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  1. christmas is *not*one of my holidays i celebrate(but any holiday that involves food i am good with ).i do however like giving presents to my sisters(and my sister in law),and my nieces and great isn't a lot,but they seem to like it.that and it's my husbands favorite thing to do.same for birthdays. as for myself,i buy what i need if i need it(or really think i do),so i really don't want are cool tho.
  2. Your legacy...

    interesting thought,but not practical.and as mererdog said,"the universe is short of guaranteed futures."
  3. Revskky

    welcome to the forum.
  4. i like your label.short and to the point.
  5. me too. but think about it von.according to one of the stories in the bible,merchants were driven out of the temple.seems it is ok now. whether or not it should be is decided by the property owners and the franchise operating said facility(s).and really,there is no free lunch,even in a mega church.
  6. maybe,he did not know,nor did it was your choice to make.
  7. we invite people to come,if they wish.this year we will have a couple of"new"guests.yes we know all of them,but they are free to invite someone else(just let us know so we can set up an extra plate.)
  8. Flow chart

  9. Flow chart

    strangly enough,i like chinese.but i also like japanese,korean,thai,cambodian,and food from sri i have also had indian i'm not sure where that puts me. i do like the magic underwear ex wouldn't,but oh well.
  10. a lot is going to depend on what the couple wants.there are several different books available(send me a pm and i'll list some of them for you),as well as your personal beliefs. i follow a buddhist path,so mine tend to be in that sense.but if the couple wants something different,i will accommodate accordingly(most couples want little to no "religion"from me so it is not a problem).
  11. Recycle bin of life

    don't know about where you live.but in indiana and michigan,if you leave your body to science(or medical school),you cannot be an organ donor.however,the state or the medical school will provide a cremation for your relatives(or survivors)free of charge,once they are done with your body. i am a any organ donor on my drivers license,and my medical power of attorney. although i like the idea of being admitted to harvard medical.
  12. Recycle bin of life

    i hadn't thought of that.the body does go back to the earth.the rest is theory.
  13. Recycle bin of life

    i wondered if you would start a new topic based on this,and you didn't disappoint . spiritual re- cyclist?i am a"salad bar buddhist"(wish i could remember who i got that from),so no,nothing spiritual.but i do hold to the belief(can't think of a better word at the moment)of "re-cycling". who knows von,we may meet up on the next trip around. just to be sure,you are referring to reincarnation,not transmigration?
  14. Read...then discuss

    how do you know they are liars? or better yet,what is truth?
  15. i admit that if the plate is cracked,i toss sense someone using it and having it break on you.just seems logical.
  16. I am nothing (& so are you)

    to an extent yes,he/she one can truly make us happy,nor can they make us angry,if we don't allow them too(at least in theory). *however*it is a fact that in practice,we can indeed become upset with others.and yes sometimes we get very verbal about it.or we can freeze someone out of our thoughts or even life.either can be very hurtful. the dali lama once said (and this is not a direct quote)that we may share the same path for a while,but at some point we will split off and follow our own.
  17. may your brothers journey be one of peace,love and light. you are in my thoughts.
  18. pete, i was raised penecostal for the better part of my life(and grew to hate it).i don't hate any people but i do not accept their beliefs for such,i am an atheist.i choose to follow a buddhist path as it makes the most sense to me.however,i have no problems with learning from other philosophies. letting go is not an easy exercise at all.but in the end it can be well worth it.
  19. i wish your family the best,and may your brothers suffering be short.
  20. Authentic self

    as rev calli would say"spot on".
  21. Authentic self

    yes you can,even tho it is difficult to you say "we are the sum of our choices".is it an accurate picture?maybe. feed back can be positive or negetive depending on how it's taken,and how it was intended to be we use it is an entirely different story.
  22. go to,and it will take you to the place to enroll.if you need any help,feel free to ask.
  23. keep in mind that my experience is that wiccans and pagens prefer a female officiant and very rarely(outside ones coven)do men officiate.
  24. Favorite Playwrights

    Shakespeare."two gentlemen from verona".recently saw "much ad about nothing,set in a plane factory during world war 2.different.