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  1. HI Guys, Some of you know me, some do not. If you don't, I"m a long term member and witch. I use to be very active and helped moderate the forum at one time. Life took me away from forums and blogs for awhile. I started a journey of personal development, and being the busy witch/mom/wife that I am, I didn't have much time for much else. However I've graduated (yay me) and I'm getting back to my roots a bit. A community of friends and other Pagans in my area see a need to create a spiritual counseling and recovery outreach program that is non-denominational / Pagan in
  2. Yes and no. If someone is true to their beliefs, they'll be a better person. If they are not true to their beliefs, they likely won't.
  3. I use to do spiritual counseling and psychic readings on Yahoo's chat. Loved that. Miss it a lot! I met so many interesting people. It's actually why I became ordained because I was doing so many spiritual counseling sessions, I thought it best I be ordained.
  4. Hi Jon. Yes, but this could apply to anything, not specifically Pagans or Wiccans. A persons Diabetes support group could lose their education material, for instance. I think the exodus away from private forums to Facebook groups was a mistake. With forums, the administrators could control content more.
  5. This is just a rant about how she doesn't feel safe from crazy white men and facebook banned her for it. Not sure how it ties into Paganism.
  6. Witch can be used for both male and female practitioners. Most use this title. There is a small portion of Pagans trying to take back the names Warlock or Wizard for male witches. To many it means Oathbreaker, others say differently. Hedge witch is a type of Pagan that usually has specialized in herbal applications. Either for skin care, medicine, etc. Here's an article about Hedge Witches.
  7. Thanks for responding to my post. :) Nice name too; Salem is in my state, and a very awesome town.

  8. Blessings, love and light dear friend.
  9. It's been a very long time. Hey Mererdog! lol I'll give it a go.
  10. The only clay I'd recommend not using is Polymer clay. This is because its a type of plastic, and for spiritual items that would not be a good material to use.
  11. The only brand I've ever used is just plain ol Crayola air dry clay. While I'm working I keep it wet so I have more time to form whatever I'm working on. When it is drying you can wet it a bit if it cracks to seal over the crack. But it may crack again. Once I have it formed I let the clay dry for about 2 hrs. Then I use a clear polyurathane gloss to seal it. This prevents the cracking.
  12. Ty, I tried selling on Etsy but it didn't work out. No interest in them I guess.
  13. It is air dry clay and can be bought in the craft section of Wal-mart or other craft stores. I use air dry clay because its cheap, but I do have problems with cracking. I use a clear polyurathane gloss to avoid the cracks. It seems to work if I get it on before the cracking starts. But I'm hesitant to clear coat it while the clay is wet. Very nice. You can either upload the pictures using the attach file feature. (Note you must be on full reply option, not quick reply.) Or you can use a hosting site like Photobucket. Upload the pictures there than post the URL code they generate to share i