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  1. Hello!

    Welcome ScorpioMystic.
  2. And here I thought you had misspelled Rabbit and were a follower of Elil-hrair-rah.
  3. Numbers to a “good life”

    That's why I said not all the wants. If you don't have your needs (at least at tier 1) you are dead. That doesn't make you strong.
  4. Numbers to a “good life”

    I think the hierarchy of needs is worth reviewing here ('s_hierarchy_of_needs). A lot of the arguments above seem to stem from category errors when desiderata from different levels of the hierarchy are compared. It seems to me that the Good Life TM involves having all of your needs (but probably not all of your wants) at all levels met.
  5. Quiz-one topic

    I find it useless to debate free will in the context of a moral argument. If we do not have free will (ie we cannot make a meaningful choice), then there is no moral action - what we do is inevitable. It may be a point of interest in other contexts, but in a moral debate, free will is a necessary assumption.
  6. Quiz-one topic

    Argument, circular: See circular argument. Circular argument: See argument, circular.
  7. New haiku thread

    Against a clear sky the dancing branches proudly bear One frost-withered bud.
  8. Forum Home/Log in issue

    I see that too. As soon as I move elsewhere, it's OK - I am still actually logged in..
  9. A label I sometimes use is "militant agnostic". The key statement would be "I don't know, and you sure as ** don't know either".
  10. One candle burns out Many others lit from it Continue to shine, Goodbye Atwater, blessed be.
  11. New haiku thread

    Nice poems Joyful, thanks for posting them. The haiku form is quite closely tied to Japanese, so it is hard to draw a clear line in western works, but I would not consider either of those to be haiku.
  12. political correctness and communication

    But the band may not necessarily be able or willing to play it. Ain't analogies fun?
  13. I, too, prefer to just go by my given name. When people insist on calling me Mr X, I then will usually say it should be Rev. X, but I prefer you just to use my name. Organization types seem to freak out a bit at that for some reason.
  14. political correctness and communication

    I quite liked the term "differently abled", but since I'm mundanely abled, I don't think it's any of my business to choose. Again. it's almost certainly well meant, but renaming a group of people to "protect" them seems awfully patronizing to me.