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  1. go to,and it will take you to the place to enroll.if you need any help,feel free to ask.
  2. keep in mind that my experience is that wiccans and pagens prefer a female officiant and very rarely(outside ones coven)do men officiate.
  3. Favorite Playwrights

    Shakespeare."two gentlemen from verona".recently saw "much ad about nothing,set in a plane factory during world war 2.different.
  4. "Spooky" Science & Reason

    generally speaking,it is my understanding that the oral traditions are put into writing after the person has died.
  5. respect, dignity and grace

    brother kaman and meredog both make good points,but i cannot multiquote and make it work. yes i do believe it starts with us,but as brother kaman said,we can't give what may not have(ie:self respect).and as meredog said"not everyone deserves to be respected".if i find someone who proves that,i just don't have any further dealings with them.
  6. considering the humanists around here,i do not want mixed up with them. free thinker would be nice,except for the above. so i guess i'll leave it at atheist. in my current life i started with diapers,so i didn't need underwear for a while.i suspect it will be the same in my next life.
  7. Lao Tzu saying

    rev tom, having gone thru a period in my life that can only be described as the"black lagoon",i in no way dismiss depression(capitol d)as something that should be is a very real medical disease and needs to be treated. however,what works for some people does not for others.the psychologist and psychiatrist i was seeing both told me that medication was not an answer for me,but i had within me the answers.hence meditation.while i wish the answers to some other medical conditions i have were as easy to solve,they aren' i do my best and don't complain about it. i hope you did not think i was being dismissive,and if you did,i apologize.
  8. respect, dignity and grace

    we should be respectful of others,and to treat each other accordingly.
  9. Lao Tzu saying

    it's an excellent point to meditate on.
  10. The Unknown Journey

    my first time seeing it,nice work.
  11. The Difficult Questions

    been a long time von,good to see you again. do the questions/answers really mean anything?i guess it depends on who's asking/answering.maybe?
  12. Correct Address for Marriage License

    depends on where your doing the ceremony and what the laws of that state require.
  13. welcome to the forum
  14. Hello

    welcome to the forum
  15. welcome to the forum.
  16. Bluebird?

    very nice picture.
  17. i have to agree with jonathan on this one.that is the way i would describe myself,only less wordy.
  18. Sons Wedding

    congrats on the wedding,am glad to hear about the grandkids;time is only given to us in one day increments.make the most of them you are able.always good to hear from you.
  19. i don't consider either of them accurate.nobody is around that heard the original speech,sutra or lesson as the case may be.and there is no guarantee that said events even occurred.
  20. ordination

    from the sounds of things,i would suggest you contact hq and ask them.
  21. Does the human soul exist?

    then based on what you have learned,you don't believe in it. based on what i have learned,the jury is still out.
  22. keep in mind that in michigan,if the couple is from out of state,they have to be married in the county that issued the license(that is part of the state law).if only one of the couple is from out of state,then yes,they can be married anywhere in the state. texas is an example where you can get the license in texas,and get married anywhere in the united states.