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  1. if one has read the terms of service,then it shows how to report posts,contact mods(if we still have them),and admins(murphslaw is one,there are others).but as has been said,there are a lot of posts that go both ways with insults.
  2. or neither.i don't know how many times i have directed people to the seminary website so they can not only get credit for their work,but can put it in a place i can read it.(yes contrary to popular belief,i do read all the postings at seminary.i just don't comment on them.) however,i find more and more people who are to rushed(or to lazy)to go to the seminary site,and post in the proper area. therefore dan,and seeker,i will post the link to seminary for the last time. now i can give up!
  3. everything is energy in one form or another,so when something "dies"it just turns into a different form.
  4. me comment was to those who continue to redefine what an atheist,agnostic,and those who identify as"no religion"are,all in the same sentence.
  5. strange how someone can take a wide paint brush,and decide those of no religion are automatically atheists.that's not what either article said.
  6. strange how the summerians had things written down long before the stories from the jews,or those of the greek writings.
  7. makes 2 of us. try going thru the store.if it is there,they would know.
  8. or they owned something(land?)that somebody else wanted.
  9. not trying to start an argument,but IF memory serves me correct,more than one society has a creation"story",a noah's ark",among other things.
  10. not really. if there is an advanced beings(aliens),wouldn't they be smart enough to avoid the planet?
  11. i read it jonathon,but do not understand your point.