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  1. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Welcome back. I have come to value you as a voice of reason. If you think that I have become unreasonable, I am prepared to reconsider. Your constructive criticism is welcome.
  2. Gospel and Reincarnation

    That can easily be made worse. Say that you go through a Star Trek style transporter. What emerges? Is it you? Or a copy of you?
  3. Gospel and Reincarnation

    The elephant in the room that nobody is addressing -- is the soul. Do we have souls? Are we souls that have temporary bodies? I don't know.
  4. Sufficiency of Scripture

    This thread is going off in a different direction. The new direction is the subject of Preaching. Since I identify both as Agnostic and as Atheist, I feel a need to define those terms -- expressly as I use them -- regarding preaching. I am not laying down usage terms for anybody else. This is how I use them. Atheist: The term is simple. It means "I don't believe." I am not preaching at anybody else. I don't care what anybody else believes. I don't believe. That's all that it means. Agnostic: The term is simple. It means "I don't know." I don't care what anybody else thinks that they know. I don't know. That is all that means. So we are clear. I'm stating my own positons. That is all I'm dong. I have nothing to sell. I am not trying to change anyone else.
  5. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Are you serious? That comes close to defining bad behavior. You find me strident? Because I expect visitors to be house broken? Are we supposed to supply we we pads?
  6. Sufficiency of Scripture

    By all means. Let management step up and protect the membership. When this happens, nobody else needs to get into it. Then we have peace. Peace is good. Peace needs to be enforced. When someone comes in and pees on the wall, or pees on the members, they should not feel welcome. If management will not protect the members, the members will get tired of being abused and wander off. I think this is a real danger and I hope that management steps up.
  7. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Yes. It does. I have often said so. Be patient.
  8. Sufficiency of Scripture

    That is some seriously faulty reasoning. If I walk into a church and piss on the walls -- the congregation will not respond by pissing on the walls. It is more likely, that I will be made to feel unwelcome.
  9. Sufficiency of Scripture

    When the church has a physical "brick and mortar" presence -- nobody thinks that they can simply walk in and preach at the congregation. We are an Interfaith Church. When people walk in with false assumptions, about the church that hey have entered -- and begin preaching at us -- it is the job of the moderators to inform them that they are behaving badly. If the moderators shirk that responsibility -- the task falls to the congregation. That's us -- to tell them that they are behaving badly -- that they need to correct their bad behavior or get out.
  10. Sufficiency of Scripture

    If people are complaining to you -- perhaps we should shine some Sunlight on matters, with it's own thread? I'm not shy about Agnostic rights.
  11. Sufficiency of Scripture

    I understand. I have been watching the exchanges. Breath deeply and calm yourself. The world is not yet perfect. Life goes on.
  12. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Atheists and Agnostics don't threaten everyone with Eternal Damnation.
  13. Gratitude for today

    It is wonderful to have a career that you enjoy. Truly, something to rejoice over. It ranks right up there with finding the right life partner. Much joy may this bring you. I never get tired of good news.
  14. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Seriously? "What if they are right?" This time, your intellectual purity has gone over the cliff. I know that you're trying to be reasonable and even handed. This isn't it. If someone truly believes that his religion is right -- and all the rest of us are wrong -- not simply incorrect, but WRONG -- then what the blank is he doing here? Besides being a thorn in everyone's flesh? We are not here for the express purpose of being preached at -- by someone who is here for one purpose only. To preach at us. That is not fellowship. That is not mutual learning. That is not discussion. That is only irritating, and we are under no obligation to endure it. Even less are we obliged, to be respectful.
  15. Gospel and Reincarnation

    Traditional imagery, is the drop of water, merging with the ocean. The drop both exists and is gone. Life is short. We'll know soon enough -- or not.