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  1. The Pope is a socialist. To me, that discredits him in all ways. Just as with state-run news, at some point you just gotta stop listening. For the former, this is unfortunate....for the latter, good riddance!!
  2. Isn't it more about belief? I've not ever heard religiosity being about logic or magic. To me, such descriptors are meant to dismiss.
  3. Thx. I find the quote to be, to/for me, a nice reminder to bring some important things into focus and proper perspective. Regardless of station or position, in the end life is broken down into simple acts.
  4. When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep. I think it's a zen thing about living in the moment, and the awareness thereof.
  5. More completely, "Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water." Thoughts?
  6. Because it is a threat to those who dismiss it as such.
  7. No, it just used to be something unexplained. It was always natural. I believe religion was born from our early naivete as a means to explain the world around us.
  8. Titles are how some people accessorize themselves. Some consider titles the same as accomplishments. I think the best of the ordained did it as a means to an end. I'm not sure I fit into any of those boxes, as I've never told anyone ("risk"), nor have I ever used it.
  9. Hello! Is this still an active forum? It's been several years!
  10. Since you know nothing of the Muslims I've met, known and "seen," your point is absurd. But, since you say that we've "seen" different Muslims, do explain their utter lack of intolerance and opposition to the greater jihad of their faith?? Please and thank you, as finding such a kernel of evidence would be very welcomed. Did I ever attempt to "convince you" "they're all bad?" I'm beginning to think you do not read with the intent to understand. Please provide the avenue to chose to "go out and get info" yourself?!?!? I think that would be interesting. (B.S., of course, but lets go with it....) You make a claim of something I don't understand, while not specifically identifying that certain something, then project your desire of stupidity upon me by asserting, as many good liberals do, that any contrary thought must somehow be faulty and lacking. Pre tell, what is it I don't understand? I lay open and exposed to all comers...bring it on. What am I missing, he/she/it?
  11. You had to look it up? And that was "distressing?" Really??? Israelites already know the definition, and their level of "distress" is likely 9 to the umpteenth power compared to such an effort of looking up a common word. Instead of "feeling" I think what this discussion warrants is more thinking. And many a great thinker lurks the halls of this forum. Wish more would post.
  12. Many of my responses to him are for him. Oh groan..... Just what is it am I not understanding? You're not an expert on the muslim world, haven't even been there and apparently have no idea what is going on there. Want proof of my contention? To wit: you say "Israel wants to wipe out Muslims, too." I added the comma. You have not a shred of evidence of this lie. It does not matter that Israel is simply trying to defend itself, does not matter that that they have no jihad and have made endless consessions....all that matters, it seems, is anti-Semitism and arguing with me. If the question is, should we understand Islam? Well, yes...but not through the news media and youtube or whatever sources most people and why is the obvious? Most people, it seems, don't understand the desperate plight of Israel (or the regional history)....the mainstream media has proven themselves anti-Semitic in their ardent support of Hamas, and more to MY point, our own President, in the span of a few years, as switched sides from being historically a defender of our democratic friend in the region to being a blatant critic of their actions to defend themselves. So, wanting to "understand" a religion that, at it's core advocates a jihad against infidels might be worth while if said effort lead to truth rather than appeasement or excuses. This is not finger pointing. It is simply a general statement of fact. Take it as you will. Or not. I think it will make some of you feel better to simply argue against my post, so in this way, I am promoting world peace.
  13. I don't believe you've posted on this site since I proved you wrong about universal energy. This is unfortunate, as you are/were one of my favorite people here. Yes, of course what happens in your brain belongs to you and you alone. To attempt to blame anything else is a farce, legally and rationally.
  14. So many important topics dry up once the original and emotional explosion cedes to rational thinking.
  15. Yes and no. I cannot avoid the truth and speaking it. That you consider a post on a forum on the internet as somehow being "FORCED DOWN YOUR THROAT" is particularly odd. That you find truth to be "unpleasant" is your problem, not mine.
  16. 1. I noticed your rotating star. Prior to you, only two of us (Qyros and myself) had such a device here. 2. Each parent should decide those things for themselves. Not schools. Not government. But we don't live in that society anymore, now do we???
  17. Yes, you have claimed it. Maybe you didn't mean it, but I remember it. And the fact that you find kinship between two vastly opposing economic philosophies is evidence that you understand neither, or advocate one over the other and are lying about it just as the President and his acolytes do over and over again to achieve their ideological agenda. Your lack of understanding of what conservative principles mean easily underscores and explains all of your posts, and also explains how and why you don't get so much that has been posted here and elsewhere. Explaining it all for the umpteenth time will no good, obviously.....
  18. Spoken like an atheist. Or someone who has not a clue about the importance of freedom. Or an ostrich. So you speak from the perspective of Saudi Arabia and Iran? Dude, seriously, you know naught of what you speak.... Truth always helps, Mr. Edward. Are you programmed to avoid it?
  19. And some, like me, only see water in a cup. Truth. Fact. What is. The dude who lives across from me is Islamic. He is a founding member of a new and local Islamic Center in my area. He is kind to me and shares outgrown kids clothing with my wife for my two crumb snatchers. Nice man. Our world views, in some ways, CANNOT be farther apart. And I remember this always.
  20. No, reiterating my previous point is to underscore it. "Sad" is defending and excusing and advocating the welfare state. If buying votes, thus creating dependents, ISN'T the purpose of welfare, then what is?? You honestly think politicians give a monkey's knuckle about your family or plight? Of course not. Your family and plight is YOUR business, but your vote, your sustained vote, now THAT is their business. Why is this not obvious to you? Oh, that's right, you've already, here on this forum, admitted you are a socialist. Which means your allegiance isn't to my freedom, but to the power of the state. This makes you a danger to my family.
  21. A bit of a touch point?????? What are you describing, some emotional work-place misunderstanding??? "Arab" world? I think you mean Muslim or Islamic. "Outsiders?" Who might be the insiders?? Recall from our expansive grasp of history. Only nomads existed in the region known today as Palestine and Jerusalem remained Jewish through most of modern history. Your point FAILS MISERABLY at getting to the important issue....terrorism and hatred and state-sponsored genocide. Bigotry and hatred and state-sponsored terrorism, and regional state policy demands the elimination of Israel, Jews and by extension, the West. Conversion or elimination. And by you IGNORING that fact in an attempt to EXCUSE the behavior of terrorists, only underlines your "biasing your understanding." Your attempt to blur who the aggressors are doesn't wash with me. Tell us, wise one, what is the "complete picture of Islam??" That is a rhetorical question, as you've already painted yourself into a corner here.
  22. If you don't agree with my contention of Paris, perhaps change the channel and see/hear what is going on there.....MASSIVE anti-Semitic rallies and violent outbursts coming from the growing Islamic communities there. And, pray tell, provide a list of prominent, mainstream Islamic groups/communities here in the U.S. that have expressed outrage against Hamas, Hezbollah, and the like... it is non-existent. So, while I understand the hesitancy to agree with me, you may find it hard to disagree with the facts. Just gotta catch up on those facts. Seriously...check it out and come on back....
  23. Different. But relevant. And both sides are guilty. We're in big trouble folks. But most people don't give a rusty nickel. Apathy and ignorance are likely the biggest and primary root causes.
  24. I always like your posts. It seems to me that you wish life and nature were something different than it is. And by extension, somehow self-serving functionaries far removed from our lives can/could/should "do something about that." And of course, that is a pile of mule fritters. People don't always take care of themselves or their families. And sometimes, crap happens. That is what IS. Government mandates (which can only be carved out of the hide of individual freedom) cannot change that. It will only lead to oppression and dependency and the ruination of the greatest social contract ever devised. We are well on our way down that sad path. That is why I consider the progressive philosophy to be a danger to me, my family and the society I love and defend. A FAR more natural way of looking at all this, which is supported 100% by the Constitution on one hand and the economic philosophy of free markets on the other, is that everyone should pursue their own best interests. Equality does NOT mean equal outcomes....which is contrary to the philosophy of our current and disastrous President.