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  1. Favorite Playwrights

    Is there any chance you read or saw Equivocation ( Bill Cain)...? I am thinking I don't care for it one bit. Which usually indicates I don't really understand it. I might need some help with it. Thx von
  2. While I was recently tuned into a conversation about Broadway productions - it occurred to me I had read a great number of plays (scripts) in my life time. Which one would be my overall favorite. Not so much the production but the writer. Sophocles, Shakespeare (spell check accepted that version,) Ibsen, Arthur Miller? Ya got a favorite? von
  3. Authentic self

    Can you really know yourself without feedback from others? Without seeing how others see us... are we not flat .... missing a dimension as it were? von
  4. Recently I heard the distinction between a film production and a stage production boiled down to the very basics. In a film, the words matter less. Films rely on stunts and special effects far more than a stage production ever could. Therefore, a stage production by nature of the event requires far more emphasis on the words and also the ability of the actors. Agree? Preference? HATE live performance? How does that translate to music (going to a concert versus a recording?) ......and even to a sporting event (attending a game versus watching it at the local sports bar?) Personally, while I enjoy a good tailgating party, I have to admit I prefer the comfort of my recliner at home. von
  5. My father was Roman Catholic. He believed that the practice of confession as outlined by Catholicism was necessary. Is it? Is actually telling someone out loud you did wrong/committed a sin ...and hearing them forgive you.....is that component (verbal declaration and verbal forgiveness) necessary for human balance? What role does the need to seek forgiveness play in our human experience? von
  6. It has been a point of curiosity to me for more than (50) years.... so a half century of observation on this point. Each religion that attaches "a holy book" as THE ANSWER (the one, true and ONLY answer) - ends up by followers being NOT being able to agree on the meaning, rules and adherence. That is JUST my observation. Catholics come in more than one version (Roman, Orthodox and other).....Jews have a range from ultra conservative to more "progressive" - as do Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus. Another big curiosity is when I ask someone schooling me if THEY read the book in question - RARELY have they. I mean it is VERY rare that they have read the book in question. That always puzzles me. If you haven't read it yourself and come to believe it on your own....then are you not relying on what someone taught you rather than what you KNOW to be true by working your way through it? Do the religions that branch off from using the holy reference book or guide book - fair better over time (such as those that rely on oral tradition instead of a text?) von
  7. Authentic self

    And what of the moment of transference from THIS to THAT.... Pergaps a moment with no name? von
  8. Authentic self

    As do I ! Sometimes I didn't realize I made the mistake initially. Sometimes someone explaibs things to me ... I think about it and realize ... geesh....I made a mistake! Somtimes feedback from others helps me to do better. Sometimes I learn from others sharing their mistake... which is good ...I don't have time enough to make all the mistakes myself ( old joke) Hearing feedback is'nt equivalent of handing over control if you life well it can be - but I can't view that as a healthful option in most instances. Whatever you are doing it is clearly working well for you - you seem to be in a good place von
  9. Forgiveness is necessary?

    You are in a GREAT place. Congrats on that! I think you are correct. Everything - good/bad - painful/easy - fun/joyous molds us to the person right here in this moment. So lamenting any of it is unnecessary. Perhaps the timber of the word "regret" is in play. I have regret that I didn't catch on faster - but i don't regret any of the experiences that helped to shape me...is a workable qualifier? It indicates I "do" regret as a catch and release item. Maybe. I regret that I didn't have my parents with me longer. They shaped a great deal of my pesona and they provided a very nonjudgmental sounding board. So I regret that life took them away too early. I do have regrets. But in that context they are not obstacles to appreciation and serenity. The regrets sometimes push appreciation up to the rim. Seeing THEN and missing THAT includes celebration overcoming challenges. Still. I respect your recognition and mastery of the process. I often regret I did not seek forgiveness more quickly. There is zero reason NOT to forgive (at least in my view.) I live with heaps and heaps of gratitude that others forgive me so easily and quickly. I regret the hurt I have inflicted on others. Often unintentional. Often due to inattentiveness on my part. Not maliciousness. Frequently stupidity. Self absorption. Even if I am completely RIGHT and justified....if I had just asked more questions, assumed less and had moved a tiny bit slower...I could have accomplished the very same outcome more gently and kindly. von von
  10. Forgiveness is necessary?

    Yes. Forgiving oneself is extremely difficult at times. I agree. Honest self-analysis is also often difficult. Rationalization is FAR easier talking to one's self. Talking to another might, at times, more effectively because they ask questions, and too, they might point out inconsistencies. At times we say one thing, mean something different and lastly all humans to some extent offer glimmers of contradiction between talk and action. Or maybe just struggling. Regrets (and transgressions) (and guilt) (and anger) - are all items for which release, forgiveness and acceptance ask heavy lifting from our psyche I suspect. von
  11. Authentic self

    Thank you How do you determine when they have it right? von
  12. Authentic self

    Not carrying what others think is fine. However that that is different than understanding their input is, at times, of use. On occasion another holding a mirror ...spot on center is revealing. Often catching the light on us in angles we cannot reach, maybe von
  13. Authentic self

    Doesn't ever-changing self exist fully between the breath in and the breath out? von
  14. Authentic self

    Good point. That certainly is one possible scenario. Growth arrives with change. Discovering that our mannerisms are off-putting, our language ineffective our presentation counter-productive ... would all be opportunities to pause and check if that is helpful to us or ridiculous nonsense Either way they helped us. They gave us additional perspectives. Or they provided validation, no? von
  15. Authentic self

    BRAVO! von
  16. Authentic self

    Yes...either of us is the sum of our own choices.... agreed. At times others have helped me to see the impact of the choice in ways i did not anticipate Their feeback helped me to choose more wisely, perhaps, the next time My view of my action -however well intended-was not necessarily accurate ...it was not the take -away of others It is not .... very often It is not about pleasing them ....it is about communicating and acting more affectively Is it likely others help me to better myself, adjust the sails and course correct? Learning from others is a choice von
  17. First I compliment you on your humor AND CERTAINLY stand and applaud you AND your visitors for the great exchange of ideas from both sides If we could clone that...sigh.... it would be a much improved world BRAVO.... every time we understand better win. von
  18. Forgiveness is necessary?

    Thanks much for the article. I appreciate it. In reading it it confirms what I thought I knew.... why it is a good idea for me to forgive someone else. It helps ME to do so. Buddhists liken it to grasping a hot coal. Hanging on to it only burns you. What I'm less clear about is the need to SEEK forgiveness. EXAMPLE you KNOW you made a choice to do ( or not do) something.... fully well knowing you were breaking a rule . You were successful in that 1) you got what you wanted to get 2) it doesn't matter if you got what you wanted or not... you bloody well know you just up and broke a rule.... others will trust you less if you don't own up to it no one knows or is likely to find out.... is there some human drive to confess ? Are we wired to seek forgiveness? Thx von
  19. Forgiveness is necessary?

    Are there any psychology folks among us who could/would weigh in onnthe value or need if humans a) to confess errors b) hear something akin to comfort in such circumstances or .... can perfectly normal folks just process it and move on without all the interpersonal connection I realize it varies ...however there is probably some " norm" someplace as a standard as we seem to apply it to figure out those not meeting the norm Thx von
  20. One thing is NOT complicated. Atheists/atheists are about as easy to group as all other discussions of groups connected with spirituality or lack thereof. Reading this thread the fact they do not have a god/God has even come into question as a point of agreement. So what professes to be simple - seems perhaps not to be .... A side issue would be defining god/God to determine if we accept the definition. (money is god to some...so are cheeseburgers to others..and lets not omit the Rastafarians) von
  21. Forgiveness is necessary?

    I am sure that is correct. My natural curiosity turns to the psychology of it all. Was the confessional protocol (or whatever is the correct word) - the confessional process tied to any understanding or reason that there is an actual benefit to humans to admit to someone (the injured party or some neutral third party) (a counselor) that you screwed up. Maybe you are NOT sorry you just with you had done - or not done something and you want to talk it over in a safe place. A bartender may work for some. von PS....i too find many Buddhist teaching/approach have helped my ability to reason things out more clearly (and certainly more calmly) (that and my parents NOT restricting our solutions to begin with as they allowed a great deal of freedom spiritually growing up)
  22. Forgiveness is necessary?

    I am curious about this. God knows if a person repents. If that is so...then - I ask again - is it necessary to say it out loud to a human? If God knows...isn't that enough? von
  23. ...I am beginning to get that I need not capitalize it. I suspect it is a carry over from a World Religions class I took many years ago. It was Capitalized as a specific group in that class. So i retained that practice. But I am realizing that perhaps that class was grouping it differently for the sake of class instruction. This has been a good thread to update my thinking. Thx von
  24. Forgiveness is necessary?

    Agreed. It took awhile (thanks for your patience) but I am getting the point distinguishing between forgiveness and releasing. The original posit was aimed at my father's understanding that noting to someone else - out loud - that you have done wrong (and hearing someone - even if it it was someone completely independent of the events) just hearing from another human that you were forgiven.....is it necessary. He contended that it was necessary - on a psychological level. He based that on what he learned at church. Not from anything else. I am wondering if people agree you NEED to say it and hear SOMEONE validate in the instance of forgiveness. (On the subject of release - I agree with you...failing to release it IS biologically as well as psychologically harmful to us. von
  25. Under that heading than Agnostics could largely be lumped with Atheists (which would raise the % of Atheists, no) Not that it is useful for any purpose but the doubters club is underrepresented a bit. It would grow as any person who does not specifically lay claim to a belief in a specific god/God would be default fall into the Atheist numbers. Maybe? If you are not a member of a god group (lacking belief) then you default to Atheist? Rather an interesting spin. von