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  1. or my mileage?either may be correct,i guess.
  2. not what he said. i however have been there,done that.and yes it is an illusory state.what you allow or don't is totally up to you.
  3. should you change your address with modesto?i would say yes,not because of legal reasons,but for the records.
  4. although you didn't ask me,i wanted to respond anyway. what i do depends on the situation.sometimes it's just one person who needs help,not necessarily financial.could be something as simple as helping change a tire,or referring them to the local va office.or something like buying them something to eat rather than giving them the money.and yes,i have been told i am smart,but not as smart as i think .and while i have given to organizations,i don't find them as trustworthy as i would like. that isn't to say i haven't given a $1 or 2 to i said,it depends.jonathon made a good point about the good samaritan.helping just one person is sometimes the best we can do regardless of belief or lack of.
  5. in ohio,you can only be registered with one organization(church).his original question was how to register his ordination with his ulc modesto in that state. i have 3 different ordinations,but could only use one when i registered in ohio.
  6. i have no question concerning your beliefs,and respect your right to them. my concerns are more tword those who use their deity to justify him being in office.i notice you have a slight buddhist answer as to why trump may be in office,saddly more truth than cynicism noted . however,as i said i do not believe in a deity period,and even if i did,could not believe in one so stupid.
  7. i can't add much that hasn't been said already;except to "drain the swamp"our current administration is.we need a president who isn't making deals for his own benefit,doesn't have a clue as to how government works(and must have not paid attention in school)and worse is about to get us into a war no one will win. i have heard it said that"God(reference to the christian god)wants him in that position,yada,yada.first,i would think to be a god,they would have to be much more intelligent than that,and that is one of many reasons i remain an atheist.i find there is no such thing as a deity,and even more so now.
  8. there is nothing wrong with stating:this is what i think(or believe)and this is why. here,all the tos state is that you cannot disparage someone elses beliefs.
  9. and maybe it's time they grew up,or better,stepped out of their own shouldn't matter what the persons orientation is if the conversation is good.and if you were"fishing"there are websites for that.
  10. don't sweat the minor details.people either accept you as you are,or don't.
  11. i had the same issue with at&t.seems to work ok for now.
  12. i don't know can be considered a good answer anywhere.
  13. have you watched the series?it's amazing what beliefs christianity and scientology share.
  14. pulling someone out of a burning car(or building)is not the same as bringing the dead back to life,no matter what they say while doing it.