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  1. A Christian might address the situation according to something Jesus taught. "If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off. If thy right eye offends thee, pluck it out..." With the reason being that without the offensive body part, one might have a better chance ascending to heaven. So, I guess, in that sense, their soul would be split in order to better the greater self? But that also opens another maze of inquiries. Such as: if the soul can be split, does that also create separate identities? If the body part is supposedly descended, how does the eternal torment work then? etc.
  2. No, no, Dave. It's: "good point", "I totally agree", "right on", or .
  3. Alas, your toe was never "aware" of you, as you were of it, or even of yourself. If the DNA is sentient, and still living, then it would only have an identity of itself, not you, thus can't be you.
  4. history and faith

    So, you're son is choosing the pairs to mate, but the dogs are the ones doing the work, thus nature is making the changes.
  5. history and faith

    Micro or macro in evolution, still all evolution to me, else it wouldn't be evolution.
  6. New to forum

    Congratulations and good cheer to you! Hope you achieve your goals with satisfaction and joy. Blessings and peace to you.
  7. history and faith

    Selective breeding? Still sounds like evolution to me. How else to get black from white, or vice versa? Evolution theory, btw, also can cover changes in just one species.
  8. saw a sign

    Assuming from Trump's repetitious comments, I'd be thinking that "clean coal" would be worth more than clean dirt.
  9. history and faith

    As I read this thread, it occurred to me that one simple statement of yours could be used to prove evolution, in a way. You mentioned your belief that Adam and Eve were the first humans. From that, one could logically conclude they were of the same race, since Eve was created from Adam's rib, thus share similar DNA. So it begs the question: how did we get all the different races of men we have today? An argument may be that God did create other men, but kept only Adam and his mate in Eden. Okay. But then He created "the flood" that swallowed the world, leaving only Noah and his brood safe in the ark. What then?
  10. I have also heard, "Time is a teacher of manners." So, by this, it is also assumptive that morals can be a learned thing. Perhaps more of a personal experience thing than something that may be taught by others, though that can be a variable to some degree, as well.
  11. All he is saying is what you conclude to be true may only be true to yourself, not necessarily for others, I assume.
  12. What afterlife does the question involve? That of a spiritual realm, or of the heavenly/paradise variety, or something else?
  13. It has been said, and proven sometimes, that a survey can have virtually any meaning any particular group can spin on it. It often depends on what questions are asked and how they are stated. Then the next part of the equation is on how the answers are phrased. So, as reliable as the surveyor may be, doesn't mean the statistics can't be skewed to one view.
  14. Well, you know, some are looking for a peaceful solution. Probably they think it'd be mighty peaceful after that.
  15. Welcome. Feel free to browse and/or contribute. There is much here to learn, debate, or just plain have fun with. We're much like family. Sometimes we fight a little bit, but often we support each other. Blessings and peace.