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  1. makes sense.thank you.
  2. welcome to the forum. question:what is a gnostic druid?
  3. welcome to the forum.
  4. if i remember the clip properly,he was attempting to consul a little boy who's father had died. i'm not going to comment on what the little boy was told,or even the fact about it being true or jonathon said,atheists don't worry about heaven(or hell for that matter),or whether they exist or not.
  5. try going to the ulc bookstore.they should be able to give you the information you need.
  6. mark 45

    a common atheist fallacy

    even tho i identify as atheist,i have gotten to the point of saying i am agnostic,if asked.both are for the same reasons,i have seen nothing to prove/disprove the existence of any deity.then i walk away.
  7. mark 45


    welcome to the forum.
  8. in the bookstore,they sell his bible for the 21st century.the master of religion course has a booklet based on it. that's if memory serves me correctly.
  9. mark 45

    Gospel and Reincarnation

    and then we get into the discussion none of us agrees on,which is,"what is a soul,is spirit the same thing",yada,yada. i don't know either.
  10. mark 45

    hello all

    welcome to the forum.
  11. mark 45

    ignore feature

    i guess it depends on who it is.if it's a mod or someone like that,you can't.
  12. i would also hope that for as long as we have"known"each other,you do not feel that way.i have a great deal of respect for you or i would not have requested your help at various times. i get nervous when people ask me,what happens after you die,and then try to stuff a boat load of verses from their book down my answer is simple;like the buddha said:"no one has come back to tell me". if someone finds whatever they are looking for in life,from wherever that's all good.