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  1. Well, I believe you know this, just as the serpent has corrupted and attempted to corrupt everything from relationships to business, to sex and marraige, he has also corrupted the church where he has been allowed to. The fruits that you are judging by are not Christian values or the fruits of the Spirit. You are judging the works of the flesh in people who claim to be Christian, of which Paul in Galatians 5 says none will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. It seems like some people judge Christianity as a whole by those who claim to be Christian but so not even follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I guess that is conveinent and easy, however apart from Jesus Christ one would have no idea about the danger they are in, or about thier enemy, or that they are even in a war.
  2. There is manipulation of belief, by the serpent, and most people are not even aware of it. He was described as the "more subtle" than any other beast. He is the "accuser." The evidence that he is operating in this topic is the accusations of "threat" and "manipulation" and "fear" and "coersion." The accuser of the bretheren is at work. Im not trying to start trouble or tick anybody off, but we chose to believe what we believe. It is a choice that is made everyday to maintain a belief. It is a choice to view facts and circumstances and draw conclusions. It is heartbreaking to be on the side that I am on and hear the objections and hear the serpent's reasonings being used to cause people to ignore and disregard a message of hope. I suggest listening to testimonies of people who have seen hell and then asking yourself if it will have been worth it if you are wrong. They are very easy to find and they are plentiful. Just check it out.
  3. Does anybody know if is true? Alledged last words. Founder of the Church Of Satan, the famous satanist, Anton Szandor LaVey’s last death bed words were, “Oh my, oh my, what have I done! There’s something very wrong, there’s something very wrong, there’s something very wrong!” Voltaire (1694–1778), an atheist, said, “I am abandoned by God and man! I shall go to hell! O Jesus Christ!” David Hume (1711–1776), an atheist, said while dying in utter despair, “I am in the flames!” Thomas Payne (1718–1799), an atheist, said, “I would give worlds, if I had them, if the Age of Reason had never been published. O Lord help me! Christ help me! Stay with me! It is hell to be left alone!” Thomas Scott (1808–1878), an atheist, said, “Until this moment I thought there was neither a God nor a hell. Now I know and feel that there is both, and I am doomed to peridition by the just judgement of the Almighty.” Aleistair Crowley (1875–1974), Englands most wicked man, “I am perplexed. Satan get out.” Eternity is too long to be wrong!!! -- This is floating around Facebook, not my work.
  4. I mean reality. Your reality and my reality will merge into true reality. The truth. Yes we will all die, and that is part of it, but that part of it we already agree on. You choose not to be afraid. That is where I think realities diverge. You refer to Christianity as hell and damnation, someone else said fearmongering. I mentioned earlier that at some point that at some point it seems there would be a conscern for self preservation. The irony (to me anyway) is that people chose to not believe in Jesus while they are living on his earth, breathing his air, being able to sleep because he allows, drinking water he provides: basically living on daddy's credit card; in this envornment and context they choose to not believe. As a believer I think, "how is it even possible to be that entitled, to say that there is no evidence to believe in Jesus, and to throw such a charade of bravery and rebellion?" I would argue two things: 1) The same serpent that was described as "clever," "subtle," etc. is very skilled at sophistry and very convincing in causing the smart and intelligent disregard certain facts to their own harm and to his enjoyment. 2) This bravery the serpent gives people who are living in God's grace is quite different than what it experienced the first few seconds after leaving here. There, is real fear. Undescribible fear. Unending fear. I think you should listen to the testimonies of people that have experinced hell. I think you should listen to some testimonies of people that have been deliverances from demon spirits. I know its an argument. Im done looking at it like an argument. Its a heartbreaking thing to know that I have freinds that are likely going to experience these horrors. I can only be hopeful something changes.
  5. Right I agree, however at some point there needs to be a concern for self preservation. The number of people these days coming forward with visions and testimonies of being in hell has greatly increased. The similarities in thier stories is convincing to me, but I do not need any further convincing on that. But the objective seeker of truth cannot ignore and continue to ignore the increasing frequency and number of these testimonies. Also, the deliverance aspect of the ministry. The demonic spirits that are being cast out of a person, they know who Jesus is. They know they have to submit to the command to leave in the name of Jesus. In fact, you can interogate them prior to expelling them. You can get thier name, when they came in, and what they are doing there. But they are very legalist: if the "host" has given them a legal right to be there they will not leave because they do not have to and they know it. The practices that Win was calling out in the video are the doors that people open that allow these demons in. It is sneaky, it is underhanded, and it is heartbreaking. You only have to actually see this once in person and your whole world view will change. Of course people see it and do still reject it but it takes real commitment to remain skeptical.
  6. See this:
  7. You may be supprised but we have a complete opposite view on this. This clip was not about fear but about deliverance. Hidden from the world and from most of Christianity is what goes on behind the scenes. What goes on behind the scenes warfare. That is not fear mongering to point that out, it is sharing insight. This warefare is as old as time as we know it. You do not have to live under the power and tyranny of the oppressor, possessor, or destroyer. What you dont know will hurt you.
  8. Another example that God is still healing today.
  9. Is that what is seen in tribal and other social constructs where there are no religious texts?
  10. NOW THE SERPENT WAS MORE SUBTLE THAN ANY BEAST OF THE FIELD WHICH THE LORD GOD HAD MADE. GEN 3:1. I have many thoughts about this: 1) The serpent as Satan the tempter, 2) Lucifer as the light bringer in regard to the knowledge of good and evil, 3) the serpent as the bringer of hidden knowledge, 4) the serpent as a creation of the LORD GOD, 5) the serpent called a beast of the field, and 6) the narrators introduction of the sepent and how that informs the reader. There is more that can be said on the subject but I am just going to write about the above verse. THE TEMPTER The name Satan obviously is not in Gen 3:1 and the sepent is simply refered to as the serpent though people say the serpent is Satan. I believe that Satan is a title and not a name meaning "adversary, opposer, slanderer, or accuser." It is my opinion the name of Satan would actually be HALELL THE SATAN, but that is just my opinion and Scripture does not do it that way. There is only one place in Scripture where Satan is referred to as Hallel, and that is an assumption anyway. All that aside, he is only refered to as the serpent. Instead of giving a name, the narrator only comment to the serpent's subtlty (craftiness, understanding, wisdom, shrewdness, treachery, being clever, and cunning). To me this is forecasting something about the serpent informing the reader to keep and eye on him. THE LIGHTBRINGER Ive heard people refer to the serpent as Lucifer. Lucifer is a Latin not even Hebrew, and is used as: light bearer, shining one, morning star, son of the morning. So before the sepent even does anything, there is a lot of theological baggage by many brought to the text. BEAST OF THE FIELD This is where it gets good. Though the sepent is subltle, (crafty, has understanding, is wise, is shrewd, is treacherous, is clever, and is cunning), the sepent is a beast of the field over which GOD had given the man and woman diminion (rule, control, authority) over. The serpent was also a created being subject at this time to man. MANY APPEARANCES What I find interesting about the serpent, is that the serpent (a serpent) shows up in all the ancient civilations. I watched ANCIENT ALIEN ORIGINS and this guy (assuming its the same) has revealed many secrets to man through out the ages. In Genesis the serpent is a beast in the field. In other places he (they) are in flying crafts. In others they live underground in hidden secret places. The commonality of a serpent bringing revelation of something whether good or bad shows some connectedness to the stories in my opinion.
  11. The content I desire to share is up until about 40:00 min. The last 16 or so min is support requesting. My intent is only to share the sermon content up to 40 min mark.