We Gots Us A New Saint!

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Some of you know this, most of you don't.

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, one of our members wrote an email to family members detailing some of the specifics, and steps taken for others who were in harm's way.

The story touched so many of us, and I'd already considered a Sainthood nomination before I got PM's from no less than 4 members saying that this member deserved recognition, not just for saving so many people from the wrath of Katrina, but for showing others what ULC ministers are made of.

Thus, I present to you, your newest Saint:

Von Noble!

*wild applause*

Von would never step up and take recognition for this, but the certificates arrived yesterday. :)

A VERY well deserved Sainthood, indeed...

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Congratulations Von,

Your actions were indeed very moving for me. I would like to thank you for your acts of random kindness,and assistance to everyone in their time of need.

For me your actions are did more then help those in the hurricane area. Through your actions you reconfirmed for me that Gods spirit is still alive and dwells with in humankind so once again I will say thank you for your gift of love and affirmation I will contuine to hold you and your loved ones in my prayers.

Love peace and blessings


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I was unable to discern from this thread what on earth Von did to help others. If it was mentioned in another thread, I missed it. So, I PM'd him, and asked. What I found out was that a good man did a good deed for people who really needed it when he had no obligation to do so. Thus, it is with an easy and warm heart that I echo what the others here have said in saying that whatever kudos come your way are much deserved!!



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