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  1. mark 45

    Comparative Religion Discourse 1

    not that anyone will listen,but here is the place for such posts:
  2. mark 45

    What do you do...?

    jonathon says it better than i can.
  3. i have the feeling that we may not hear from hermano luis in this existence,which i am also having a very difficult time accepting.i would love to be proven wrong.
  4. this is what i am referring to.actually i found it funny.
  5. mark 45

    My Ban

    she is also an admin,and a very nice person who can be very helpful.
  6. mark 45

    My Ban

    very strange.
  7. mark 45

    My Ban

    when i checked your profile,you were still listed as a member. it is strange someone hasn't gotten back with you about this.i realize most of the mods are at facebook,and one died.but i do know of one who usually investigates these type of occurrences and forwards them to the admin.
  8. if i remember the michigan statutes correctly,the only liability involved is on the person hiring the officant.they are responsible for paying the officiant. i don't remember any applications involved,but the prison chaplain had to ok the officiant. as far as anything being a permanent part of their record,there is a notation that so and so was married on such and such a the best of my knowledge,there is no copy of the marriage license kept in the files. but as rev cali said,each state has their own laws.texas is one of the easier states to officiate in,but i would echo his suggestion about contacting a lawyer.
  9. makes sense.thank you.
  10. welcome to the forum. question:what is a gnostic druid?
  11. welcome to the forum.
  12. if i remember the clip properly,he was attempting to consul a little boy who's father had died. i'm not going to comment on what the little boy was told,or even the fact about it being true or jonathon said,atheists don't worry about heaven(or hell for that matter),or whether they exist or not.
  13. try going to the ulc bookstore.they should be able to give you the information you need.
  14. mark 45

    a common atheist fallacy

    even tho i identify as atheist,i have gotten to the point of saying i am agnostic,if asked.both are for the same reasons,i have seen nothing to prove/disprove the existence of any deity.then i walk away.