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  1. All the reporting I saw gave the impression that he was killed for criticizing the Saudi government. Where is this "leaving the faith" motive coming from?
  2. Apologies for a late entry - I've been without internet since before Christmas. Wishing you all all the best for 2019 and beyond.
  3. According to we are not an official ULC site.
  4. Seeker

    Master of Spirituality Lesson 1-Observation

    I gots nuffink on the course, but I love that E-Mail address.
  5. Seeker

    How many members here in the UK?

    Try ulc. org .uk/forum/
  6. Seeker


    Welcome to the forum.
  7. Seeker

    saw a sign

    See that's just typical of modern society. You get rid of a load of soiled soil by just dumping it in the ground and leaving it for others to stumble across. Is that the legacy we want to leave? Won't somebody please think of the children.
  8. Hello and welcome Lynne.
  9. I was responding to Cuchulain's "will it make you a better person?". The context there seems to me to imply a conscious choice. I think its a mixture - we think about where we are internally led. There's a saying I like it that respect - man(kind) is not a rational animal, but a rationalizing animal. In that view we do, and then we find reasons for what we have done. I don't think that's the whole truth, but IMHO it is a lot closer to the mark than the alternative.
  10. I wasn't denying that in the slightest. My point was that with a shift in belief there often comes a shift in what you see as better. Thus whether you are a "better" person depends on what you believe and doesn't really help you decide whether to change your beliefs.
  11. That becomes problematic if you're redefining "better" in the process.
  12. Hi and welcome. I have posted a couple of comments on your assignments. They are intended to be helpful, but if you don't find them so, then please just ignore me.
  13. Thanks for the heads-up Pete. I hope you are wrong. Luis is good people.