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  1. makes sense.thank you.
  2. welcome to the forum. question:what is a gnostic druid?
  3. welcome to the forum.
  4. if i remember the clip properly,he was attempting to consul a little boy who's father had died. i'm not going to comment on what the little boy was told,or even the fact about it being true or jonathon said,atheists don't worry about heaven(or hell for that matter),or whether they exist or not.
  5. try going to the ulc bookstore.they should be able to give you the information you need.
  6. mark 45

    a common atheist fallacy

    even tho i identify as atheist,i have gotten to the point of saying i am agnostic,if asked.both are for the same reasons,i have seen nothing to prove/disprove the existence of any deity.then i walk away.
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    welcome to the forum.
  8. in the bookstore,they sell his bible for the 21st century.the master of religion course has a booklet based on it. that's if memory serves me correctly.
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    Gospel and Reincarnation

    and then we get into the discussion none of us agrees on,which is,"what is a soul,is spirit the same thing",yada,yada. i don't know either.
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    hello all

    welcome to the forum.
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    ignore feature

    i guess it depends on who it is.if it's a mod or someone like that,you can't.
  12. i would also hope that for as long as we have"known"each other,you do not feel that way.i have a great deal of respect for you or i would not have requested your help at various times. i get nervous when people ask me,what happens after you die,and then try to stuff a boat load of verses from their book down my answer is simple;like the buddha said:"no one has come back to tell me". if someone finds whatever they are looking for in life,from wherever that's all good.
  13. that i understood,but mostly choose to stay out of those type conversations.
  14. not from the original poster.not sure what to expect from him.
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    welcome to the forum.
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    Does it make the top 3....on your list?

    i agree with makes depression easier to live with.
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    Racing with a tiger

    while it may seem that way,being color blind myself doesn't mean that i don't see colors,or what i may consider beautiful.i just see it differently than most other the way,most males are color blind.
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    Greetings your country has quite a few laws concerning marriage.i can't find where or what religious persons are allowed to preform a marriage ceremony(legal). as far as a title,you decide that.
  19. mark 45

    Quiz-one topic

    you bring up some interesting points.but let me clear a couple of things up. first,i made some choices after exhausting what i understood to be all other means available to me at the time.for example,i applied for (and was turned down for)180 different jobs in one month. second,i did what i felt was best to survive at the time.right or wrong had very little to do with my thinking (suicide was a big factor tho).was anyone"hurt"by my actions?not that i am aware of.did anyone lose anything by my actions?just me as far as i know. would i go back and do it all over,NO!not even if that was the only choice i believed i had. please forgive my rant.and by the way,there is no such thing as absolution (as far as i am concerned).there is only learning from past and current actions.
  20. wow dan,i never expected an answer like that from are full of surprises.
  21. mark 45

    Quiz-one topic

    been there.i am very fortunate that i never stole from anyone,or murdered anyone.i did a lot of other things to survive tho. i understand that in times past indentured servitude got people a roof over their head,sometimes food,and even a trip west to the "new lands".however,slaves did not have a choice of where they went.and the us wasn't the only country that had them.
  22. remember too,there are as many different types of christians in your area as there are they may actually be trying to convert those who do not believe as they do,and i don't mean just atheists.