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  1. your starting to sound more like a buddhist.but then again,we have no lake of fire,hell,or eternal damnnation.
  2. when you look at his statement,he is correct,everything living will die.the rest of his statements are his belliefs.
  3. and 48% of the voters believe in him.scares me.
  4. in an islamic country,there is only one religion,period.death is your other option.
  5. i have heard him speak(thru your posts jonathon)and would enjoy hearing him in person.he makes sense.
  6. amy last i heard was on sabbatical.i can't say for sure who is running the store,but i am finding some assignments are going thru and some aren't. your taking the course,you should be automatically registered. sorry i cannot be of more help.
  7. strange.if your a registered member,and i think you are,then you should be able to post your final essay. go to the seminary site,and post your final essay in the chaplain'll have to let the book store know you have finished your course,and they can direct you to the other site to post final essays.i don't remember what it is.
  8. because the last i knew,amy was on sabbatical from the site,and there is no one else answering as an admin. go ahead and post to the proper site at the seminary,and contact the book store.they should be able to get your certificate to you. by the way,i tried your link and it worked.
  9. they know how to irritate the daylights out of humans,so i would give them an intelligence rating.
  10. any smart human has some fears,but i'm not going to try to list them for anybody. can judgement be taught?i don't believe so,especially given our current government,and the jackass in chief. good to see you again von,it has been a very long time.