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  1. Yes. Of course. No matter how destructive, Church doctrine over all. Prohibition did damage to Western Civilization beyond calculation. This is where even the concept of Law and Order became a joke. Even now, they have not learned their lessons. Throwing people into prison for smoking marijuana. For their own good of course. Throwing gay people into prison. For their own good, of course. Throwing prostitutes into prison. For their own good, of course. Forcing Creationism into science classes -- because they KNOW. Fighting Climate change legislation -- because facts don't matter. Still legislating morality. And doing battle against science -- and they truly don't get it. Because they KNOW right from wrong. And by GOD -- they will teach the rest of us -- whether we want to learn or not.
  2. You are covering a great deal in this thread. Too much for a serious all inclusive response. So, a small piece of it. Yes. I remember the time of back alley butchers. Not very well. I was born in 1953. But I remember. I don't have numbers. Only memories and impressions. Abortion was dangerous. The lucky ones died during the botched procedure. They bled to death. The others who made their way home died more slowly of infection. And bled more slowly from their wounds. How much actual death was there? I don't know. A lot of it was covered up. It was not a respectable way to die. But it was there. In the background. In the shadows and whispers of the time. The rich always had access to safe procedures. As always, it was the poor who paid the price. Death by piety. Not theirs. The lawmakers and power brokers.
  3. Nicely done.
  4. What does that even mean? "Whomever"?
  5. Correct me if I'm mistaken. The followers of the old gods never claimed that their gods were perfect in every way. The followers of "The One True God" do make that claim. (All Knowing, All Powerful, All Good, Omni Present, etc. ) It sets up different expectations. The relationship is entirely different.
  6. That's your plan? "Trust in God"? What about the rest of us? That is one awful plan. The Jewish Holocaust is not the only example of what comes of trusting in God. We can also look at the Middle East right now, to see what is happening to Christians. In particular, the Copts of Egypt or the Christians of Syria. Or we can look at near history at the Armenian Holocaust. Trusting in God does not work. God does not come to the rescue.
  7. Which would leave us with what? A comingling of State and Church? Demographics change. Be careful of what you wish for. The Wheel turns. Sometimes it spins.
  8. Thank you for understanding. I was expecting you to be reasonable. You have exceeded my expectations.
  9. You have me on this one. I'm certain the story never happened. What then, are we to do with it?
  10. How do you prove the non-existence of God? We don't even have a working definition of God.
  11. In large measure this is true. Not always. Sometimes, a simple conclusion is valid. I'm going to go out on a limb and give an example. The war of words between those who are certain that God exists -- and those who are equally certain that God does not exist. The simple conclusion is that it doesn't matter whether or not God exists. At the end of the day, it changes nothing, either way.
  12. I went back and re-read this thread. In the context of my statement, it made sense. Out of context, no.
  13. I am astonished that you left Islam off the list.
  14. The Monotheistic religions. All of them. As a class.
  15. Of course it's an endorsement of religion. Ask any Atheist. Ask any Polytheist. You have just informed me that the Georgia State Constitution, is in violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.