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  1. The Christian Terrorist Threat of Eternal Hell Fire and Suffering. It's real. Franklin Graham says so.
  2. That was a nice try. A really nice try. Alas, you have missed the cultural context that Dan is working under. Christian literalists tend to work with the calculations of Bishop Usher. Creation happened in the year 4004 B.C. Jewish fundamentalists do something similar. The Jewish calendar dates back to Creation. This is the year 5780. I don't want to quibble about the details. For Dan, Creation only happened about 6,000 years ago. The Fall took place after the seventh day. Death is an even more recent development. Dan has already explained to us, that he lives in a spiritual reality -- that is different from our reality. I have come to accept this as self evident. He is divorced from our reality. It follows that an argument based on science, facts, logic -- or even external reality -- will fail. Your argument was excellent. Your reasoning was solid. It will fail. Really. It was a nice try. It's Dan. Even pointing out that insect life -- even in Genesis -- was around before the Fall -- won't help. It's Dan.
  3. You can. You are not trapped in Dan's binary. In that separate reality, there is only one true religion -- which is his -- Which must be loved -- In which we must believe and have faith. All the others are false. It follows that all the followers of these false paths, need correction and instruction in the true path. Because -- God.
  4. There are two separate, distinct issues here. 1. Does God exist? God could exist. There is no good reason to think so -- but God could exist. 2. Is God -- as portrayed in the Bible -- evil? Of course he is. I read the Book. I could say the same thing about other fictional characters. Is Dracula evil? Of course he is. I read the book. These are separate, distinct issues. Since you don't make distinctions, of course, you are confused. Yes. I know. All in or all out. All black or all white. All cold or all hot. The world is not a binary. Some of us do shades of grey. In fact -- a whole rainbow of colors.
  5. It is beyond depravity. True evil. Remember, the designer would know, in perfect detail, about the resulting suffering. All of it.
  6. How to convert an Atheist. Since this thread is about proving the truth of Christianity -- What would it take?
  7. You have already explained this. A separate spiritual reality. Alright.
  8. This is the structure of Christian theology. Giving our sins to Christ, means no personal responsibility. It's strange. The same Christians, are the people talking about objective morality. What do they care about? We must be willing to believe, without evidence. We must be willing to ignore evidence, that suggests we are mistaken. The frame of mind that every con artist exploits. It's Dan.
  9. What does this tell me? That even then -- when Jesus was still walking around -- Speaking the same language as his audience -- people still couldn't agree what his teachings meant. So, what makes you so sure that you have it right? People who actually heard it, straight from Jesus, got it wrong -- but you got it right? Seriously? Objective -- Verifiable -- Evidence.
  10. An addendum: Dan, there is also no reason to think that you -- or your group -- are part of that tiny minority -- that got it right.
  11. This is an argument. Arguments are not objective, verifiable evidence.