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  1. ah,but he did not succeed,so let him laugh.
  2. so long as we know this,then no troll will succeed.
  3. as near as i can find,no.the only thing the ulc says we must do is"that which is right". there have been people before who decide to leave because we will not organize the ulc to fit their ideas,or what they see the"denominations" can't explain to them that we are not just christians,but we represent the entire spectrum,if that makes sense.
  4. welcome to the forum.
  5. you can also use"ordained clergy". reverend is the title given us by the church,minister is what we least that is how hq answered me.
  6. there are some who define soul,spirit as conscious,sub conscious,and energy.that, to answer your question is what some people believe allows for reincarnation(it isn't just buddhists who believe in it.) in the end,we'll all get an answer one way or another.till then,is it important?that is up to the individual.
  7. welcome to the forum.
  8. then why place it on an open board before saying it applies to one group only? seems that was tried before and didn't work well.
  9. congrats and my thanks.
  10. i am not trying to convert anyone so please relax. i agree with this post,and wish to say that in the past,we have had posters who asked for specific responses from certain groups of people.i see no problem with doing so again,and then there is no misunderstanding.i could also refer you to the ulc christian ministers association,but as i understand it,they may no longer exist.seems they couldn't get along with each other.
  11. if you keep in mind that kirby was a christian minister before he started the church,you would be correct.however to say that the ulc is a christian church would be incorrect.
  12. which is what i think is keys point. i am sure the question is directed at ex nihilo and ulcneo.
  13. yes,i know the area somewhat.again welcome.
  14. welcome to the forum.where in michigan are you from?
  15. i got this one from pete.i use it at wedding receptions: "may that which strengthens you sustain you. may that which lights your way ever guide you. may that which brings happiness be always with you. and may love and peace never be a stranger to you." the other one i use(mostly for a holiday meal): my wish for you: "where there is pain,i wish you peace and mercy. where there is self-doubting,i wish you a renewed confidence in your ability to work through it. where there is tiredness,or exhaustion,i wish you understanding,patience and renewed strength. where there is fear,i wish you love and courage." (this was given to me by a friend before he died.he only heard me use it once).