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  1. Emotional response isn't really an issue. In the end, either we are in compliance -- or we are not. As you see; non-compliance has consequences. They will get worse.
  2. To me, Dan is more like a small dog. The kind of little dog, that would break it's teeth if it tried to bite me. I'm not afraid of the little dog; for all it's fierce barking. Still, the barking is very annoying. Also, it's not housebroken. I'm tired of it peeing all over the board.
  3. Dan can't distinguish between fear and irritation. It's useless.
  4. That is a good summery. It leaves out a few details. The police will have our genetic profile available. Combined with our biometrics. Throw in facial recognition and the all seeing eye that is AI...... The future will be interesting.
  5. " Nothing to fear now, your tax dollars are hard at work " That was you, being your usual irritating self. After all your lectures on cultural dominance -- how your religion should be running my society -- you are consistent. If you were wise -- or kind -- you would not seize this opportunity to be more irritating. I will not be provoked.
  6. I have long maintained that Trump is not the problem. He's only a symptom. The problem is all the people who voted Trump into office. Further, the Republican party has turned into Trump's personal political cult. The Evangelical leadership, have declared that Trump is God's anointed. G.O.P. used to stand for Grand Old Party. Now; it's the Party of God.
  7. No. It's the usual terrorist bull crap. Any excuse to threaten Atheists with Hell Fire, will serve. They make these stupid threats, because they can. In turn, the threats will continue to fail, because they are stupid. As usual, you are seizing every possible opportunity to be irritating. Christian Love at it's finest.
  8. Consider Heaven. All of eternity with God. The supreme egotist. Jealous, petty, vain, spiteful, vengeful, mean, cruel, vicious, insecure -- in constant need of praise, adoration, worship and having his ego stroked. Worse, knowing every thought you have, before you're aware of it. It goes on and on and on forever. Praise, adoration and worship. You better mean it. The All Knowing will know if your faking. Next to Heaven, how bad can Hell be?
  9. Christian Threats of Damnation
  10. We can say that more simply. Stupidity is it's own reward.
  11. It's part of a larger picture. The world has fallen in love with authoritarian figures. In the previous (2016) election cycle, I predicted that Trump would be the Republican candidate. Among the various Republican choices, I decided that Trump was the worst possible outcome. He won. In the general election, I decided that Trump was a worse outcome than Hillary. Again, Trump won. Here we are again. I look at the Democratic candidates still running. Again, Trump is the worst possible outcome. I conclude from this that Trump will win. Again. Trump is not the problem. He is a symptom. In a Democracy, the people get what they deserve.
  12. I have become a pessimist. I think Trump will be reelected.