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  1. i disagree dan.any book can be used for personal insult,depending on whom is quoting from it.this could be the bible(or any book titled"bible"),or grims fairy's all about the person using it. rest assured i am not paranoid at all.just an observation.
  2. i would be inclined to believe rabbi o when it comes to hebrew.not everything translates into english as we understand it.and keep in mind the translator of the king james bible made a boatload of mistakes,and that is with what is included in the bible.
  3. mark 45

    Master of Spirituality Lesson 1-Observation

    that is up to the person taking the course.there are admin and mods who check to make sure posts do not violate the terms of service. other than that,very rarely do any of the above post concerning your posts.
  4. mark 45

    Master of Spirituality Lesson 1-Observation

    people complain that seminary is not active,but don't post their lessons after signing up for them there.i would say post them in both places.if nothing else,i do read all the new posts to seminary,just don't always answer them.
  5. mark 45

    Master of Spirituality Lesson 1-Observation is the place for these lessons to go at seminary.
  6. mark 45

    Prayers Please

    i wish you both the best.
  7. mark 45

    Recognised Church In England

    there is a ulc uk site.problem was,the christians didn't want the pagans,among others,to be part of's still up and running.
  8. mark 45

    How many members here in the UK?

    can't get it to not come up as the monestary,but there is a forum on the uk site.should be a link to it at the bottom of this one.
  9. mark 45


    welcome to the forum.
  10. mark 45

    Hi again

    welcome back.i hope things continue to improve for you.
  11. mark 45

    Comparative Religion Discourse 1

    not that anyone will listen,but here is the place for such posts:
  12. mark 45

    What do you do...?

    jonathon says it better than i can.
  13. i have the feeling that we may not hear from hermano luis in this existence,which i am also having a very difficult time accepting.i would love to be proven wrong.
  14. this is what i am referring to.actually i found it funny.
  15. mark 45

    My Ban

    she is also an admin,and a very nice person who can be very helpful.