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  1. What a wonderful gift you have given yourself and your family.... well done..
  2. I agree... this is how it was for me... certain triggers took a bit longer to go away. So to be kind to myself, if I figured out a trigger, I would avoid it for a while, rather than suffer through the craving (didn't visit with friends at bars, etc..)... And, after making it that long, I was so proud of myself, I didn't "want" to go back. I KNEW one cig was all it would take. 12 years for me next month....
  3. lol.. pulling for you Murph and you better patent that teleportation device quick...
  4. Twelve years smoke free from an 2 pack a day habit. it's one of the things I am MOST proud of.. I did the patch and when I read the insert and it said "Smoking on the patch may cause heart attacks" it scared me enough I didn't smoke... Week two, I forgot to put the patch on one day and never went back to them... Oh and sunflower seeds!!!! (Of course then I had to quit them which was almost as hard.. LOL) GOOD LUCK!!!! and yes.. kids are a GREAT motivator!!!
  5. And it gets worse.... it appears the other driver, the one that crossed the double yellow causing the accident, had previous DUIs... However, Toxicology screens aren't in, so we don't know for sure yet. My heart aches...
  6. It's very weird because I don't feel I knew them well enough to "cry" however, they were such a happy family and it's hard not to.. The accident was horrific, the car burst into flames.. Dad and youngest died at the scene and the mom and eldest son are both in critical in two different hospitals in two different states...Not even in the state they live in.. (it was near the four corners area of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico.) Mom and son have massive burns (over 60%) I also hurt for our mutual friends... the families were tight.. the mutual family has 3 kids that played together ALL the time. Just having a hard time processing this.. Oh, and sorry I forgot to say Thank you Rev Al.
  7. The best friends of very good friends of mine were in a fatal car accident the day before yesterday. The father and younger son (10) were killed and the mother and older son (12) are both in critical condition with burns and internal injuries. I/we (my family) didn't know them real well, however We saw them at all the parties the mutual friend had, my daughter babysat for them once or twice.. and my sons played with their sons at the mentioned parties... etc.. We are all sorta stunned. How crazy it can be... I know no one here knows them... but if you could send some prayers anyway... I would be appreciative. To my mutual friend also as they were all best friends.. Thanks
  8. The night is heavy footsteps around the house and stow surrounding soil solna forgave the shadows brood Then in our dark house rises with lit candles Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia From google translate...
  9. When I was a little girl, being of Swedish decent, my dad had told me a little bit about Santa Lucia... so that morning I dressed in a sheet and had candles and took them breakfast... (from what my father said was part of the tradition).. .I got is sooooooooo much trouble for having sheets and candles near each other... lol