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  1. This brings me back. My beliefs are still the same. oO(and I miss fruitloup.)
  2. If cannibalism were legal in the United States then I imagine lawful ownership of a corpse would be given to the person responsible for the funeral services, burial and/or cremation, such as a surviving spouse or relatives.
  3. I support cannibalism, with a few restrictions. If the corpse lawfully belongs to you, in my opinion, you should be able to treat it as your possession. Eat it, have sex with it, I don't care. If it belongs to someone else, it would be stealing to "use" it. Having said that, I believe most human bodies are incredibly toxic and might not be healthy for human consumption. As an aside, Ed Gein was quite resourceful with his use of corpses. Although, to my knowledge, none of them were lawfully his. I am still incredibly curious about what he planned to do with those 9 vulvae in a shoebox. Perhaps make a sash to wear with his nipple belt?
  4. Which is your belief. So, everyone should believe what you believe? That is exactly what the so-called "exclusive" religions preach.
  5. I seriously doubt this is something that will actually happen. However, if it were possible, I believe I would participate.
  6. *nods* I believe that is what it comes down to, regardless of how I personally feel about someone. His profile currently lists him as “banned”. I do not mean to sound vague but that is the only thing I am comfortable saying about it because it is public knowledge. I believe even ex-members deserve the same right to their privacy as current members regarding the details of warnings, suspensions, and/or banishments. Unless someone appears to be a genuine safety concern or a spammer/bot, I am almost always uncomfortable about them being banned.
  7. I agree that the diversity seems to be lacking. Some of my favorite engaging and stimulating posters either left or barely post. oO(I’m looking at you, Henry/hlange, Mike/Tallmilke, Ken/simplicitys-brother, Verisoph, and Visam) I am sure there are more... Also, some of the more “exciting” people (Trevor/Clueless Git, JohnE, fruitloup, Lord Occultis, Old Nick, and Hyper Real) were banned.
  8. That sounds like me and my ex life partner. I have a similar situation with my son and mother. Like you, I keep an open dialogue about religion (and just about everything else). My ex life partner usually opens with “In this world, there are carnies and rubes…” and then goes on to explain how all believers are rubes. He tends to use that analogy for both political and religious discussions. I used to feel that way until I realized that my opinion is still just a belief which, by my own standards, should be treated equally to my ex life partner’s. Basically, I had to learn to be tolerant of intolerance. I encourage my son to explore his own spirituality, without forcing him in a particular direction. Likewise, I allow others in his life teach him their beliefs as they see fit. Since some believe is it their spiritual responsibility to guide (force) their children down a specific religious path, I think you should remove the word, “How” from the beginning of the sentence to make it less presumptuous. As can agnostics, with their “I am open minded and respectful, so you should be too” position. I used to be that way and, in retrospect, I was no different than any other “fanatic”. Self-proclaimed “tolerant” people often believe they are tolerant because they are open minded, which is a logical fallacy. I believe this is because people confuse acceptance and tolerance.
  9. Completely understandable but also a shame, in my opinion. “Lady, people aren’t chocolates. Do you know what they are, mostly? Bastards. Bastard coated bastards with bastard filling. But I don’t find them half as annoying as I find naive, bubble headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine.” (Dr. Cox)
  10. I generally do not post in these “I’m leaving” threads. Perhaps because I cannot remember ever having felt the need to publically announce my own departure from a community. I find it unfortunate that you would apologize for “being too blunt” because, while you and I might be considered polar opposites on many subjects, I have both respected and enjoyed your straightforwardness. In my opinion, you leaving would be a shame; if for no other reason than your beliefs are grossly underrepresented here on the ULC forum.
  11. All my best to the couple, their friends, and family. (And welcome back, Neks!)
  12. My mint plant seemed to die like cut flowers in a vase generally do. Slowly discoloring, wilting, etc. I don't remember if it started just above the soil or not, though.
  13. No offense taken here! I think I have whatever the opposite of a "green thumb" is. My mint plant came in the original packaging, which was a plastic pot. It was vibrant and thriving when I purchased it. I sat it on the table in the kitchen, by the window. It started to die within the week, despite watering it and making sure it had enough sunlight. I have no doubt that it was my error, as I imagine it always is. I am just uncertain as to what I always seem to do wrong I am hoping that making a garden will end my reign of terror on plants.