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  1. mark 45

    value of religion

    not really. if there is an advanced beings(aliens),wouldn't they be smart enough to avoid the planet?
  2. mark 45

    Jews for Jesus

    now i understand.
  3. mark 45

    Jews for Jesus

    i read it jonathon,but do not understand your point.
  4. sorry.i was agreeing with you being honest.should have said so. and we can all be annoying at times ๐Ÿ˜€
  5. i'd like to see rev cali's take on this.
  6. mark 45

    Godly Love

  7. mark 45

    Godly Love

    well dan, it is nice of you to think so,but being a mod has some other responsibilities with it,which include not blocking topics because you dis agree with them,or suspending people(if i remember correctly,up to 3 days).while mods are allowed(and should be encouraged to do so)to express their opinions or thoughts,they are not above the terms of service. i would reconsider your offer,as it isn't just one side who is causing conflict.
  8. mark 45

    Godly Love

    i was going to stay out of this,but i can't.where the mods and admin are concerned,i can't make a comment about their current lack of participation other than to say that at one time,some of what i have read(from "both sides")would have gotten a topic locked long before now.all i can see happening is that some are going to get banned,and others are going to get bored,and the board is going to disappear(i don't see bro kevin paying for this,and murph i am guessing is busy,not wanting to deal with a bunch of bull). i hate to see what is happening here,but to be honest,don't have a solution.
  9. seasons greetings(a little late too...)
  10. mark 45

    Godly Love

    first,i think that by displaying a statue next to a nativity scene,on public property(something you left out)is not to ruin anything.if your going to allow one,your going to have to allow all.if it's on private property,put up whatever you like. as to your second statement,i heard something like it from a humanist group.i guess the laws of the land mean nothing.really don't agree with your conclusion.
  11. mark 45


    it is probably the closest you can get to taoism,without becoming a dude.
  12. mark 45


    your referring to rev wayne.he went by a different name for a while,and then disappeared.i do miss him. personally,i see no problem with jediism,or any of it's spinoffs.not sure i agree with some who have embraced"the dark side",whatever that means.come to think of it,we had a member who claimed to be a "sith overlord"or something of the sort.