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  1. I have never had an issue to date with neither the online store, nor Brother Kevin. As for the Ohio part, every state may have their requirements for license or practice. Many have advised here with similar inquiries to check with county clerks on relevant rules for license. It could be something as simple as a letter of good standing with the church. Have you tried googling for the state's requirements?
  2. Modesto has always seemed short staffed to me. But Brother Kevin has also always done an admirable job on trying to keep up on orders and inquiries. Which leads me to the same question as Jonathan. Where did you place the order?
  3. It is quite likely that you do not see your quote with the irony that others may see.
  4. I disagree, and surely He did. He preached to all who would hear Him. In the masses, there were certainly some gentiles. Then ask yourself, if He wouldn't do it, Himself, then why ask it of His disciples? That makes no sense, whatsoever. Another view of the exchange is that the woman did have belief, as such, He would not need to have answered. He rebuked the disciples when He answered them, however. The lost sheep are those in need of their shepherd, after all. Was it not commanded to treat the alien as the native born? Surely, He would not have gone against that commandment. And fo
  5. No, the argument has been that sin isn't removed upon asking forgiveness, despite the sacrifice already made. You already gave examples of a rapist, still having to pay for his crimes even if asking forgiveness of God. Though the offender may lose their life in this realm, you'd prefer he lose his life in the next, as well, in spite of any demonstration of faith. And, btw, the Pope isn't an idiot. Even in this day and age, there are still good people who have not hear the Gospel, but by all counts have not violated His commandments, even as they have never read them. But, you say they des
  6. To be fair, Jesus considered the gentile a brother, just as he did a fellow Jew, which is why he preached to them. (Which makes more sense, if he were preaching to bring them to God without conversion to Judaism.) Just as he considered everyone as neighbors.
  7. No, you are the one that seems confused. You keep saying there is no remission of sin without payment in blood, and that Christ paid it. By that technicality, all is needed is faith to be saved, as, again, payment had been already been prepaid. He came to fulfill the laws, not abolish them, thus his payment fulfills them. Btw, even the Pope believes that non-believers can be saved without belief in Him.
  8. No, I read correctly. Major difference is when payment is missed or overdue on car/mortgage, they are repossessed but you go on with your life. Not so with sin. But then, unlike car/mortgage, payment was already made by Christ, as you said. Thus, there is remission of sin by virtue of faith, even as little as a mustard seed. So, if God doesn't allow anything to change despite a plea for forgiveness, a demonstration of said faith, then there is the argument that He isn't really faithful based on your model of Him.
  9. Sin and mortgage/car payments are nothing the same. False equivalence and you well know it. Second, remember the part where if one has as much faith as a mustard seed can be saved? Asking forgiveness from God is a demonstration of that faith. But now you are saying it is just a lie, or that it really wouldn't matter, as it changes nothing.
  10. Not necessarily. A child could see that they could trust their parents to help them when the child is in trouble. There are multiple causes that can create change. You are adamant that there is only one interpretation. If so, how can you be so sure you are right?
  11. Thought I'd revisit this. According to you, in another recent thread, forgiveness alone does not reverse or erase an offense.
  12. So why ask God for forgiveness if it does nothing? Then, you say Christ paid the price for our sins, which would mean the offense is atoned. This seems, as Jonathan says, like a lot of hoopla that could more easily be skipped by a God, who is as proclaimed, all powerful, if He so chooses. Especially, if He could erase any offense with a simple whisper. Apparently, you believe He can't forgive without being paid a debt. A limited God, isn't all powerful. It would seem He is as chained to limitations as we are, according to you.
  13. Sorry to contribute so late to the discussion. I happened to start thinking, what if those who are enlightened are in such state that they aren't aware to share, and that they are so involved within themselves. I'm not sure if that makes it clearer, as I'm not at present able to make it so. But I hope you got the gist of it.
  14. Oh, but it does, or it would not be forgiving, but just empty words while holding a grudge, so to speak. And how would you know he'd say anything to the earthly victim? What would be the point of repenting and asking for forgiveness if it doesn't truly change our fortunes?