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  1. So.. Im OLD SCHOOL Chatholic... I am a ULC Preast... BUT... Ok... Hypthetical.. What would or SHOULD be done in this situation... Imagine.. If you will.. One of your WORST enemies ever came to you and said that they needed a priest. They made you SWEAR to the confesional.. And the trust that contains. Then they told you that they where dieing from an intential overdose. I am a Priest... If I break the trust of the confesional no one can EVER come to me again... But if I dont.. well.. I have SEEN first hand where suicides go.... It ISNT pretty. And we ARE dealing with his imortal soul. I dont f
  2. Oh brother, my heart and my prayers go out to you... What horrible thing to endure. But he died a hero's death man... A TRUE Hero, and he should always be remembered as such. I know that it may be of little comfort, but try to keep in mind that if this was the sort of person he was, then he died in service to his inner most heart and being... Indeed I doubt he could have stopped himself even if he had tried. Remember: John 15:13 King James Version (KJV) 13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. My brother, your son will sit at the right of the Father
  3. Well.. Hurting like a SON of a **... But I made it. Everything went off ok and they let me go... The maximum dose of Dalada, AND lortabs AND ultrums... Still hurting badly. God help me when the dalada wears off... But hopefully this wont last long. I want to thank all you awesome people again for your prayers, energy, luck and well wishes... I truly do believe that it makes a huge difference... In fact that has been scientifically demonstrated, but thats a thread for itself and I aint up to it today.. At any rate, you people ROCk and have helped me a great deal, thank you, all of you, SO much!
  4. Thanks everybody.. Sorry I havent been around, but Ive been staying with friends and family closer to the hospital... An update... They switched my thing on the 22nd all way till Oct. because they have to put me under for both things and they refuse to put me asleep twice inside of 6 weeks time... Dont know if thats just standard or has to do with my lungs... Either way, I wont be sure about my guts and if they healed right until then. I DID test positive for the H-pylori virus, which isnt actually a virus (even though they call it that) but a baceria that eats holes in the stomach... So at le
  5. So VERY cool my most treasured feline! When is it due (Simply says "forthcoming") and how will we be ordering exactly? Hehe.. we seem to be short a "local Oxford office" or two here in the mountains of VA.. I know this will be something of a sacrilege, but will there be an Ebook version as well?
  6. Yeah Im ok brother.. Basically got so worn out that I just totally spaced Sunday... Gonna try to be here this next one though... Thanks for thinking about me!
  7. Thanks guys... I think Im gonna be ok this go round, I am getting the hang of it at this point after all! LOL Seriously, its all good... I aint even stressed about it really, just wanting it all OVER ya know? I'll heal a heck of allot faster from this stuff I think... Especially with you guys on my side!
  8. Havent been around much the bast couple seeks... Lots going on... Mostly worn out from almost constant doctor visits etc... I guess I got a couple more surgeries coming up this month. Nothing near as serious as before, but getting seriously tired of the whole doctor thing all together. Anyway.. Hernia surgery on the 13th and then some "procedure" on thew 22nd to check and see if my stomach healed right or not.. will know about more on that front then... THEN I get to start messing around with the bone doc about my knee and hip... I imagine he will will be sitting in his office, sharpening HIS
  9. She used to.. In fact she did one for the owner of tribal.. Havent talked with her in quite awjile though. She tried to contact me here, but was banned again before I could respond... Of course you can PM me LOL, I'll try and get hold of her if I can...
  10. This was my ex Vickie... Dont know WHY they banned her again, but yes she is EXTREAMLY talented...
  11. Yes, but many people dont know this... I knew it was a scam right off, but called to confirm anyway and see what I could find out.. according to the lady atthe bank today has been a pretty big day for this particular one...
  12. Aww... Thank you my sweetest of Lady Dragons! But really i was just answering the question ya know? Is love worth it.. worth all the suffering, all the heart break and pain? ABSOLUTELY... It is worth EVERYTHING..
  13. I just got a text message on my phone that said it was a "National Bank Alert" and went on to say that that my bank card starting with #### (real numbers) had been deactivated and please call this number (followed by a phone number). I instead called my bank and they told me NOT to respond to this under any circumstance that it was indeed a scam. and it was not only effecting my bank but other banks and customers as well. They DID get the first four digits of my card right, however I was told they ONLY have those first four and somehow plan to con the rest of the digits out of you during the c