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  1. Looks can often be deceiving. Hitler officially, like the rest of the Nazi Party, was a Positive Christian. This was the official religion of the party. A form of Christianity that they invented which was anti-semetic and "pure." Kind of like Identity Christianity in modern times. The SS followed a pseudo-pagan/christian religion that was taught by Himmler and created by his " religious advisor" Karl Maria Wiligut. In which "Krist" was an ancient germanic pagan god stolen by the jews. There were many ages such as the one where mutated man creatures that eventually came to b
  2. I just wanted to take a second as I realized that my post probably came off much harsher than was intended. I was a little confused at first at the reaction to it. I thought I should clarify that what I said is a basic tenet of the forum that is a part of its foundation. This is an interfaith forum that has open discussion. If you do not want your post commented directly on you can put it in the open pulpit area. So what I meant by writing it that way is that this principle is unquestionable and not open to discussion or debate. I didn't mean it to come across as angry or harsh.
  3. I was with you right up until that point. I think a few seconds of critical thought and a review at Atheisms record over the past century and a half would prove otherwise. So instead of a belief or nonbelief problem. It might just be a human one. I might discuss further.
  4. It's fine, it happens all the time. I am aware that I can come across as blunt and abrasive as well. The only emotion I assure you that was attached to my post was bewilderment. those were merely some of the many questions that flitted across my mind. What I've gathered is your problem isn't necessarily with people wearing their preferred religious symbol but perceived disingenuous display of their preferred religious symbols. I am still confused as to some of your specifications on the appropriate display techniques. It seemed like you were implying it's ok for people to wear a cr
  5. The only attitude is the one you are projecting onto the text. Try reading it without attaching emotional motivation and just read the text as plain inquisitive questions. I even added in that I was "just genuinely confused by what you are getting at here" to demonstrate that I was simply seeking clarification.
  6. So if someone wears a cross they should put it inside their shirt? How about a star of david? How about a baphomet? or just a regular necklace? I thought it was appropriate to wear necklaces outside of the shirt and not hidden away? Or is this just your special rule for religious pendants? Is it only the cross? what about a wiccan necklace? I'm just genuinely confused by what you are getting at here.
  7. I appreciate that. I wrestled with the idea for quite a while. I don't like anything that seems to put me above others. Many people take things like this that way. I do however realize the gift that was given to me and have seen the excellent people with good deeds that also have received it. So it's not something I look at lightly or in jest. As far as how it affects my life is quite minimal. It's just a snapple fact I might mention to a close friend over a few drinks. Legally if I wanted too like with Reverend I could put it before my name but I definitely choose not too. I don't however loo
  8. I am honored to have been chosen to have the recognition bestowed upon me. There are many fine people that have done many good things on that list. It is whatever you make it out to be.
  9. I am a ULC Saint. I have been for a long time now. The records exist at the hq in Modesto. A donation alone doesn't get one sainted, there has to be a reason given. Sometimes Sainthood is bestowed upon people with no donation required, by the church, as a form of recognition for something they have done. This was done in my case and has been for other forum members as well.
  10. Dan has every right, like every other poster, to post his views, beliefs, and opinions on any part of this forum as long as it follows the TOS. Just because a forum is labeled atheist doesn’t mean you have the right to silence him here or he is somehow banned from this part of the forum. End of story. Period. You are out of line.
  11. Still miss our conversations Atwater. 

    1. Zequatanil


      I feel such deep sadness for your leaving- such a beautiful soul who now have left us. Rest in peace dear Al, and be always blessed and walk in the light!  You will not be forgotten!  With love : Suzanne


  12. Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope everyone got what they wanted and spent time with their family.