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  1. Glad see you back with us, I hate that any church has done that to you. As Panpareil pointed out, there are lots of parallels to be draw between your story and that of Kirby Hensley. That is what has drawn and keeps many of us coming back to our home here with the ULC.
  2. It was likely part of a major version or patch upgrade to the software. Your name has been in place for over a decade, but if you were to try to change it the current rules would be forced on you. My name has been in place for nearly 9 years. Looks to be around September of 2012 + maybe a few months is when the change occurred.
  3. Unless you renounce your ordination with the Monastery (and informed them to remove your record) then you are still ordained with them.
  4. Which is likely what the Legal Aid folks will advise them.
  5. Koki has the right track for the start. Here is another option to talk to about trying to become the legal power of attorney.
  6. The most important bit of info, you left out...where are you located. All advice (and it is simply that. If you want something more authoritative, get with a lawyer licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction) is based on the location in which you intend to operate.
  7. When a State does, it is generally challenged and found unconstitutionally.
  8. No state can require anything educational requirement of any religious group to be a minister. That who church and state thing.
  9. The degrees are valid and legal and you can call yourself Dr. Your Name Here. However, you may get chuckled at by those with traditional PhD, ThD, EdD, etc since they are not from a Regionally or at least Nationally (the lesser of the two) accredited school.
  10. When looked at from a purely scientific filter, it is no more silly than any other religion. There is a fairly convincing argument (9 proofs specifically) that Google is God.
  11. Atwater, That is much the same type of story as my wife. She would rather work, but with their various issues..she has "good days" and "bad days". It took 3 years and a federal judge before she got SSDI. For myself, I am already sitting at 90% VA disability rating (while still on Active Duty mind you) and I haven't even had everything evaluated yet.
  12. As a young active duty A1C-SSgt, My family received WIC (a form of welfare) Even now, I am just now making enough money to actually pay taxes and not have everything that was withheld returned as a SNCO.
  13. Can you be a bit more specific?
  14. That is it. Years ago, they use to send it out with your certificate.
  15. There are a number of Lutheren Church's named Prince of Faith. My best guess is that it is an offshoot of one of the titles afforded Catholic Cardinals "Prince of the Church"
  16. I have a rather extensive library of ULC documents and "collectibles" including a pin from when Kirby ran for President on the Universal Life Party ticket.
  17. The ULC textbook is an old document that use to be sent out by the HQ in Modesto to new Ministers to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.
  18. This is still the case. It is mentioned in the ULC Textbook.
  19. That is the short of it Ms. Amanda. If a clerk gave you a license, any marriage you solemnized would say legally binding under 20-31. But here is the catch. The clerk doesn't even HAVE to give a Roman Catholic Priest, or any other "traditionally ordained" minister a license. Something else to keep in mind with case law is that it has been almost 40 years since that has been ruled on, so it is possible that if it came up again it might be ruled differently.
  20. Here is the Case Law and OAG opinion on the ULC as it applies to solemnizing marriage in the State of VA. The case law basically says the ULC is a no-go in the state of VA, however, the OAG opinion states that given the language of the law, the clerks MAY (but are not required to) allow a ULCer to register solemnize marriages but it is totally up to clerks. Having said that, folks might question the legality of a marriage solemnized by a ULCer regardless given the standing case law as OAG opinions are simply opinions and case law is actually binding law until overturned by statute law or later case law. Luckily, 20-31 covers that and says that as long as the everyone believed the person had the authority to solemnize, the marriage remains legal.