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  1. which raises the question,how do you prove the existence of any deity?and really,what would change?
  2. while i am happy for them,being an ex muslim is also equal to be "ex alive".
  3. this is not true of all"monks"(or at least those who call themselves one).
  4. actually,they may be israelits,they may be palestinen,or any other number of other back grounds.they may not all be jews living there.
  5. my mistake found it: www.(The Monastery).uk/forum/index.php it keeps coming up for the monstary,but it isn't them.
  6. there used to be a website for the ulc uk.however,i checked and can't find one.
  7. check your state laws.some states don't recognize celebrants or "marriage officiants". also be careful what you sign up for.
  8. dan,dan,dan,it's not "these guys"that can't seem to grasp it(whatever "it"is).i have a lack of belief in deities period.disbelief has nothing to do with has been said many times,i'll change my position when the evidence shows the facts.and no dan,i do not mean the bible.