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  1. It's not such a mind bender. All crows are birds. Not all birds are crows.
  2. Well, you're different. This is the church for you. I think you'll fit right in. Enjoy.
  3. Now we have a chain of doubt. What is being interpreted? "The Word". Which word? "God's Word". It has not yet been demonstrated that "God" exists. Or that "The Word" has validity. Again, I want to be upfront about my own bias. I am Agnostic. We have no objective, verifiable information about "God". Not even a useful working definition of what "God" is. If the goal is to create a universal spirituality -- what ever that is -- Genesis seems like an odd place to begin.
  4. Alright. I'm going to split a few hairs with you. Obviously, my own opinions. I say 'cosmic' as that's where life was created, out in the cosmos. "Out in the Cosmos" ??? Is that what you really intended to say? In my view, the Cosmos is not "out there". We are as much a part of the Cosmos as any star. I say 'spirituality' as within us we are Spiritual beings that are released when our physical form ends. Is the body not spiritual? Is the body not a temple? Is spirituality only for after death? Have a care. That sort of thinking can lead to hating lif
  5. Yes. They do good in the world. I am put off by the swarm of beautiful young women around Rael. When Holy Men lead such groups -- I don't want to over generalize, but there it is. They worship him. when there is worship, is there really free will? To me, it stinks of exploitation. Did you notice how clean his white garments are? I doubt the great man does his own laundry.
  6. You are making this overly complicated. The video kept interviewing the followers. Did they actually believe it was true? They all had the same answer. It doesn't matter if it's true. If they wish to spend their lives, self aware that they are participating in a fantasy -- let them. It's not my problem. If it makes them happy -- well, bless them. It's good to be happy. Role playing games can be fun. I like them. Then I go home and live my real life. I care about what's true.
  7. I watched the video. Which part of this personality cult am I supposed to take seriously?
  8. I think that you are trying to squeeze too much into one message. It is my firm opinion, that talking about Genesis and astral projection in the same breath, creates a hopeless muddle. I'm not clear about what you mean by Cosmic Spirituality. You seem to be looking for something that transcends individual culture or religion. If this is so, then dragging Genesis into the mix at all is going to defeat your purpose. Since I am not culturally neutral, this is a good place for me to be upfront and declare my own biases. I am Agnostic. I have no issues at all, with find
  9. What is it that the Freedom From Religion Foundation is objecting too? Citations, please. This seems implausible.
  10. Perhaps, but how many truck drivers or accountants will qualify to fill them?
  11. Don't confuse the "golden mean" with the "Golden Rule". The people with the Gold make the rules.
  12. Happy Birthday! 🍰 (If you celebrate that sort of thing) Thanks for keeping the forum active.

  13. Within the general population, there are sets of behavior which seem to be "clumping'. By "clumping", I mean like a blood clot, only worse. 1. religiously extreme. Not just extreme Christians. Also extreme Jews and Muslims. 2. political extremists. Frequently the same people in the first group. 3. anti-vaxers. Frequently religious and political extremists. Generally on the far right. 4. Oblivious to social distancing 5. insistent on their personal "rights" to the point of madness. 6. given to conspiracy theory Say what you will about