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  1. Your legacy...

    Even for only having been seen, changes things than the way things might otherwise have been. Changes a view, a thought, an emotion, etc. Even only for that, a mark is left, however intangible. If that isn't a legacy in itself, then maybe legacies don't really exist.
  2. I think might be better stated as, "accepting the possibility of", rather than "attempting", perhaps?
  3. Just out of curiosity, has anyone made Mythic Legend yet? I imagine it might be a moderator, if so.
  4. This may only highlight how much we still don't know, but may have some relevance to the discussion. I remember a Reader's Digest article that questioned the existence of God, or if prayer was indeed of any help. (Not sure which was the main topic of it.) Anyway, in it a doctor had done a series of brain scans on people to determine if anything happens while people pray compared to anything else. He seemed to find that there was an area of the brain that appeared to be active during the prayer moments but not any other time. And, always, it seemed to provide a sense of calm to the test subject. As he was a doctor of science, he concluded he couldn't accept that it was proof of God or anything divine, but also couldn't accept that there wasn't something unexplained happening that was perhaps outside the normal.
  5. Authentic self

    Actually, it might be the funeral director getting paid.
  6. Your legacy...

    Yes, physically we are forgotten in the long term. But perhaps an impression had been made enough to change a life, or start a tradition, (physically, socially, psychologically, or what have you), that might not have otherwise if we weren't there in the beginning.
  7. Hmmm...that does sound a lot like Loki.
  8. Your legacy...

    A man walks through a desert, and after a time a strong wind blew sand to cover the trail he had left. To another, the man was never there. But in truth, his trail is still there beneath the sand, hidden from view. It could be that most people's legacy is just like that. Our acts make an impression at first, but after a time are no longer noticed. Yet, somehow they are still there, just no longer seen.
  9. On the subject of deities, this is true. Knowledge is singular in that regard. But for most other things, there are tests or questions for those.
  10. Forum Home/Log in issue

    Happens every once in a while. A minor nuisance. As long as I'm still able to get to the forum and participate, I'm good.
  11. Wow. You have tempted me to find it and read for myself. Thank you.
  12. Sounds like a lesson on being in the now. I'm sure that was the intent, for me.
  13. Growing up, some of my neighborhood friends were part of a church version of the scouts. They did everything that the Boy Scouts were all about back then. I think reasons for joining any of them now, or even the Boys and Girls Club, is mainly about keeping the kids preoccupied and out of trouble while under supervision. So, yeah, like day care or after school programs.
  14. problems

    You brushed just a bit of it, very good. The mind, whether rational or no, doesn't necessarily need religion or a book to justify virtually anything. So, what it really boils down to is belief. That relies on personal interpretation, or acceptance of an interpretation, but based on own bias. upon which to act or debate. This is often the reason for different views of morality, of which violence may take more than one side. Man is primal in instinct. Which is why it is so difficult to have all, or even in the least - most, to agree on a form of peace and how to achieve it.