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  1. He was setting us up for a war between the Christians and everybody else. Probably laughing his stupid troll ass off.
  2. We all collect emotional scar tissue. Issues, resentments, bad memories. Nothing to do but go on and let go. Easier said than done. This much I know. Life goes on. We can cling to what makes us resentful, or at least try to forgive and release.
  3. That is silly, isn't it? ULC stands for radical freedom. Not control. Then again, the question was raised by a troll, who came here to get us upset with each other.
  4. True enough. I'm letting it go.
  5. There are times when your humor eludes me. Well, alright.
  6. When I was in High School, I thought there were cool groups. I don't remember why I thought that.
  7. Feel welcome.
  8. I suspect I'm reading more caution in some of your responses than you intend. You are not easy to understand. Be patient. I'm starting to get there. Seriously, you are not an easy read.
  9. To my observation, you have good rational thinking and most of the time -- you do a good job of weighing the evidence. If I may -- I don't want to offend -- if I may, you don't know when to let go. You take good ideas too far. I think the perfect example is Agnosticism. Considering the manner in which information gets to the brain -- nobody has absolute information about anything -- much less the existence of God. You seem to be afraid to form even tentative conclusions based on available data. It's not that your thinking is wrong. Your standards of proof are too high. You're not practical. We need tentative conclusions in order to get anything done. That is Science -- tentative conclusions and all. Always adjustable when new and more accurate data comes in. You are an absolutist. You insist on all data -- including things that have not yet been discovered, much less proved. This is where we differ. I am Agnostic based on what I think I know -- now. I could be mistaken. Pending better information, this is my position -- now. Likewise, my Atheism. If new proof comes my way, I might have to rethink my position. If I am confronted with solid proof that I am mistaken in these matters; I might have to let my Atheism go. It has not happened yet. Until it does, my Atheism will remain. I think it's the same deal with your pacifism. Pacifism is a wonderful ideal. You take it too far. Sometimes, dangerous people have to be stopped. Sometimes, it takes deadly force to do so. If the pacifist can't or won't take action -- the onus falls on people who are less idealistic and more practical. Despite all the mishaps and tragedies, we do need armed police.
  10. There is no pickle conspiracy. Just like there's no assassin's guild. Did I say that out loud?
  11. If you insist on being reasonable ---- alright. Yes.
  12. I also have a view. I was called a fool. This was achieved by quoting Psalm 14:1 at me. It was not quoted too me. It was quoted at me. I don't know who "you guys" is. I'm the one who was insulted. I was further told that quoting Psalms is not an insult. Feel that good Christian Love. Nothing quite like it. I'm going to stop now. I'm getting irritated all over again.
  13. For the most part, yes. It gets murky when self definition is involved. Jews have always resisted definitions of Judaism, imposed by Catholic dictionaries. Agnostics resist being defined by Christians. Poly-theists have their own concerns. As much with Atheists as Monotheists. Fundamentalist Christians would not find my definition of them at all objective, or accurate, or nice. (Yes. I am aware of my own lack of objectivity. I have that much objectivity.)
  14. You may have to settle for the pickle conspiracy.