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  1. Cold wash cold rinse

    I think it's both. This is why scientists like double blind studies. So that expectation and desire won't change the objective results.
  2. Read...then discuss

    My reasoning tells me that a perfect being, with a perfect message, would find a way. We are talking about God. The All Powerful and All knowing. Maybe not a perfect book, but a perfect transmission. Or, we could have the world that we have. The world that would exist, if the perfect being had not been involved. Of course, the All Powerful One could be crazy. Or not good. Or devious. Or a trickster. Or have a seriously awful sense of humor. Or be mean.
  3. Enemies

    It simplifies things to open a Bible and see what it actually says. Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations No. Jesus was not a pacifist.
  4. Recycle bin of life

    Not yet. Be patient. Better yet, be "quick".
  5. Recycle bin of life

    Not at all. The usual depth for a grave is six feet.
  6. Recycle bin of life

    It's a grave decision.
  7. Enemies

  8. Read...then discuss

    Over time, living religions change. I think Judaism is a good example. Take a Jew from 5,000 years ago. He is a nomadic member of 12 tribes, and he knows which tribe. His tribe. 2,000 years ago, Temple Judaism was still around. In 1492, Spain was the center of Sephardic Judaism. The dispersal had nothing to do with the Temple. Neither did the other Orthodoxies that developed in different areas of Europe. The Non-Orthodoxies that sprang up in the 19th Century were a major shift. Diversity has continued. The World now has Humanistic Judaism, which is not easy to describe. And the Jews for Jesus, which is even harder to explain. Hasidic Judaism, in different forms, is on the increase. Etc. Etc. Christianity has also changed over time. So has Islam. So has Vedanta/Hinduism. So have the different Polytheisms. We can NOT go by what the founders had in mind. That is not how the world works. Only dead religions don't change.
  9. Recycle bin of life

    On this point, I will plead Agnosticism. Reincarnation might be the case. Also, reincarnation might not be the case. The body should recycle back to the biosphere.
  10. Read...then discuss

    The Universe is neither rational nor irrational. It is. We have to be rational. Holding every possible belief -- at the same time -- because God might be insane --, is crazy.
  11. Read...then discuss

    What? Seriously, WHAT? That is not critical thinking. That is refusing to think.
  12. Read...then discuss

    That kind of reasoning only works in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
  13. Read...then discuss

    When we look at ancient Scripture, what do we have? An oral tradition -- or fusion of traditions -- or pious fraud -- or any combination -- with editing -- that someone wrote down.
  14. Read...then discuss

    This is true, but my observation is valid. You are keeping some odd company. A stopped clock is right twice a day. Unless it's on military time. Then it's only right once a day.
  15. Read...then discuss

    meredog is capable of sophisticated arguing and reasoning. Much more than is being displayed here. I think it stinks of humor.