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  1. Still miss our conversations Atwater. 

    1. Zequatanil


      I feel such deep sadness for your leaving- such a beautiful soul who now have left us. Rest in peace dear Al, and be always blessed and walk in the light!  You will not be forgotten!  With love : Suzanne


  2. Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope everyone got what they wanted and spent time with their family.
  3. It can certainly appear that way so I should probably write some sort of disclaimer. I forget how sensitive people are nowadays. I am not in any way saying an atheist can't be moral or have a good moral code. I am not saying they cannot conduct themselves in a moral fashion. Personally I believe we all have a basic morality written on our hearts. But I also believe in the existence of an objective moral standard. Atheists are usually good people with good intentions. You won't hear me say otherwise.
  4. Have you stated what objective moral standard you abide by as an atheist and use to make your moral statements? I've simply restated questions you have failed to directly address. I didn't mean to upset you. If I did I apologize. I am just wondering from an atheistic viewpoint how do they justify morality being anything but subjective.
  5. By what objective moral standard as an atheist do you call those things wrong or judge yourself to hold “better morals?”
  6. As an atheist by what objective moral standard do you determine those to be “bad” things? So I’m assuming you are unwilling to engage in the thought experiment. By what objective moral standard do you as an Atheist obtain and maintain the characterization of monster?
  7. Are you willing to entertain the thought experiment? As an Atheist by what objective moral standard do you obtain and maintain the characterization of Monster?
  8. So you are unwilling to answer the question and resort to mockery? Certainly you are able to entertain a mere thought experiment?
  9. If you reject God in this life wouldn't God be tyrannical if he didn't respect your wishes in the afterlife and forced you to be with him?
  10. 1. You have not defined "true" 2. You actually made the initial claim that God did not speak through a burning bush. Therefore the onus is upon you to provide evidence of your claims. If you cannot that is fine but nobody is under any obligation to disprove your claims.
  11. Probably be able to get what you want from Powerpoint. If not send me a message and I might be able to help you out.