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  1. What are they thinking (the deities) .....

    Amusing, but there is more to it than that. Great wealth means that instruction is available. Martial arts, race car driving, scuba diving, gymnastics, advanced chemistry, escape arts and all the rest of it. He still had to master everything. EVERYTHING. This is the fantasy part.
  2. What are they thinking (the deities) .....

    Yes. I think that sums up Batman.
  3. Upset about the statue

    I didn't say that they were a problem. I said that they stink the place up.
  4. Upset about the statue

    How about if that cat dies on your porch? It's not dangerous, but it will stink the place up. In other words, it's disgusting and hard to ignore.
  5. Upset about the statue

    A less extreme example: Can you look upon a Fundamentalist street preacher with equanimity? Notice, I did not specify what type of Fundamentalist.
  6. Upset about the statue

    To a point, yes. But only to a point. I can not look upon the KKK or Nazi's with equanimity. Neither do I want to.
  7. Misunderstandings in civilized community

    I don't know who said it. "For every complicated problem, there is a solution, which is easy and simple and wrong."
  8. Read...then discuss

    The insect world has worse things than mosquitoes. Much worse. Parasites that devour the host from the inside out, then burst forth. They don't prove that God does not exist. Only, that God, the source of all things, is not good.
  9. What are they thinking (the deities) .....

    But not happy. He has issues.
  10. Enemies

    I think it's about fear. War propaganda focuses on what monsters the enemies are.
  11. What are they thinking (the deities) .....

    In his own way, Batman is just as ludicrous as his super power associates. Master of all martial arts, master forensic science, master pilot, master diver, master medical researcher, master chemist, master gymnast, Master Computer Science, master race car driver, master of personal flight devices, master dancer, master medic/healer -- and richer than Midas -- all women want him -- I know I left off some of his skill sets. It is pure fantasy. Just not the same fantasy.
  12. Upset about the statue

    I expect you have been following the various Ten Commandments Monument controversies. Or the public prayers at public football games. Or the invocations at various civic functions. Or the Nativity displays in front of Public Libraries and City Halls. Etc. Out of "respect" for the dominant Christian culture -- the rest of us are expected to bend over and take it. And be respectful. Even grateful. I am not as concerned for Christian sensitivities, as my highest ideals might suggest. It seems that I'm still working through my own issues. Such is the consequence, of growing up in a culture dominated by Christians.
  13. Upset about the statue

    Removal of what? We still don't know what this passer-by took offense at. What should be changed on pure speculation? Before I wander off, one final comment. Somehow, I doubt if this woman is concerned that she might have offended Von.
  14. Read...then discuss

    Thinking worthy of a young child.
  15. Read...then discuss