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  1. "God is good" is a statement of fact, it is not a characterization of what you determine is good or bad. A statement of fact? A bald assertion does not make it so. God is not subordinate to anything. Then God's goodness, is based on nothing more, than God saying that God is Good? "Good" is not Websters definition, its what God is. Now, you don't need a dictionary? What happened to your earlier statement in this thread? "I can relate to that ..... The simple remedy is a dictionary, but Atheist don't seem to like that definition." Oh, Dan. You don't get to make up rules -- or facts -- as needed.
  2. It's time to rethink the assumption of God's goodness. Why do we say that God is good? Because God said that God is good? That's nothing but a circular argument. Or an appeal to authority. Neither is a good argument. Is God subordinate to some principle of goodness? Then God is not all powerful. God's evil in the Bible defies cataloging, for quantity, variety and depth. Please, no appeals to God's "nature". That is fully on display and it's not a thing of beauty. No. The only reason to say that God is good, is the doctrine of God's goodness. Really. It's time to move on. 😷
  3. A brutal and unjust clergy leadership, will project a brutal and unjust God.
  4. First, it's a story. Not actual history. Second, the story is explicit. God "hardens" Pharaoh's heart. That means that Pharaoh is not a free agent. It is the puppeteer that does evil things. Not the puppet. Third -- Why were the Hebrews in Egypt in the first place? They were escaping the great famine. Who sent the famine? God.
  5. Why start there? Drowning the planet in Noah's Flood is impressive.
  6. Is that really an issue? Placing nothing above God? Taking the Gospels at face value -- Jesus was criticized for associating with "sinners". Even dinning with them. You did say that Jesus was the example for Humanity. If Franklin Graham had been there -- he would have been one of the harshest of those critics. He would have lead the critics.
  7. Yes. Nothing changes us quite like breath work. The first thing we do after being born is breath. The last thing we do when we die is breath. We add the movement. Muscles and joints open and close with the breath. The internal energy circulates. Blockage releases. All in accordance with nature.
  8. In large measure, this depends on what we are looking for. In my own case, I started with a search for physical healing. When I got deeper into it, Reiki was about my understanding of reality. Like you, I have developed along different lines. Currently, I'm working more with Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Small bites, please.