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  1. Not really. Instead of thinking of it as the speed of light, think of it as the speed of causality. That may help to clarify why you can't go any faster.
  2. Merry midwinter and all the best for the new year, everyone.
  3. I think there is another form of agnostic, who says that God may or may not exist, but if (s)he does, they are in principle unknowable. We can have no more understanding of God than an ant could have of a whale.
  4. Miriam-Webster offers: The requiring worship aspect intrigues me. I don't think that applies across all traditions. For example the Aesir were dangerous and might punish disrespect if they saw it, but AFAIK they had no need for or interest in any form of adulation.
  5. Quantum theory depends on probability and chaos theory. Hail Eris, all hail Discordia!
  6. It is. But I was making the point that not all beliefs are intrinsically good, or make the believers better people.. Had I chosen a less blatant option we might have been sidetracked into debating how bad it was. I think we can agree on this one.
  7. That depends on the belief. If someone were to believe that the only good was fighting strength and exploitation of the weak, I would not think that being true to that belief made them a better person. (They, of course would say the same of my obvious weakness).
  8. Goodbye brother K, I will miss you.
  9. If you want to talk about something else, then drop me a message here. Registering is a total non-starter. There is no register of religions in the UK.
  10. Seconded. Farm work might also be an option (depending on her condition). You might want to consider WWOOF (
  11. Learn about lemmings...
  12. I suspect you've misunderstood part of what he said. It's a subject he covers a lost, and a specific link would be appreciated. AFAIK (and I do follow the topic) there is no essential difference between intergalactic space and the space between my ears. Both are expanding in the same way. It's like the water in a flowing river - moored boats do not float downstream. The river supports the boats (galaxies), the mooring (gravity) maintains their positions. The river, however is still flowing. "More" space is appearing everywhere evenly. Electromagnetic forces maintain the sizes of material objects, gravity maintains the relationship between disconnected objects, but the underlying space is still expanding.
  13. Could I trouble you for a source on that one, please? As I understood it, all space is expanding.
  14. As per title. Example : This topic appeared (with a legible last post) in my unread content stream.
  15. Given his grasp of English grammar, that's somewhat risible. Also - were you thinking of 63489024? The square root of 63486842 is not an integer.
  16. As did I. I hope you both stay. You and Dan are never going to agree. Yet there seems to be a certain moth to candle thing going on.