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  1. We can also go with Voltaire. "The purpose of religion, is to keep the servants from stealing the silverware."
  2. Dan's religion is one of many. What are the odds that Dan has the right religion -- and all the other religions are wrong? They can't all be right. They can all be wrong. Do I really want to waste the only life that I can be sure of? On my knees, praying to an improbable God? Studying ancient Scriptures, produced by people, who knew way less than I do? We are indeed surrounded by lies, deception and corruption. Including pious fraud and fantasy. That is why evidence is so important. Or we become ready victim, to every fraud, huckster, cheat, scam artist and humbug, to come along. When confronted by a wizard, it is good to look behind the curtain. Sometimes, it's just a humbug. Or a sincere believer, who swallowed it all. Hook, line and sinker.
  3. A thought experiment. Consider Dan's perspective. Suppose Dan's faith -- his seamless faith -- were to fail him. What would happen next? Dan would face the big B-B-Q along with us. No more cotton candy Heaven. Just -- dead. Maybe even getting left behind in the Rapture. Even worse. Facing down all those lectures he gave about faith and trust. What are facts or reason, next to that level of terror?
  4. I will speak more plainly. I'm bored with Fundamentalist BS propaganda. These smug, condescending claims, to be the sole arbiters of truth and fact, are irritating. This is usually where you tell me that I hate God. Or Christianity. Or Scripture.
  5. Exodus and Passover
  6. Just so. "Wars and rumors of war" with fires and floods.
  7. Yet again, we have a Christian, declaring what the Jewish Scriptures really mean. Well, I'm bored.
  8. That was Jewish Scripture, long before it was Christian. No rabbi, would agree with your interpretation. So no. It's not solid evidence. Either God is authoring confusion; or God had nothing to do with it. There is another possibility. The Jewish interpretation is correct and you are confused. Did God mean it to be confusing? Then it's not reliable. Certainly, the perfect mind could have authored something, that was not confusing. Did God have nothing to do with it? Then even less is it evidence. Is the Jewish interpretation correct? Then you are seriously mistaken, about a great many things.
  9. It's a miserable bit of evidence when believing Jews; believing Christians; and Atheists, all look at the same passage and see something different. It would seem that God is "the author of confusion". Or it's crap evidence for being false. Which do you prefer? Enough evidence for many? The truth is not a popularity contest. Important truth should have solid evidence. Perhaps the Human scribe, did a poor job taking dictation? Happy Easter.
  10. My background is Jewish. I went through a period in my life, when my religious involvement was strong. Prayer and study. I had a circle of Hassidic friends. Well, things change. I did.
  11. Yes. Of course. A typical bully. He can dish out the abuse, but he can't take it. Of course, he speaks for God. He's God's representative. That's why we must have respect for the chosen messenger -- and his artistic style of delivery.
  12. Thank you, Rabbi. While I will not be observing the event -- I wish you a happy and joyous Passover. Jonathan
  13. Nice try. Futile, but nice. You will find that Faith trumps reality.