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  1. face book has some wiccan/pagan sites also.some are better than others.
  2. i find the northern lights to be natures color show.being color blind doesn't lessen my enjoyment of them.
  3. why can't we believe in the values you try to dress up in religion,and give credit to someone who wouldn't have been around when humans started expressing these values(i'm not going to get into the discussion about whether said deity existed or not).humans can express these values and not express a belief in a deity(or whatever)or even have a belief in same.
  4. religion?doubt there is one worth their time.philosophy?taoism,buddhism,something along that lines.
  5. are we the only life form in the universe?maybe.the rest is speculation.
  6. keep in mind that seminary(like here)is not a secured site.i can still get in there by way of: it is still there,just not active.
  7. at the same time,dan has no use for our truth,and apparently,it will never make sense to him either. right or wrong,the tos of this site say he has the right to believe anything he wants,and to a point,post such.we just don't have to accept it as reality.
  8. amy hasn't been around seminary for a long time. i know you can still get the chaplin course,but you have to go to the book store to get it.
  9. no one is going to agree,even mainline evangelicals on the flood story.
  10. if your going to start another topic,a word of advice:run on posts do nothing for understanding.
  11. good question.maybe the poster could explain further.
  12. welcome to the forum. be ready to laugh a lot,or be upset by some of the posts.
  13. in some areas.also some states have license plates that say the same.
  14. which raises the question,how do you prove the existence of any deity?and really,what would change?
  15. while i am happy for them,being an ex muslim is also equal to be "ex alive".