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  1. Oh my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
  2. For a good backgrounder on DNS and security, see this article.
  3. That's usful, but not what I was asking. The DNS is used behind the scenes to translate the alphabtic address (eg into an IP address (eg which is needed to tell the network where to find the site. It's the internet equivalent of a phone book. There are many DNS providers, who should give the same result. Some will also track what you are visiting, some use plain text, some allow encryption. Since you use Chrome, you are probably going via Google, or one set by your service provider. It looks like you have found the problem without getting into that (more info at, but it is worth checking at some point if you are at all concerned about security.
  4. I've only ever used before. Both and work fine for me in the UK, using Cloudflare DNS. Who is your DNS provider? They may have it wrong.
  5. I've done some pretty stupid things myself on occasion, and I'm allegedly much smarter than your average bear. I don 't think humans are a particularly smart species. The example you give seems to match a pattern which I think may be increasing, though. I see a growing tendancy for people to look for external causes and solutions to their problems rather than do ing something themselves. Not having a key fails to even trigger "why not?" or "how can I get one?", the default behaviour is "make enough fuss and 'someone' will fix it".
  6. I don't think we can ever reach a complete answer, but suffiicient: maybe. It's a pretty good start point. Of course, it somewhat begs the question of what is "right".
  7. Yeah, I've looked in a few times over the last couple of years and seen nowt, so I went away again. In key news, I aten't ded.
  8. Yeah, because complete annihilation would have so helped all the ordinary Egyptians who had nothing to do with the decision.
  9. I know you don't. I was pointing out that atheism is not the inevitable outcome.From the passages quoted above (and others), it is a reasonable possibility that God exists and is a complete **.
  10. I had a quick look at the FAQ, but spotted nothing there. I'm not sure that there is such a document. You could try asking via