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  1. All very compelling theories and explanation. To add to it, if a God is omnipresent, existing though all time at once, past, present, and future, then the universe itself should also exist within the same parameters. This, to me, goes along with, where did God come from or how did he come to be? It seems logical with the parameter that He always existed, but then so did the universe, which presents a confusing paradox. Does this seem disjointed in thought somehow? I think I confused myself. LOL
  2. That seemed to be Rev. Kirby's point of view. Two sides of the same coin.
  3. Been out a while. Anyway, going back to an earlier question: what "source outside of man" do you mean? Quoting the bible might not qualify for some of us here as some see it written by men and therefore suspect of hidden agendas to govern, thus a book written by men is not a "source outside of man". Just respectfully stating and inquiring, mind you.
  4. Sorry as I've come into the discussion quite late. But I dare say, Dan, you do accept a bible that was put together by a council determination. If that's splitting hairs, I'm not sure how any logic can be more clarifying. Care to elaborate a little bit? Just curious.
  5. I might add that considering many practices for celebrating Christmas were borrowed from other pagan beliefs, it isn't really a Christian's holiday, either.
  6. While I understand what you are trying to refer, I must regrettably disagree that these things must be constituted as fact. None can be substantiated, nor be proven to be true. As for your question as to "how else"? There are multiple beliefs for this. One example may be Astral Projection. Some believe the spirit is free to wander while the body is at rest, and sometimes it implants memories of where it has been. Others also believe the spirit could transgress into other planes of time and existence as the spirit is not limited to the physical world or it's laws. Just some views to consider, or not, according to your preference.
  7. On a side note, that reality can be created ties in nicely with the Law of Attraction, or even with what Christ taught of prayer. "Whatever you ask, believe you have it, ask, and you shall receive it." As these require the power of thought to creation, or realization. I don't know that it distincts a difference between subjective or objective, though.
  8. Thanks, might do that. Especially since I see all of the courses are still offered, along with original ULC staples, at the Seminary website.
  9. Just a quick inquiry: in the very recent past, there were some additional courses listed in the bookstore that were, I believe, offered through the ULC Seminary. Now those courses seemed to have disappeared from the site. Are we no longer linked to the Seminary for these courses and degrees?
  10. Good one!
  11. Somehow I can't reconcile the explanation of Christ voluntarily giving himself up with that one little pesky passage that says he was chosen in the beginning. What?
  12. Though the ULC may ordain and recognize anyone as ministers all around the world, even Ghana, governments may view otherwise according to their own laws. Many cases of recognition have involved long legal fights and/or precedents. Don't know the laws and views of Ghana. You may have to do much research. You may also need allies if you must fight a legal battle, so seek sympathizers, as well, especially those knowledgeable in law. Also, there are many who become ordained but serve no legal functions at all, except to follow their own faith and learn.
  13. Sorry, but I seem to stumble over this part. As I am not Wiccan, I really wouldn't know, but as there are different branches or forms of Wicca in practice, can you really say there are no Witch Kings or Wiccan Popes? Especially after you state you can only speak for yourself? Or did you mean in your own practice only? It may just be semantics, but I am curious.
  14. I've paraphrased this saying a few times already in a few threads. "The road to ruin is paved by good intentions." Ones intention may be good and sincere, but as men are corruptible, the final product may be distorted to the advantage not intended. So, any system that a man may conceive may ultimately be taken advantage of somehow or in some way. Just as there seems no fool proof alarm system to deter burglary, as a determined thief may find a way to beat it. Just so, any man as judge may become suspect when it comes to power and control.
  15. I have often heard pastors say at various churches growing up, that it did no harm to pray with or for a non-christian, or non-believer. If anything, the Christian doing the prayer becomes a sort of intercessor on the behalf of the other, so in that regard the prayer may be answered.