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  1. none of the respect is an entirely different ball game.
  2. may everything happen as it is supposed to.
  3. batman didn't have super powers,just some neat toys.
  4. tried to find a video from new zeeland concerning a gathering of the"gods"(did you know l ron hubbard is considered a god?)anyway,can't find it. but as jonathon would say,"the gods are allusary.but when we ask they help anyway".(i still think it's a line of bull,but whatever).
  5. not something i would personally do,but i can't knock what they choose.
  6. relax von,even the dali lama would have found it funny.a statue of the buddha is not like a statue of a saint(actually it is but i'm not going to get into a discussion about that).it's use besides decoration is maybe a focal i said before buddhists can and do celebrate any holiday they choose,just not(usually)the traditions that go with it. if someone doesn't like it,smile and walk away.
  7. if only it was taken in the way it was meant.
  8. Meditation to go.....

    tich naht hahn in his book,"peace is every step"suggests this.and he also teaches the short time"drive thru method".
  9. i can't say it any better than what cuchulain did.however,from a buddhist stand point,while we can(and do)celebrate any holiday we choose,it doesn't mean that the traditions that come along with it are celebrated. i have just had this discussion with someone who was trying to do something i did not want(ie:it involved christmas music)and i tried to say no thanks politely.the response was not so polite.
  10. interesting question von,but you did say the"religious folk"so i'll stay out.
  11. christmas is *not*one of my holidays i celebrate(but any holiday that involves food i am good with ).i do however like giving presents to my sisters(and my sister in law),and my nieces and great isn't a lot,but they seem to like it.that and it's my husbands favorite thing to do.same for birthdays. as for myself,i buy what i need if i need it(or really think i do),so i really don't want are cool tho.
  12. Your legacy...

    interesting thought,but not practical.and as mererdog said,"the universe is short of guaranteed futures."
  13. Revskky

    welcome to the forum.
  14. i like your label.short and to the point.
  15. me too. but think about it von.according to one of the stories in the bible,merchants were driven out of the temple.seems it is ok now. whether or not it should be is decided by the property owners and the franchise operating said facility(s).and really,there is no free lunch,even in a mega church.