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  1. Quiz-one topic

    you bring up some interesting points.but let me clear a couple of things up. first,i made some choices after exhausting what i understood to be all other means available to me at the time.for example,i applied for (and was turned down for)180 different jobs in one month. second,i did what i felt was best to survive at the time.right or wrong had very little to do with my thinking (suicide was a big factor tho).was anyone"hurt"by my actions?not that i am aware of.did anyone lose anything by my actions?just me as far as i know. would i go back and do it all over,NO!not even if that was the only choice i believed i had. please forgive my rant.and by the way,there is no such thing as absolution (as far as i am concerned).there is only learning from past and current actions.
  2. wow dan,i never expected an answer like that from are full of surprises.
  3. Quiz-one topic

    been there.i am very fortunate that i never stole from anyone,or murdered anyone.i did a lot of other things to survive tho. i understand that in times past indentured servitude got people a roof over their head,sometimes food,and even a trip west to the "new lands".however,slaves did not have a choice of where they went.and the us wasn't the only country that had them.
  4. remember too,there are as many different types of christians in your area as there are they may actually be trying to convert those who do not believe as they do,and i don't mean just atheists.
  5. Quiz-one topic

    and to make this a circular argument,what is your position to make slavery right?
  6. yes they do.about 2 or 3 of them.
  7. doings in MO

    i thought the supreme court settled most of this,and this idiot finds a loop hole.
  8. the movie.yes an older b movie.i think video stores still have it.
  9. same here."panic in the streets"is the title of an older movie.and not a good one.
  10. panic in the streets?or did they say never trust anyone over 30?
  11. i was asked how old i am today.before i could answer,someone said 21(nooooo!).i said,with 39 years of experience.
  12. Wisdom Lovers United (or untied)

    why can't buddhism be classified as philosophy?it isn't a religion,per say.and yes i know that certain schools of buddhism can be considered so,but that is a conversation for another time.
  13. very badly paraphrased:the buddha said something to the effect...if the truth is helpful,then tell it.if it will only cause harm,then don't. yes,there is more to it than that.
  14. Sunrise, sunset.....

    if the sun is"settling"in the west,it is a"sunset".if it's"rising"in the east it is a"sunrise". however,that is not your a picture,i guess it depends on the surroundings to give you a clue,if the photographer isn't around.
  15. the only buddhist"hell"as far as a place is part of the tibetan book of the dead,and that is only if you make the choice to follow the path to there.other than that,most of the teachings i know of are that hell is a state of mind,not a place.
  16. there is a concept in judaism that is called is from what i understand a very dark and nasty place,but it is not the same as the christian(or for that matter muslim)hell.if i understand it correctly,it is also a place for the dead.
  17. In the pending Worst Case Scenario

    dieing isn't the worst thing that could happen,and what comes after is a moot point.but it could prove interesting to see if "only the strong survive."
  18. Blame, Tame, or All The Same Games

    as i understand it,we are all responsible for our own choices,period.whether they are"good"or not is how other people see them.
  19. Using psychology in ministry

    i agree with others about being out of our league.if it appears to be something that we don't have the proper training to handle(which would include most of us),then the kindest thing we can do is refer them to someone who is trained.that and be as supportive as possible.
  20. i tell people the truth.if i need something(or want it bad enough),i will get it.i do appreciate their thought but i would rather they spend their money on someone else.if it's a regift,or used,well,they did think of me.we have had a neighbor who did that(and we gave them homemade cheese cake,sugar free,each year).i miss the kids mostly,but the parents were real nice.
  21. quite often.but the story isn't that interesting.
  22. keep in mind dan,that is not a self title for jonathon.the board gave him that,like they did me.jonathon has the good sense to ignore it.
  23. when i was much younger.then i grew up.
  24. the video i alluded to ended with a "human women"explaining that humanism was becoming the dominant belief system(religion?)in the world.therefore the need for deities was becoming less and less. or as jonathon said,they have other concerns than us .