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  1. Yes. The casinos. What do people chant before rolling the dice? "C'mon Seven. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!" This sort of makes sense -- if the chant is directed towards Hermes, Messenger of the gods. Nobody appreciates good footwear like a messenger. Just look at his winged sandals. Speaking of the old gods. On Valentine's day -- who do we see flying around with his bow and arrows? It's Cupid. Not even a change of name or form. It's CUPID. Don't forget the Fates. Every Christmas, Nat King Cole sings -- "if the Fates allow". I almost forgot the obvious. Today is Thor's Day. Tomorrow is Frey Day. As in -- Thank God for Frey Day.
  2. Here we are in August. The heat is on. It's time to start thinking about December. It's time to start thinking about Santa Claus. What do we know about Santa? It's all in the children's songs. "He's making a list. Checking it twice. He always knows who's naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town." "He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been bad or good, So be good for goodness sake." Where does this leave us? An old man with a beard. Watching everything that we do. He keeps lists. He flies around the night sky, in the company of magical creatures. He rewards the good and punishes the bad. This is God Lite. Santa isn't alone. There is also Old Man Winter. He's on television. He sells snow tires. Jack Frost is also still around. A relative of Frosty the Snowman. The old gods have changes in form and name. They never quite go away.
  3. Have we all seen the Statue of Liberty? She stands in New York Harbor, looking very much like a Greek goddess. She is the personification of "Liberty". She is known as "Lady Liberty". I find myself thinking. We need only install an altar -- and a priesthood. Then we can actually worship at Liberty's feet.
  4. The thing about the article that got me, was the broad sweeping classifications. It listed Pantheism as a subgroup of Paganism. Seriously? Someone can't tell the difference between Pan and Polly -? Some distinctions are worth making. Just because we have a religious designation, outside of Monotheism, does not make it Pagan. It's a small thing. Like a mosquito bite. Still, it irritates me.
  5. I went to my inbox and found a blog from Starlight Witch. She seems to think that Wiccans are not welcome under the "Pagan Umbrella". I don't want to take sides. Or inflame anything. To me, this looks like a cultural divide. As divides go -- not that bad. I look at a real divide, say -- between Catholic and Protestant -- or Sunni and Shia -- Really. Not that bad. Real divides have body counts. People will have disagreements.
  6. In my limited experience -- some of the people that I met -- who said that they were Pagan -- had no idea of what a Pagan is. Some were frauds. Some were delusional. Most were simply silly. A few were real.
  7. That makes what you have to say, all the more interesting. I hope you will stick around.
  8. I have a lot of dim memories, which have fused. Memories of people being accused of being witches -- so of course, they were unfit parents. Or public officials. Or what ever. At minimum, they were subject to public ridicule and suspicion. Have things really changed? I'm not in a position to know. My perception lingers.
  9. I would like to throw in a few words of caution. By and large, real Pagans are not advertising to the outside world. That makes Pagan priests, high priests, schools of ancient wisdom and seminaries etc. -- who are advertising -- to be suspect. They don't have to be frauds, but I would be suspicious. It's an old bit of practical wisdom. "The people who know, are not talking. The people who are talking, don't know." Seriously. It's hard enough coming out as Atheist. I don't have to tell you. Coming out as Pagan, can't be easy.
  10. Years ago, when I was a student at CCNY; the rabbi at my Hillel was Reconstructionist. Judaism as a Civilization. An interesting thought. Not much to base a life on. I read the book. It was highly forgettable. More recently, I read Judaism beyond God. Sherwin Wine is clear about what is wrong with Judaism. Beyond that? A sloppy sentimentality. I couldn't figure out what he's for. I think if it has any long term effect at all; it will help the assimilation process. For the Jews who don't want to swallow their Judaism. It lets them put it in the refrigerator. They can throw it out later. My childhood introduction to Judaism, was Reform Sunday school. Not a lot of substance. Mostly a prolonged history lesson, about what they did to us. When I was an undergraduate, I fell in with a Chabad Lubavitch crowd. That was an education. I also encountered the Jews for Jesus movement. New York City is a nexus for their activities. Words fail. Well. One word. Gevalt. Enjoy your bagel.
  11. Quite right. And I shared that perception when I read those scriptures. Of course, the Gospels are antisemitic. "By their fruits you will know them." What were the fruits of the Gospels? Two thousand years of persecution and hatred. The Jews were accused of "Killing Christ." This is no dramatic flourish. My mother, now 99, remembers from her childhood -- the little girl from next door. She refused to play with my mother, because my mother had killed Christ. I have other family traditions. And personal experiences. Later for both. The Gospels were not written by historians, as we now know the term. The Gospels were written by propagandists, working with the Roman government, to spread the new religion into the gentile world. Of course, the Jewish leadership had to be the bad guys of the story. They had to explain why the Jews were not part of their Jewish movement. Why their risen Christ did not have a Jewish following. Why the vast majority of Jews wanted nothing to do with them or their movement. They sure couldn't blame the government of Rome. That would have gotten them executed. We all know how the Roman government, executed members of disloyal movements. Look at the sign they put over the head of Jesus. I expect that we have all been sprayed by Christian Apologetics. Sprayed, that is, in the sense that a skunk will spray it's victims. Jesus, his mother and all the early disciples were all Jewish. No true Christian -- No Authentic follower -- etc. etc. ad nauseum -- would be antisemitic. The Scriptures are from God and God is not antisemitic. Even now, I find myself taking a lot of this clap personally. Jewish history speaks for itself. So does family history. One of the few Russian words that I know is Pogrom. One final thought. This is purely an emotional outburst on my part. If any pious Christian wants to tell me that I'm mistaken about Christ -- or True Christians -- or Scripture -- or Theology -- well then. ** you and the horse you rode in on. Thank you for listening. End of rant.
  12. I don't have numbers for you. Many Jews are deeply religious. Many are Atheists. It's an old joke. There is no God and we are his people.
  13. This topic will be controversial. The Jews for Jesus are/is having a debate on the topic of antisemitism. In particular, the question of whether the Christian Scriptures are, themselves, antisemitic and a source of antisemitism. In fairness, I must put my own bias up front. I am a Jewish Atheist. I have definite thoughts on the history of antisemitism. In terms of scriptural theology, I'm not clear on how much I actually have a dog in this race. I think this topic can fuel interesting conversation. The fuel can also be explosive. This is a time for tactful and cautious restraint. I will be on my good behavior. On balance, I'm optimistic. The board can use some serious conversation. If we have any Messianic Jewish lurkers, perhaps they will come out of hiding. Here goes.