heightened sense of awareness, whether of self or intangible connections to others, yet can't pin down an exact definition, nor a perfect example to present, myself.
  6. Sounds a lot like problems I've had with sites that I've removed cookies from. Cookies are often used for a site to recognize a returning viewer's or user's device. Could be it, but am no techie, so not certain.
  7. Oh, I don't know the science of that. I'd have thought that it might be easier to accomplish through outer space, away from the pull of gravitational bodies.
  8. To be fair, he did forewarn he was going to provide them, and gave you an invitation to stop reading the message at that point. Also, I do believe he was providing the passages for my benefit.
  9. Oh, no. Could be V-ger looking for the creator! (Star Trek reference, in case you didn't know.)
  10. Of course this would only work, with exception of atheist, if the aliens aren't a predatory species with no belief in religion. But if they are predatory, would it still be considered to be ideal as atheist?
  11. But there is. He knows all outcomes, regardless of any interventions on His part. Yes, we make decisions, but He knows before, during and after what they may be and how they result. He exists through all time, afterall. The "free will" is ours, or at least the illusion of it. Our decisions are unknown only to us until we make them. To say our decisions are unknown to God, is to say He is truly not all knowing. Deductive reasoning does not make this statement as "overthinking it". If He truly does not want anyone to perish, as an all powerful God, no one would.
  12. If God is, as He says, the Alpha and the Omega. (The beginning and the end.) Then He is a state of an infinity loop. Meaning He does know everything. Every action and result. So, in a virtual sense, all things are set in stone. And, as He is supposed to be all powerful, as nothing is supposed to be impossible with Him, He could intervene and change results He does not desire. Alas, as He is in an infinity loop, for Him nothing changes from His perspective, whereas for us everything does if He demonstrates His power. Which begs the question, "why should he care?"
  13. But said this to a non-believer as if it were meaning enough to believe. This in itself is a gauntlet in the face. A challenge to show the opposite is just as true. And it was taken up in like fashion. For you to be surprised also shows you lacked their perspective, as well.
  14. Was about to point that out, too. Guess I'm too slow for this race. 😉
  15. Stupid can not debate analytically, or would clumsily do so in the attempt. I've not seen that of either of you. So, not an over-estimate, in my humble opinion.