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  1. strange.if your a registered member,and i think you are,then you should be able to post your final essay. go to the seminary site,and post your final essay in the chaplain'll have to let the book store know you have finished your course,and they can direct you to the other site to post final essays.i don't remember what it is.
  2. because the last i knew,amy was on sabbatical from the site,and there is no one else answering as an admin. go ahead and post to the proper site at the seminary,and contact the book store.they should be able to get your certificate to you. by the way,i tried your link and it worked.
  3. they know how to irritate the daylights out of humans,so i would give them an intelligence rating.
  4. any smart human has some fears,but i'm not going to try to list them for anybody. can judgement be taught?i don't believe so,especially given our current government,and the jackass in chief. good to see you again von,it has been a very long time.
  5. kind of defeats the purpose pete.but i understand your frustration.
  6. i see it as more like i thought dan was a 45 fan. and dan,i dis agree with only atheists can among others have,sometimes setting up a potential argument between yourself and jonathon,or pete;whichever is present at the time.maybe social distancing need be applied to posts also?
  7. not what i thought it might be from the title.i liked it.
  8. to my observation i find that witches and pagans are two different groups of people.most witches are atheists,as most pagans are not. i have no problems with how they identify,or practice.
  9. to save you some time,no state allows the use of"doctorate"or "doctor"on their government issued id.some states,it is illegal to use the term doctor unless you are an md,do,dds,ect.
  10. although i would agree with you about buddhism,some of the concepts may not translate for the et's the same way they do for humans. i'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that taoism would be the better bet.but that is based on my limited knowledge.
  11. this is not the seminary forum.that is at : be advised that the last i knew,amy was on leave of absence,and i do not know who is taking over.i just know it is a very slow process. if your reading the instructions on submission,there are 2 different places to submit your final lessons.i've never heard of a help desk,but hey,i don't know everything. otherwise i wish you the best in your studies.
  12. that is handled by seminary.who is currently reading them i don't bet is to contact the bookstore and see what they have to say.if your going thru monastery that is an entirely different ball game.
  13. ok,then i'm not crazy after all.i had the same thing happen.
  14. maybe.i can access the uk site,but not post a link.
  15. every time i type the link in it comes up as monastery.this is not what you want. i'm not an admin,but pete can contact him thru here.
  16. ok,now i don't feel quite so senile.thank you.
  17. sorry jonathon,but the sarcasm was over shadowed by whatever it was that you were trying to say. maybe it's just a senior moment(actually quite a few of them strung together),but i don't understand.
  18. some people are still puritans and some have finally grown up.if a nudist lifestyle fits for you both,so be it.