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  1. It's my sense of humor. The Armor of God is a Bible reference. Dan will understand.
  2. Yes. Just so. I can't imagine anything ever changing your mind. About anything. You have encased your mind with the armor of God. You are a true believer. That is why I have stopped arguing with you. It is pointless and futile to continue.
  3. In the follies of my youth, I collected some actual wisdom. "Be grateful for your enemies. They will show you truths about yourself, that your friends never would."
  4. When I was new to this board, I self identified as a Pantheist. After chatting with Dan for a few years, I discovered that this was a lie. I had become an Atheist. In that capacity, I continued chatting with Dan. In time, I discovered that I had become an Apatheist. Dan is not responsible for my development. I think it would have happened anyway. He did speed my development along. As a simple Atheist, I still cared whether or not God might exist. I didn't believe, but I still cared. Not any more. Dan actually helped me see that it didn't matter. For this, I ac
  5. I have an observation. Dan does more to promote Atheism, than all the Atheists on this board combined. In the end, it's the results that matter.
  6. I hate defending Dan. In fairness, I expect that Dan really does believe it. I've wasted more time arguing with Dan than you have. He's sincere.
  7. This much is true. When we have facts, we don't need faith. You think this goes against free will? I suppose it does damage the ability to believe in nonsense. That is a good thing.
  8. The story of Jesus is worse than that. It's inconsistent. Consider. Everywhere that Jesus went, there were great huge crowds. Following. Pressing in. Crowding. Following. Everywhere, great huge crowds, following and pushing to get close. That's why the Romans had to pay Judas, simply to point Jesus out to them. They didn't know who he was. These Gospel accounts are supposed to be evidence? Silly stories that contradict each other? That fly in the face of actual history? Of course, we can believe that Jerusalem was over run by zombies.
  9. The concept of evidence continues to elude you. You do not understand my criteria. Again, you are mistaken.
  10. Missed the point? Your bald assertions count for nothing. I have a quotation concerning the Bible. "The Bible is equal parts history, science and pizza." In the meantime, I will repeat myself. A god which can not be demonstrated to exist, is irrelevant and meaningless. Even if that god actually exists -- so what? Christian doctrine is not a demonstration of anything. Certainly, not history or fact. I have zero interest in debating your fact free faith. I'm done with arguing with your beliefs. "If you can't show it, then you don't know it
  11. Are you talking about the Bible? a written record of past events sworn transcripts (affidavits) written testimony of eye witnesses Seriously? The Bible? As evidence?
  12. I think that you're giving Dan too much credit. He's not a deep thinker. More like a conditioned response. It's more than a reflex, but not much more.
  13. Dan, even the concept of evidence eludes you. Spouting doctrine is not proof.